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  1. +support Yes, he did RDM, but I believe that since it wasn't intentional, and that he apologized to Ramon for not knowing, the warn should be sufficient. Shmooples also SHOULD have gone and spoke to both Ramon and Snow first.
  2. -support Yeah no, that's quite a bit of diss there. Especially trying to call him out over OOC. If you feel a punishment is out of line, you take it here, to the forums. You don't sit there in OOC or discord talking smack about staff. This is well earned. I suggest you take this two weeks to sit and think about your attitude and how you should talk to/about people, be they staff or no.
  3. -support It is staff's choice on whether or not to warn. Plus you calling him an unworthy moderator and not an actual moderator makes me understand where the staff diss warn came from.
  4. Ronin

    Perma Banned

    -support Snar doesn't have a reason to lie about that stuff. Also your response about this not being the only police server.
  5. -support Your last warn was last night, wherein you received yet another ban for warns. I banned you two weeks ago with the note on it to extend but it got missed. You constantly minge when you are on, including constantly stealing government cars. You tend to be racist over your mic and disrespectful. In the 2 weeks since my ban fell off, you were banned FIVE TIMES. You have a grand total of TWELVE BANS since late Feb. You've proven you are not here to RP. So I requested again that you be permanently banned, showing them your record.
  6. Oh god no he's such a minge... J/k +support old warns and gud boi
  7. +support Old warns. Is gud boi nao(mostly)
  8. +suppoort Been awhile, let's see if you can turn things around.
  9. +support I like it. Could add RP, and the Marshal's WOULD be used IRL in high risk warrant situations and prisoner escorts.
  10. +support Good guy. Patient. Active. Deserves a shot at staff. Good luck mate!
  11. -support I'm....Not sure what I just read honestly....But you didn't follow the format.
  12. Hmmmmmm +support I usually don't support these particular kinds, but you seem to have learned a valuable lesson. However, should you be unbanned, I feel that you should be watched for awhile, to make sure that this does not happen ever again,
  13. -support After reading all the evidence from Snar and Willy I gotta say, you are DAMNED lucky evem HAVE an unban date. That kind of behavior and disrespect is simply unacceptable. Take this 3 weeks to re-evaluate yourself and your attitude.