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  1. for the people starting conversations in here can we stop stick to the rules +/- support the request and state your reasoning
  2. What is your in-game name: Bennett What rank are you in CERT (CERT not State):PVT Are you active? Yes/No why: I am Active(not currently due to some issues) Why should you stay in CERT: i am usually active and on the job and i love to help out What Specialties do you currently hold? (Breacher | Medic | Rifleman):N/A Should we add a training date separate to state? Yes/No why:no CERT is apart of state we should train with them
  3. -Support You put a discord link in adverts
  4. This isnt the first time Viper has broken the Staff Handbook Rules. I will not say what he has done here as to not start arguments but if SMT would like to know please contact me.
  5. -Clear Breach of the Rules -Isnt How Staff Should Act -your story did change multiple times -Should Read over the MOTD Again instead of arguing with staff about whos right and whos wrong -Bennett