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  1. Accepted EMS 10/12/19 -TYLER BGI -Texan -Jeff Remington -Brock Denied EMS -N/A -N/A --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Congratulations on those who got accepted If you were denied Re-apply Next week please don't forget to get trained by and EMS FTO ~, Seb,Ryan,Bennett EMS Chief Seb EMS Deputy Chief Ryan EMS Captain Bennett
  2. As well as some recent events that have come up which i am not entitled to state at this time it will be a -support from me at this time sorry timmemes
  3. Please use the other application up and DO NOT REPLY TO THIS ONE.
  4. IF YOU ARE in a sit with your friend and cannot avoid it staff are trained to be as unbiased as possible from your video i dont see anything that suggests that he was being biast if there is anymore proof please can you share below -Bennett
  5. SMT know of this issue and are in the works off finding the error within the job code. You can still play all that matters
  6. Great commander on imperial -Bennett
  7. @Masterson Will be fixed asap thanks for informing us
  8. Name: Bennett Rank: ASAIC Status on Roster(Active, Semi-Active): Active What do you want to get added/changed?: better cars
  9. staff member wants it removed.
  10. both of you did things wrong as most sits staff handle the situation always comes out with either you both get warned or you just both leave it there.