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  1. Name: Jack Sull Rank: EAD LOA Time: 1/16/19 to 2/3/19 Reason (Private if needed): college and work is in the way at the moment and trying to get my drivers out of the way too.
  2. Well done on the training earlier today sorry took me a while to do this Feilds you lead a active breach team on a house well done. improvements be more assertive when leading try to clear the base out faster Good stuff lets other voice their opinion when asked eager to learn Affective leader in small groups EAD Jack Sull
  3. As the current situation with the respect of the rank SAIC they are to be treated like you treat command they are the supervisors and they report to me or any low command active. If there is any form of disrespect to them it will not be tolerated and can lead to a strike and the highest rank agent on is in charge so do as they say if there are any situations and in training. If there is a SAIC that steps out of line report it to me, jet or Jimmy we will deal with them if you have evidence so it can be taken to IA or give it to IA (October love punishing people too) also use the IA report forum here’s the link https://goo.gl/forms/eGJDZXxaF1M2zJCf1 Also leaving during key stages can lead to punishment if reason is not told (TS or discord), also leaving to avoid trouble will lead to bigger punishment. On the bright side I’m nice sometimes and honesty in you will help me support you and I’m not against you so talk to me if you have any problems only if you have permission off a SAIC. Also the easy way to get promoted on FBI is always be active even if command is not and work hard it will pay off (I hate suck ups) I’m always active so I’ll be watching you all but you won’t know I am kind regards EAD Jack Sull RA11
  4. jackrhyssull

    Gang Watch Format

    Gang Name: VII Threat/Activeness Level High active Reason Why We Should Put Them On The Watchlist?: they are very active in bank raids, kidnaps, jail brakes and murder of gov officials, also they where level two before the list changed. They have 11 members and are active Your Name and Rank Name - Jack Sull Rank- EAD
  5. jackrhyssull

    End of LOA

    I’ll be returning early from my LOA but my not be active as much. -SAIC Jack Sull
  6. +support makes sense -SAIC Jack Sull
  7. I see it a lot and me and SAIC James rip them a new one -SAIC Jack Sull
  8. Name: Jack Sull Rank: SAIC (special agent in charge) LOA Time: 12/24/18 to 01/16/19 Reason (Private if needed): Privet if command needs information just pm on discord, also if it helps you can put me in reserves because I may come back early
  9. -support As a SAIC in FBI our guns only do 10 damage, also gas help gov to be on level grounds with custom classes and criminal classes so it’s fair
  10. This is for command on why as a SAIC I can’t attend meetings due to I work nights and it’s 3:30am for me when it starts so I’ll be in work or asleep, also my inactivity will be affected due to the season Christmas/New Years this does not mean I’m not active it’s when I have time to come on because I also have college work to do if not working. -SAIC Jack Sull SAF14
  11. jackrhyssull

    Gang Watch Format

    Your name should be SNR SA Kondracky if your a senior special agent -SAIC Jack Sull
  12. +support count down too fast more like 3 seconds clear in evidence Gun was not drawn when adverted mic is not clear most of the time
  13. +support As a supervisor of FBI this will not be tolerated by us and command and I recommend him to be suspended or demoted, all departments should be level headed and remain cool when being insulted. -SAIC Jack Sull SAF14
  14. +support I’ll always see him but try and be on when an command member is on and be in TS and active in Discord -SAIC Jack Sull
  15. I understand what u mean sometime the departments need to follow what they do in real life, also I agree with u