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  1. Mate, you racked up 14 warns. Since I banned you for a day three days ago.
  2. +support Nightwing. Constantly getting kicked out of PD, was recently blacklisted from there, then dodged that by changing name and got back on. A constant problem when he's on the server. Recently had to ban him for a day. Got 14 warns since I banned him 3 days ago. So, he got unbanned then racked up 14 warns in that short of a time. Showing that he didn't care about the ban, and that he was just going to keep coming on to minge.
  3. +support Mind, I'm not 100% on what actually went down, but zero warns and just the reason 'Minge' doesn't seem to me like a legit reason.
  4. +support Had anyone else refused to drop the money, all we would have to do is show the advert for the mug and the sit would be over. What you're trying to say by 'cant mug and kill the pres' is that the president essentially does not have to follow fearrp.
  5. He even laughed about his warns and the fact that he was about to get perm'd in OOC last night. Then he STILL went and tacked on warn #40.
  6. -support Why is the sound missing from the video? Is it because you cut out where Max was telling you that the sit was still going on? And this is your THIRD report against staff. Seriously.
  7. -support The last thing you should do is start disrespecting the server, and its staff, in OOC. And then I see people saying you just kept going on about it, when the forums exist to solve these issues. I agree with Th3s decision.
  8. Yeah something's up with that spot. You can walk over it just fine, but if you take a vehicle through and it hits the 'soft spot' that's all she wrote for you.