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  1. Voxis

    Ramon staff report

    -SUPPORT Waste of a staff report. This should have been a player report instead and to top it all off, he is entitled to his own opinion. He didn't say the SCP server was trash, he just said SCP is trash. Still a waste of a staff report in my opinion.
  2. SMT and JMT doesn't get the respect that they truly do deserve a lot of the time, and lately just shows that. You guys really do a good job. Without you all, the server wouldn't be here. So, thank you. Very much.
  3. I'm never on MilRP but I am down to see this happen. Kind of heart breaking knowing that it's just dying a slow and painful death.
  4. Voxis

    Unknown ban

    It looks like you forgot to close your hacking software bud.
  5. Inactiveeeeeeeeee  🙂


    jk ily ❤️

  6. It hurts my heart to know that you lost your position, GL truly lost an amazing staff member that put in all kinds of work and dedication. It's a learning period in your life and while you may think you have lost friends and so forth, I assure you I, along with everyone else here that truly knows you, will still be by your side. You know I'm always around to talk and be a friend. All you have to do is let me know you need me and I will talk to you in a heartbeat.
  7. Voxis

    Perma Banned

    -SUPPORT It's been told many of times that SMT Disrespect is unacceptable.
  8. Case closed. You even admitted that you know for a fact that discretion is based on ALL punishments and not case based. Meaning it was his discretion to ban you based on your background and history. And again, your attitude clearly shows thay you had no intention to stop until extremely close to 40. We were long passed that point and it was/still is a major point of interest for you to argue on. Shmoopy is in fact 100% correct on a call that was made by said staff member. This 100% for sure is my final comment. My point has been made.
  9. Let me be more clear. ALL punishments are staff discretion.
  10. It's not making up rules to pull a ban from thin air and call it justifiable. However, it does state that punishments are staff discretion. If a staff member does ban at less than 40, then they feel that the said player won't change their actions. Even further, if the playtime reset for one person, it's more than likely reset for everyone else as where everytime I have noticed it, it's been for everyone. This is my last comment. -SUPPORT
  11. There's a difference between a player who accumulates 38 warnings in 24 hours of playtime, and someone who accumulates 38 warnings over 6+ months of game time. The 2 are massively different and show how serious or mingey a player is. In your defense, it wasn't 40+. However, 38 warns in a 24 hour time frame shows staff that there was absolutely no intention to RP, listen, or take advice.
  12. Negative ghostrider. I would be careful about attitude. I understand the frustration and the confusion but it won't help your case. It's possible that it is the truth but re-read my earlier comment. If someone points out something that is false or otherwise, try to be a little calmer about it. Just trying to give a heads up man.
  13. Be careful, those colors get stupid bright
  14. I mean Ronins story does add up. On that note, staff doesn't punish for fun. While it is true that it is 40 warns to be permabanned from the server, I'm sure the other staff decided that they wanted to make a call regarding the previous 2 weeks as mentioned above. I won't give a support for reasons I won't specify, but I do wish you good luck.