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  1. today if finally turned 13 and got AirPods. 2nd gen i think.
  2. AGSRocker

    im back

    can someone add me to the roster. i still have the whitelist for SA and i havent been on in a while. IGN: NicK
  3. AGSRocker

    im back

    im back follow me on insta: @uhxskii twitch: xViperOfficialx yt: Team Viper/ShADOWNiXx.
  4. get check out my other pics on my intsa @shadownixx.gx
  5. NicK You smell like bacon EX DEE XD :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  6. hmmmmm… actually yes I do do you have discord?
  7. playing other games like siege and working on school work. but im gonna be on this weekend after a 3 mile run
  8. The custom job car dealer
  9. NSSF (National Security Squad Force
  10. The Cheverlet Camaro isn't in the car dealer so if someone could add it that could be great -NicK