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  1. Why would we need to check logs when we got u in a sit before the map change and you wasn’t afk so don’t lie on your ban thank you (we pulled your steam ID from logs so we didn’t make a mistake you killed your self to avoid punishment but we caught you take you punishment thanks you)
  2. So basically I came on staff I get told that there is a ST running around stealing ships going to bridge to press the alarm I spectated him for 10 mins was involved with another staff member for the same reason as why I pulled him up that was 2 mins before I acted he was warned by multiple staff about this and when u caught him he KTAP to avoid me (did this to 3 staff before hand) also we got you when you loaded in cos of a map change I saved your Steam ID before the change we where mid sit before map change, also like to state I got told by 3 different staff all you where doing is minging and KTAP to avoid punishment tbh you knew what you where doing I can easily call on other members involved to back this up
  3. ^ I agree it makes sense and that’s why IF have two roles flying and ground combat and I would like to see SF have more of a combat role instead of being weird looking “ST” so good suggestion
  4. They have NO POWER over anyone did you fail to read it or do you need to reread it cos it seems like you don’t understand what you put it makes no sense look again at everything posted here and then make a decision you will learn a lot more Also as well we will know if people go corrupt the documents make it easy to spot so next thing please cos you just said what the last guy said and he had a response to it I think you should read it
  5. ISB and Intelligence are different ISB where made up of scientist and making prototype weapons Intelligence where spy's that indirectly terminated extremely hostile threats inside and outside of the empire and they also worked with IQ on getting locations of jedi for them, that's the difference ISB didn't have the ability to investigate high ranking imperials intelligence did
  6. They will have no power over command they just monitor them and look into reports of any bad behaviour they will assemble reports and cases on those people that have been reported they will use the Sifir’ as spy’s to gather the intel (they have no say in how things run on the ship and they will deal with minor issue much more quickly than HC can also they will do this by evidence and request the punishment from HC), also to resolve the other question they can’t order troops around due to they won’t have the ranks to do so they can only tell troops what to do when a General or ground command gives them the troops to do so. This means that they will have NO power over anyone the simple route out corruption and Low HC can ask for cases on Officer to commander but this will be done by discord screen share this can only be done by a keeper+ if any intel was leaked then this will lower the number of people responsible for this and can be dealt with by HC accordingly. also they will help commanders keep their documents up to date and notify them if there is a error and they will also help build relationships with other battalions and deal with minor issue that battalions have with each other (they can’t tell them what to do they will only advise them) this will also stop some members in HC not naming who to not be able to abuse their power when they want to. they will be know as the middle man that keeps officers, Command, Low HC in line to stop them from abusing their power and they will be the eye and hears of Luci (HC and SMT can’t be only 24/7 so please don’t say it works when it don’t stats show we lost more command because of people abusing power) also I’ll like to state this is not a power grab it’s to balance the power out for trooper command (this imperial intelligence has no power over trooper or HC they run their battalions this only notifys them of over stepping and advise them and make a case if it continues and if there is enough evidence it will go to Luci so a trail can proceed) this seems fair and by hand selecting people will stop powe hungry people getting in due to Luci and hotshot can remove anyone in here if they think they are also as well there is no power over anyone it will be made up of people dedicated to the server you guys want the server to grow this make HC more transparent easier to contact and this will help HC/SMT to build a good command team cos we will have a file on everyone and then a decision on who is the next commander or vice commander is via a profile made by this group. Also as well DT and IF will still have the same command structure nothing will change they have keeper from DT and IF to stop any issues that appears (keepers are switched around a lot to stop any issues) also DT/IF are happy to do this due to it will help build a better understanding for each other and help them be a better team in events this does not change who commands them their commanders still have full power over their battalions this will help them be better and stronger and stop infighting If you need more information I’ll be more than happy to talk to u in TS or discord
  7. What do you want to see? This is agreement made between IF and DT to forum a stronger bound and put bot battalions into one and they will be lead by Imperial Intelligence this will be in place to keep all troops, Command and including HC members inline as well due to anyone can be corrupt so the roles that will be stated below will investigate them and a court case will happen judged by their peers not by none person due so this can be a fair trial and will not upset the power and help the player base grow and this will help Command grow more trust in HC if this was emplace due to it will make them not immune to punishment. I have spoken to vader (Luci) about this and he likes the idea due to this will act like a direct way for him to access information that Imperial Intelligence has gathered on one person and then will be charged accordingly, this will also give DT and IF more to do on the server and help build a better command team that is more transparent and will stop any disrespect to each other and mistrust. I want to see Imperial intelligence added due to they are spies and assassins for the empire and they will gather information and take part in deep cover operations and gather intelligence sabotage enemy Fortifications from with in, also they will use Unorthodox methods on all