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  1. jackrhyssull

    Jack Sull LOA

    Name: Jack Sull Rank: AD LOA Time: 1 or 2 months Reason (Private if needed): PC is broken down and I’m leaving the Uk for a month or 2 for work
  2. Well all I want to say is well done on helping FBI on stings and on raids, also i enjoy working with your department simply because your communication is good and you guys are well disciplined and organised. I hope we can help each other develop new skills. I don’t do shout outs useully but it’s well deserved From FBI Command AD Jack Sull RA8
  3. jackrhyssull

    Gat's LOA

    Enjoy and we don’t have GATS on deck now ? I have dead puns
  4. HRT is an assistant TAC and they follow the orders off FBI command and they are a FBI Job they spawn in our building and they have to following FBI and their SOP or IA will deal with them, Also FBI don’t need a TAC unit to raid we can do it with out them and it makes sense to have a TAC and I don’t know why state has a Assissant TAC they do end of dept. Ps no more arguments from here or take it to normal chat not here. FBI AD Jack Sull
  5. Name: Jack Sull Rank: AD LOA Time: could be a month or more Reason (Private if needed): privet already explained it to high command I’ll be disabling my discord so I can get well again
  6. jackrhyssull

    Jimmy's LOA

    Take as long as u need I’ll keep an eye on IA if needed
  7. I’m the only UK command member now ? good luck to u in the future
  8. If there is any Breaks the rules this is to be reported to IA not command unless it has been classed as serious by the EAD or IA, also this does not mean that you can go straight to the DAD you need permission by the EAD to do so. IA links are located on the forums and discord so start using them
  9. We will only need FBI we’ve trained for this
  10. Yep plan B now Arron ?
  11. jackrhyssull

    A nice bust

    Well done from command EAD Jack Sull
  12. jackrhyssull

    Big boy bust

    Well done from command FBI EAD Jack Sull
  13. jackrhyssull

    Another bust

    Well done keep up the good work. EAD Jack Sull
  14. Noo jet. I hope u good luck on your future and say pop in and say hi now and then you where one of our best mate. beat of luck EAD Jack Sull