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  1. Enjoy ur break th3. Cya when you get back
  2. @Jet TZ or Velvet own HRT im pretty sure, but they both payed for it
  3. Yeah I xan confirm this happene to me too
  4. +Support Good application Very active Nice guy, very mature and respectful/friendly person Longtime member of the community Low warns Deserves a chance to be staff Could increase activity on the forums though, as I don't see you really see you reply to threads much.
  5. +Support Limit it to like 1/3 of how many scp's are on or something like that.
  6. Timmemes

    EMS Discussion

    Let me just say this now... I am a deputy for the Rockford EMS. It troubles me to see all this, when ive never witnessed this occur while supervising my medics. If this really is happening, you should come to command with evidence. This isnt goingbto do anything, and how is making a suggestion going to fix anything without evidence of the issue? It really pisses me off when people jhst pile onto something because they want to just dramatic or expand some smaller experience out of proportion that doesnt relate. This is semi-serious rp. Ems wouldnt arive on seen while a gun fight is still happening, but it does in this. WE also dont do our jobs perfectly, and we try our best. Most of our active medics are new at this time, and we are trying our best to help them get the hang of this job.
  7. Should be perm staff restricted tho, considering he accepted a manager position.
  9. +Support He was the one being poached, not the poacher. He was asked to join a community as a high up rank, and in the excitement of the moment accepted it. He was then blacklisted for “player poach” when he was poached by homer and sensei because they disliked the community and how it was run.
  10. MEGA +SUPPORT Was an amazing senior moderator Great guy, super friendly Active Mature Knows how to staff very well Long time member, deserves TMOD again as long as he can be active GOOD LUCK MJAY! ADD A POLL
  11. NLR when you ran from SS base to your car (dont know if this still counts as NLR) doesnt matter more of a joke