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  1. Rockford City Police Department Discord Logo Competition This is the Discord Logo competition!!! Anyone can make a logo for the discord! If you want to submit one, follow the format below!!! There must be the GamingLight Logo in the logo your putting in the competition!!! That is the ONLY requirement!!! You can also change the GamingLight logo colors if you want. You can enter as many times as you want (more than 1 if you want). This will close on Saturday at 9pm EST. Format: In-Game Name: SteamID: Logo: -------------------------------- That's it!! If you win, your logo will be set as the Police Department Discord Logo, you'll get a special tag in the discord, possible promotion (if SM+, sorry) and some money in game!!! (Money will be at least 6 mil) That's all folks! Good luck!!!
  2. Rockford City Police Department Discord Server This is the Discord Server for the Rockford City Police Department. Please join and READ the rules! Created by: A. Chief Matthew and LT. Connor Any form of minging of the discord server will get it removed.
  3. Denied Sorry but High Command does not feel like your ready. Please improve on the following: More time as SM DO NOT REPLY
  4. Accepted Congratulations! Please come talk to me in TS for Training. Please check your forum messages for a discord invite. -Event Team Leader Matthew DO NOT REPLY TO THIS ANYMORE
  5. Denied Sorry, but I don't feel like your ready yet. The community feedback was overall decent, but I am looking for excellent feedback. Please approve on the following: Possibly abusing powers and professionalism You may reapply in 1 week. (4/23/19) ~PoliceRP Event Team Leader Matthew If you have any questions, come talk to me. Either PM on the forums or discord, you can also find in TS. I encourage you apply again, if you want to reapply, go to the PoliceRP Event Team Application format. DO NOT REPLY
  6. Bye......thanks for the soundboards.....
  7. -Support Reasons stated above.
  8. ? Accepted ? Congratulations! Please come talk to me in TS for Training. Please check your forum messages for a discord invite -Event Team Leader Matthew DO NOT REPLY TO THIS ANYMORE
  9. -Support -Reasons stated above Bruh moment....
  10. So I want to personally respond on behalf of the PoliceRP Event Team... 1. Events and Situations: We do not hold events ANY more and are supposed to hold situation only till further notice. Events mean non-RP stuff like hunger games and zombie events. But we can only hold situations, like big bank robberies, for the players to bring more RP. If a member of an event team is doing so, please report them on the forums under the staff report section. 2. Being held to much: Yes we had this problem once and it has been handled by making it were members can only hold 1 a day over the week and only 2 a day over the weekend. Once again if you know an event team member is breaking this ratio, then report them on the forums under the staff report section. 3. Situations: If you have ANY recommendations for situations you want to see then post them in the suggestions section on the forums! We would love the communities responses on this. Thanks! 4. Bring RP from situations: We have held many situations that have gotten 5/5 and the players enjoyed, those were targeted to pull more RP into the server. That is why events have been moved to SMT+ so the event team can focus on those RP situations your looking for! And the pursuit this has been added to the list that event team members can hold. Thanks for the suggestion! By the way Billy held that hostage situation. I hope that has cleared up some things about article 2 section 1. If you want to talk to me I am always here in TS or message me on the forums! Thanks for understanding, -Event Team Leader Matthew
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    And we are coming for you WTAP....Calling 911 for help because you can't defeat us...
  12. Matthew

    The new SRT

    THE TITLE TRIGGERS ME...."The new SRT" Make N uppercase!!!!!
  13. Sorry for that, we are training new members. We will reduce that. Sorry again. ~Event Team Leader Matthew