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  1. Agreed, everyone deserves a second chance.
  2. Also, lets not forget Mike who really brought this show to life! @Mikedanoobgamer I believe that Carpenter can keep his legacy going, as he is a dedicated and active member of SMT!
  3. +/-Support Active Nice guy Mature High rank in A1 Still pretty new to Gaminglight No Poll No evidence of warns Overall, I think you still need some time on the community, and your application needs some work. Try to be active on the forums and friendly, because thats a easy way to earn a good reputation.
  4. Igneous, You were the first ever SA ans you really helped get this server going. Thank you for everything youve done, and thank you to all the fellow Command members. We coulnt of done it without everyone. Cheers to success! - Head of Security Timmemes 1H01
  5. Dang Command really droped the ball on this one
  6. One of your guys was prop minging yesterday but I couldnt see exactly who it was or get evidence. Staff also wasnt responding.
  7. How was I a helper lmao I got everyone to stop minging and basically set up everything lmao Anyways, make sure you guys get trained for EMS and join the discord within 2 weeks.
  8. @Carpenter John SORRY FOR THE PING
  9. Seeya, thank you for your service! - Medical Captain Timmemes CP1
  10. Timmemes


    ts.gaminglight.com once you get connected with a member of support ask for your member tag so you can join channels When you join youll be connected with a member of support so dont switch channels