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  1. Name: Timmemes Rank: A. Chief Steamid: STEAM_0:0:154179583 Time: until 12/31/19 Reason: n/a
  2. Thank so much you guys, this update looks great and im excited to see what the future holds! Btw, great idea with the crip/blood update! Hopefully this will drastically increase gang rp!
  3. +/- Support I disagree with the activity part tho, I see him on alot and he is always willing to replace for ratio.
  4. Thats odd... I dont know what to tell you man.
  5. So, yes ik this is a popular thread topic currently, but I truly want to know what you all think of me, and what im missing on how I can act or come across to people. Please, just give me feedback and how to improve so I can better myself in real life, but also in-game/ts/discord. Thank you. Timmemes
  6. Name: Timmemes Call-sign: 1R13 Rank: SSGT Activity: 4
  7. Check the informational in this same section. When you join the discord change ur name to ur ingame name please
  8. Thank you for your service to EMS! You have been marked as 48 hours.
  9. Hey guys, im going to resigning from CORE and RUMP. The stress of being staff and on 2 servers is starting to get to me, and im resigning from departments and things im not able to be as active on anymore. Sorry to dissappint anyone, but also thank you for the oppurtunities! If I keep a rank on reserves or whatever its called here on MilRP, thats be great but if not thats fine. Awg: Thanks for promoting me and having faith in my and giving me a chance snookie: same for you man, you were always so kind and ill miss you Bruv: BRUHHHH git outta heeer minge, took you long enough to accept being promoted to command lol Emoo: minge bye jake puffin: best sniper there is WiN: congrats on VCMDR! Thanks for promoting me in rump fisheeboiiiiii: demote pls no promote this kid big minge ngl biggest minge ever and super inactive stop memeeeing me anyone else whom ive forgotten at the early hour: bye it was an honor
  10. Hey, im gonna be resigning from state as of today bc GL is starting to stress me out irl and I need a break. I am resigning from some of my departments that I dont have higher ranking in to hopefully allievieate some of the stress. Thank you all for the great oppurtunities though, maybe one day ill come back for round three. GhostREEE: your MEEEEMEING ME Jeff: nerd ender: crease: thanks man ill miss you everyone else: thanks for the oppurtunities “This is 1T54 going 10-7”
  11. -/+ Support You typed it a good bit after mikey said to stop, but at the same time you were trying to help