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  1. State roll call State police roll call please answer the following, if you do not answer you will be removed Name and rank: Active,Semi active,Not active Suggestions for state: Signed by:
  2. Hello all, (Just to clarify my final day will be at the meeting as C.E.R.T commander) I joined C.E.R.T back in early 2018 and worked my way up to commander and it was a big ride but I enjoyed it thank you to the past and present members of C.E.R.T I couldn't have asked for a better TAC department. It has been an amazing ride but after a year I am leaving this department and I hope that all present members of C.E.R.T do well and rank up. Bobby-You were a mentor to me thank you for giving me an opportunity in state I couldn't have done it without you Jacklancer- You have been there since the start of my Commander days and I thank you for sticking around in the department and I wish you all the best Alistair-You were like a prodigy of mine and I thank you for everything you have done and going to do for the department North- Thank you for sticking around in this department and I know things were not smooth with the department but I thank you for sticking around Kia- You were one of the best men I could have asked for and I thank you for being a good asset to the team Crease-You were one of the first people I recruited and I thank you for sticking around for so long and thank you for being useful to the department and me papa- Thankyou for sticking around for a very long time I couldn't have done many things without you and I thankyou for your service To all C.E.R.T Thank you everyone for being in the department and I wish you all the best in the future and good luck with all the activity and training. Thank you for being apart of this amazing depart and than you for sticking around with my BS ~Livebait
  3. Name: Livebait Rank: Commander Activity (Active, semi-active, LOA): Active Recommendations for department: N/A Due to rank
  4. Phat F Going miss u you were lost of fun to talk to and hang with. good bye you lil shit. ~Livebait
  5. Dear emmu Thankyou for your hard work and effort you have put into state you will be missed by all, your work has impacted state is so many ways it will benefit this depart for a very long time, you will not be forgotten any time soon thankyou for your service ~CPT Livebait
  6. My last comment ;( good luck Matthew
  7. Matthew r gona be so pissed
  9. Can't wait Matthew F in chat bois