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  1. Steam Name: Rabbi Reese Ingame Name: Rohan SteamID: STEAM_0:0:47920006 Ban Length: Permanent Admin that Banned you: Zeeptin Reason for Ban: Threats to Chargeback Dispute: I was banned by Zeeptin because I said I was going to do a paypal chargeback if the economy reset. I had no intention of actually doing a chargeback and was being obnoxious in an attempt to prevent the reset--which, in retrospect, was not the best idea. After the fact, I opened tickets in paypal support but did not follow through because my claims were unjustified. I am NOT making this appeal to rationalize my behavior and understand why I was permanently banned. Instead, I am making this appeal to apologize to Zeeptin and Snar for my saying I was going to chargeback. My intention was never to chargeback but to protest the economy reset. I was also unaware that chargeback threats could result in a permanent ban. I hope you consider giving me a second chance. Prior to my ban, I was a daily player, had 0 disciplinary actions, and continuously donated and supported the server. Otherwise, it's been fun playing on the server and I'm excited to see how much GL can grow! Reese
  2. +Support I see him on all the time and is one of the most active higher ranking PD members. I believe his overall constant activity, unbiased attitude, leadership skills and familiarity with PD procedures can benefit the Gaminglight police department as a whole. Good luck!