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  1. Thank you for taking an interest in the Gaminglight Policerp Event Team i have decided today to Accept! your Application please speak to me in teamspeak to receive your training
  2. Name:Bennett Rank:Deputy How Active Do You Think You Are (Be Honest):Active[Starting LOA because of my mocks ] Why Do You Want To Stay In EMS?:I think there is a lot more I can do with ems to make it active again and have better low command who remain active and help What Could Change In EMS?:Active Low Command
  3. Ingame Name:Bennett Job Name: Billy The Puppet Server: PoliceRP Players SteamID you want added to the job: STEAM_0:0:171600178 The person that Paid SteamID: STEAM_0:0:171600178
  4. EMS Applications 12/29/19 -- Accepted // Denied ~ Accepted Applicants ~ Kramatic Illager Dropperlemon ~ Denied Applicants ~ Congratulations on those who were accepted into TrueNorth EMS! THOSE WHO WERE ACCEPTED: Please be sure to contact a FTO for medical training by 2 weeks! THOSE WHO WERE DENIED: Make sure to wait exactly ONE WEEK from today before reapplying for EMS. * TO FIND FTOs TO TRAIN YOU, PLEASE REFER TO THE FTO ROSTER INSIDE OF THE EMS ROSTER *
  5. i was never FBI nor did i say i was FBI xd logs can show that i wasnt
  6. I was driving down the road on the right hand side of the road near state base where the tunnel splits the map and i get rammed into by a car which was beans which exploded by car and made me lose 85hp. i got out and said i was watching state as a civilian u then cuffed me and searched me im assuming and jumped to a conclusion i was an FBI undercover you then put me in your car and said you were arresting me for reckless driving. i said it was RDA and would receive a warning. during this you saw Alton carjacking my car and driving off with it. i then made a sit about RDA because you were complaining about me handling my own sit so burboon handled it i believe which he stated it would have been a ticket not a cuff
  7. Keep it to a +/- Support on this application please. Reasons Stated Above -support Dont reply on own application even if its going to be denied shows clear disregard of the rules
  8. want to know the other side of this situation @utetwo But for now -support for lack of evidence
  9. +support Ive seen jay abuse his phys gun off duty after myself and other higher ups have spoken to him. He is often disrespectful to people and loses his temper a lot. Should be removed from staff demoted or striked for his actions not just from this but his time as being staff.
  10. MCU was never a EMS vehicle for the simple reason almost every department uses them Tac as a Mobile Command Unit EMS as a Mass casualty unit SMT made it this way and i doubt they would make it specifically to EMS. Its like saying the Dodge Chargers are PD specific and shouldn't be used by state
  11. your back? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY cant wait pentagon
  12. @EnderKnight57 send me the jobs that can access the EMS dealer and ill get it sorted.
  13. can we stop responding on old posts please just to up your forum posts Doesn't look good