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  1. I took a 1-2 month break without taking a leave of absence, like an idiot. So I need to know what I need to do as punishment or such and such. BTW was a STE MSG.
  2. +support (kind of) I would like to see more STE on, but I think if we did make it a free class almost every new player will want to join us. Reason being Stealth Operations are cool (If you think not dats okay too, but this is about CTs not you). That means Stealth could very easily get over populated. However on the accounts of adding better weapons I am okay with, and if we did make it free I would be okay with a special STE class. In conclusion I overall support this motion even with the given downsides.
  3. What is the rank you are allowed to become a Advanced Stealth trooper, or Stealth Sniper. You may want to include that in the SOP.