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  1. 1. Steam Name?: Castro 2. Steam ID?: STEAM_0:0:144121638 3. Roster Name?: Arthur Fleck 4. Current Rank?: 1LT 5. When were you promoted?: January, 11th 6. How long have you been a member of GENSEC (roughly)?: 5 months 7. Do you promise to uphold all rules en-stated by Gaming Light and by the many Security guidelines?: Of Course 8. Do you promise to uphold your duties as a command member in leadership, mentoring, problem-solving, ect.?: Absolutely 9. Do you promise that you will listen and respect your lower/higher rankings?: Yes, as I believe that respect is one of the most important things. 10. Why do you want to become a senior command member? (150 WORDS+): Because I want to help out within the Gensec branch as I think that I could be a great assistance towards the branch itself, due to my dedication towards Gensec and how much I care for it. I'm also not afraid of helping anyone if that means I have to help and OFC or a Captain I still treat them with same respect. I also have multiple months serving as a low/junior command so I already know my ways around commanding Enlisted and NCO's. I also know most of the command and I am great friends with almost all of them, so If they needed any help I would absolutely be there for them as well as any Enlisted or NCO in general. I feel like if I were a commander it would greatly help the foundation and this would be an amazing experience for me to learn responsibility and leadership skills along with skills I already have, and finally I am very grateful for this opportunity and will make best of this. 11. What would you do if a Security Officer was constantly leaving D Block?: The first time I catch him running out of D-Block into LCZ I would give him a verbal warning and say "if I find you going out there again you will be demoted" If I catch him doing him again, I would cuff him then bring him to the bunks and demote him off Gensec. 12. What would you do if an SGT was giving people permission to leave D Block?: As the new rule of NCO's have permission to go to LCZ, I would just warn him to not let too much Enlisted out as we need a good amount of Security to be always guarding D-Block. 13. What do you do if an E11 private comes into d block and attempts to take command of all of the security?: I would tell him who has the proper authority as D-Block and order him to go to a barricade if he does want to assist guarding D-Block with us. 14. Who is A1?(RP): [Redacted]
  2. I 100% agree with this statement.
  3. See ya later man, much love.