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  1. Ronin

    Alex's LOA

    Take care of yourself, we'll be here when you can come back.
  2. +support Accidents happen.
  3. +support Court RP is fun at times and no, people wouldn't be shot for going to court, as they'd be in cuffs. And shooting someone in cuffs would not only end in staff punishment but likely PD punishment as well. And criminals can't raid the PD anymore, as there's a DOC.
  4. -support Would cause WAY more issues for staff and Gov. It's not at all realistic that no other cops would show up after the others die, because there's this thing called a radio and GPS, that would be on in the responding officers vehicles. Ergo, more WOULD show up, especially when the officers on scene suddenly stop responding to radio calls.
  5. Ronin To the best sniper SWAT ever had!
  6. Ronin

    DOC meetings?

    Which I will likely never be at because SWAT meeting...Dangit.
  7. +/- support In the middle of a pursuit is the bad thing about it, but name a staff member who does not pick up or move their stuck car themself... Literally every staff member I have seen or rode with has. Perhaps a verbal for doing it during a pursuit.
  8. -support Can clearly hear you at the 15 second mark saying it. And faintly past the 2:15. Also your diss of him, calling him a shitty admin, is just doing wonders for your reliability.
  9. Also leaving the community shouldn't be a perm anyway, unless something is done in an attempt to harm it.