missions that they do are classified only for high ranking to find out a few weeks later about it. (They will only answer to Vader+ regarding case files on command members and HC) Job name- Minister Of Intelligence (1 Spot Appointed by Vader+) Model Path: models/player/swbf_imperial_officer_colonelv2/swbf_imperial_officer_colonelv2.mdl dradio/ garde_a_vousv1.1/ cross_arms_swep Weapon Kit: tfa_dt12 (Don't need rifles due to not a combat class) Health: :350 HP Armor: N/A Description (Optional): they are to assign missions and objectives/Cases will only report directly to Vader+ they will be in direct control of DT, IF This was has been agreed with DT/IF due to there is no point in having two battalions when it can fit into one but they will keep their commanders for both and vice commanders, also this will allow special forces to train with each other and allow better communication with each battalion to be better. This is also the head of imperial intelligence appointed by Vader+ this will be the overseer of all court cases and will have final say but Vader+ can overrule a punishment if needed. (needs DT protection not needed if HC is on) Job name- Keeper (2 spots) Model Path: models/player/swbf_imperial_officer_grand_admiralv2/swbf_imperial_officer_grand_admiralv2.mdl Weapon Kit: tfa_dt12/ dradio/ garde_a_vousv1.1/ cross_arms_swep Health: :350 HP Armor: N/A Description (Optional): Keepers are Judges and they will assign tasked to the watchers to cases to make a court case this will be made up of the DT/IF commanders they will switch on a monthly bases and they have no power over normal troops only those in intelligence and they must help DT/IF with all documents and make sound decisions on cases and can be overruled by Vader+ if needed. (Not a combat class can have DT protection not priority if Admiral+ is on) Job name- Watcher (7 Roles this including training roles) Model Path: models/player/swbf_imperial_isb_agentv2/swbf_imperial_isb_agentv2.mdl Weapon Kit: tfa_dt12/ dradio/ garde_a_vousv1.1/ cross_arms_swep Health: :300 HP Armor: N/A Description (Optional):they are to assign agents missions and handle objectives, also they will be assigned to a sifir and will be expected to control special ops units on the field from a safe distance and will be incontrol of leading a case against a suspect and will be expected to prosecute anyone that has done anything wrong over a set time and case must be water tight and will be used against the suspect (Basically they are the guys you put you on the spot in front of the judge and make you trip over your own words) they will be dedicated members from the community. Job name- Sifir (7 Roles Including training roles) Model Path: models/player/swbf_imperial_officer_ncov2/swbf_imperial_officer_ncov2.mdl and models/strasser/swbf2/imp/imperial_adam_heavy_pm.mdl Weapon Kit: tfa_dt12/ rw_sw_ee3/ tfa_dt12/ rw_sw_dlt19/ dradio/ garde_a_vousv1.1/ cross_arms_swep/ rw_sw_tl40 Health: :400 HP Armor: 200 Description (Optional): they are best agents only to be identified for example sifir 9 they’re identity is unknown due to they been trained since birth and have been genetically built for this they are not clone they are 10 times smarter than a normal ISB scientist due to inplaints and their IQ is unquestionable and are extremely loyal to the empire and will die for it with no hesitation, they will also be under the control of a watcher and the watcher will be getting intel off the agent on a suspect and the Sifir will go undercover on jobs to gain intel on their target and give it to the watcher. They will also take command of special forces if there are two people with the same rank to stop infighting and will take directives from the watcher and if there is a commander on the Sifir will advise the commander when needed. Job name- Fixer (6 Training roles included) Model Path: models/player/swbf_imperial_officer_isbofficerv2/swbf_imperial_officer_isbofficerv2.mdl Weapon Kit: Health: :300 HP Armor: 100 Description (Optional): they are basically engineers and explosive experts they handle agents equipment for missions they will also build equipment by Rp this can only be done by collecting parts and must role over 50 to get parts and what they want to build will be put to certon rolls for example they will need parts of guns to build if they only have one of each part they can only build one gun and give it to DT/IF/Sifir this will have major rules and must be proven to the GM this has been achieved by RP by advering each part they find and must call a GM when building to gun. Why should we add it? - We should add this cos of late we have had a load of people abuse their power and some people get to carton ranks and become immune to punishment I think if we added a anticorruption unit that will combine DT and IF into it and forum one big battalion keeping DT/IF jobs and allowing DT and IF to go on and do more for the server by doing this it will help command see that no one is untouchable and will help restore a better understanding from HC and commands due to as of late trust has been lacking in the command team due to this if we have a anticorruption unit this will make the command team feel more relaxed and be more understanding and will help make things more clear, also the Imperial Intelligence will server Vader+ and build cases on all members of the command team and if the case has enough evidence they will bring it to a HC member to lounch a court case this will also help clear up major issue that battalions have when it comes to who is in command and who leads what by adding this will make a more content for DT and IF, also they will NOT have any power over Command/HC due to this they will monitor and watch them from a distance. this will also cut down on the amount of battalions on the server and DT/IF want this and even other command members to make things more fair on them and HC to show no one is untouchable (If you need more information please contact me) What are the advantages of having this? - this would add more rp and make events more enjoyable and will help people enjoy the server more due to this will allow more passive Rp and will allow the event team to use this to make the event in more detail and may even last longer, this will also get rid it the corruption on the server and bring much needed justice to the server. Who is it mainly for? - removes corruption in command and HC this is for everyone and making DT/IF one with keeping their classed and adding new ones Links to any content - N/A