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  1. I will not be here for the meeting on Monday due to i am out doing IRL stuff Someone please fill me in on what happened in the meeting Thanks-livebait
  2. InGame Name: Livebait Trooper Rank & Badge #: CPL 1T64 Question 1: Do you feel you are being treated fairly and with the correct level of respect within State? Yes or no, and please give your reasoning? Yes everyone is very nice in state and they are always willing to help everyone Question 2: Please list 3 or more recommendations you think would improve the atmosphere of roleplay and seriousness within the Rockford State Trooper department? More speed traps around the city assisting in more pursuits and also following the SOP and setting up road blocks and barricades and bank robberies ect Question 3: Do you have any other issues or things you would like to mention to us? Please feel free to express your honest opinion. No
  3. ok i know that cole is on LOA but we need a high up soon even if its a LT or even if i get set for a high rank even if its just for a certain amount of time i just want to help
  4. thanks for the information who will be a high up in state we need one asap
  5. we just need state back and someone to accept applications even if i get the chance too
  6. As we all know STATE has been inactive for along time and almost everyone has quit, state needs at least one higher up to accept application and to do promotions and training state is a good assets to pd and the role play community we need to make a difference and change the way that state is we need a higher up in state that is active and is willing to help train and accept state applications even the i am only a trooper i want to make a difference and help state get back on track i really don't want to see state go we really need an active high up please help state.