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  1. +Support -Very Mature -Kind -Low Warns -Long-time member -Deserves a chance (In which I believe he will succeed)
  2. IG Name: Meh Link to Steam Account: How many warnings do you have: 12 What departments are you in and what rank: CPL in PD; SA in FBI; Former SWAT and SS Why do you want to be EMS(150 Words Minimum): I would like to be EMS because of my strong leadership abilities, and a caring point of view. I also thoroughly enjoy to roleplay in those situations that EMS handle. I am also a quick decision maker and enjoy stressful situations that EMS handle when taking an urgent patient to the hospital or performing other important tasks. I also feel like I can bond with other EMS members and I will strive to do my best in the department. I get along well with people despite the situation they or I am in. I will strive as well to make the department better as I continue on my journey to advance and help others in the process. In real life I have a connection with EMS because practically my entire family is involved in some way by having their EMT. As a previous EMS before I took a break, I loved the community and people I was involved with and it seemed like a big family that today I wish to be a part of.
  3. Name: Meh Rank: ASAIC Reason for not attending (If private then N/A): Going out of town
  4. +Support -Past Exp -Respectful -Active -Low Warns -Deserves a Chance
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    How to Get Goofed

    Back early this year, my friends and I decided to create a meth superlab in industrial of the custom map of Rockford. After getting our business up and running, we thought it was a good idea to recruit more people. However, this was our grave mistake. A snitch came in, and left, calling the police shortly afterwards. This is what happened. The cop cars backed up all the way to the motel by he highway!
  6. I personally used to have a MacBook Air, and didn't have any problems with it. As stated above, it may as well could be the computer.
  7. -Support -15 is wrong -Bad Experiences in the past with you personally, but good luck!
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    Its fine man don't worry about it!
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    Repair suggestion

    -SUPPORT -Not Realistic -Reduces RP
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    Miami Dolphins