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  1. Name: Timmemes Rank: Lieutenant Reason: Lost interest in gaming as a whole, less active now and im on weekends meaning I have even less time to split between servers. I chose PD because I feel that it is the department I severly let down, and dont deserve to call myself a Lieutenant and a command member any longer. As well as this, I feel like command no longer appreciates my service, and I have seemed to be strongly disliked by fellow PD command members. Sorry to all, Ill miss u guys in PD. Sorry to all that I let down in PD.
  2. +Support Good activity Relatively nice and mature guy Hard worker Has helped pd Good luck
  3. Timmemes

    Command Role Call.

    Name: Timmemes Rank: LT Date of submission: 1/12 Last Meeting you attended: A week ago I believe Reason for joining command: Wanting to help PD become a better and more active place, and ensure that officers hold themselves to the highest standards and do good work.
  4. Timmemes

    Mrdm ban

    How do you manage to kill 18 people and not realize you did sumn wrong. Lmao -Support Read the MOTD next time
  5. Good luck trump! You were a great person while in this community, and ill miss you FR! Good luck!
  6. Probably the msot dissrespectful sh*t ive ever seen on a former SMT members post. Especially someone who worked their ass off. Think before you speak man anyways, great to hear your back snar! We missed you and it wasnt the same without you!
  7. That sucks bro, good luck. COme back soon.
  8. +/-Support Im same time zone as you, and I honestly dont see you on enough to become a LT yet. However, you have been a LPARA for quite some time now You are hard working You are mature Good luck!
  9. OMG the big 3 are back! Welcome back yall, great to have you and comvrats!