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  1. -support Can clearly hear you at the 15 second mark saying it. And faintly past the 2:15. Also your diss of him, calling him a shitty admin, is just doing wonders for your reliability.
  2. Also leaving the community shouldn't be a perm anyway, unless something is done in an attempt to harm it.
  3. Just what it says, there's only the one store NPC out on outskirts gen store. Taco Bell and the grocery store lost theirs.
  4. Sorry I missed it. Thank you for doing this Tom. May they rest easy.
  5. Just as an update, as of today March 15th, 2019 he has 52 warns. 52 warns in 30 days, from Feb 15th to March 15th. One was given just Wednesday of this week.
  6. Yes, definitely add a catwalk. It would be more realistic as well, as actual prisons have catwalks between towers for guards to use.
  7. +support When my 225 armor as SWAT SSGT gets DEVOURED in about 2-3 seconds, it's a bit too OP. I usually have enough time to get maybe one shot off before I'm dead, usually no time to hit my panic. A bit of a nerf is DEFINITELY in order.
  8. ;m; I'll miss you. Hopefully you come back for visits every now and again.