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  1. Voxis

    King Family Warning

    Not our fault if you end up dead, broke, and turned into ghosts
  2. I also need to add into this, I am super proud of you for how far you've come as a whole.
  3. -SUPPORT Even though these are my friends, i'm using what knowledge I have on my side to figure out what has happened. To my understanding, you closed your door (by accident or not) when they opened it. So in this sense, it seems like a valid warn for fading door abuse. If you claim all these things about them, do you have video evidence to back up your claims? If not, then I would assume you're saying things to make them look bad on top of yourself. Ultimately, I believe the warn is valid.
  4. Give me a few days and let me get photoshop re-installed
  5. I don't think it's going to happen. It's for the PoliceRP side of things and they caused a lot of trouble. I was never in it, and I would love to see it be unbanned, but sadly enough I don't think it will ever be a thing.
  6. Steam Name: Voxis Ingame Name: Voxis King SteamID: STEAM_0:0:53787030 Ban Length: Perm Admin that Banned you: Fame Reason for Ban: Community Blacklist// Perma// Do not come back Dispute: So let me start off by saying this, to get everything out of the way. I decided to start up another community with another person because I decided to be arrogant and not know how serious of an issue it would ultimately become. Player poaching was a thing that I was hit with due to people coming with us (by us I mean the people who who started up the community) and to really be honest, Closeman and Laureline were the 2 who player poached ultimately. I only asked my close friends who barely played on GL and they came on their own free will. I made it as clear as humanly possible that they didn't have to, but since I was friends with them they decided they wanted to come and help. Not long after this, I decided to leave due to things not working out, so about 1 week into my ban, I went completely solo. I felt terrible for what I had done, so from the day I left, I started doing my own thing. Throughout the time of my ban, I was assisting SMT members with things that were helping out the community, particularly helping hunt down blacklisted players that were causing mayhem to the community as a whole. I know what I done was as wrong as could be but what these guys were doing was completely unforgivable. I WANT TO MAKE THIS AS CLEAR AS POSSIBLE, I was NOT assisting Vibez or Nandy. I know my name was thrown around, and I assure you, I absolutely hate these guys. Those 2 as a whole is an example of somebody I don't want to be associated with. Now, to get to why I want to be unbanned and come back to the community. In short, I threw a diamond away for a rock, and I hate that I did that because I love this community. I gave a lot of time, effort, tears and pain to the community. Watching people make it really far, to either quit or be blacklisted. To see those I care about get demoted for not being active or doing stupid things when I tried and tried to help them out in the end. Gaminglight was my second home, and I loved everyone here. I became super close with everyone, and it was one of the few communities who accepted who I was and I could've never asked for more. The true intentions I had were to never hurt, but to help. I hate hurting people and I hate hurting things that were looking to expand or grow in ways that would have been beneficial. I look at everyone here as if they were my online family, I could go to a lot of you for help and support if I needed it, and you guys could come to me for the same, and you did. Now, on to the even more real talk. Zeeptin: I want to be able to come in and assist in every way humanly possible. This is a community that I grew in and found out what made my personality click. I never got to thank you for the great community you had made 5 years ago. I honestly enjoyed the advice you gave if I needed it. If it helps, I'll even go as far as signing something that says I can't do anything more to hurt the community other than me leaving OR if you shut down the community (if either of the two options ever came over the radar). If I messed up, I legally have to leave. Snar: You as a manager, couldn't ask for more. You gave me a lot of advice and I took a lot of it. If I ever needed something in specific I would always come to you or Fame. We were pretty close I'd like to say. I hate that I threw our trust away, if anything I would love to earn all of that back. Fame: This one is special haha. Whenever you were the head of staff BEFORE the recent events, no staff member could get past you. You were like a little brother to me so I had to make sure I was setting the ways acted to help you. You looked up to me in a way that was helpful and I hate that I threw all of your trust and friendship away at the time. Mark my words on this, I will not let you down anymore again if I am able to come back. I want to help as much as humanly possible and will do whatever I have to do in order to do what needs to be done. Myan: You were my commander in SWAT and probably one of the few close people I had aside from those mentioned and a couple of others. I let you down by being so reckless with my actions and if I do come back, I promise you that I won't ever let you down again. If you know me, you know that I never go back on my promises. To everyone else: I never meant for this to happen. A lot of you know who I am, how I operated, and how I could be. But at the end of the day, I ultimately came to help. If anyone ever needed anything I was always there. I was always helpful to everyone. I want to come back into the community not to harm or hurt, but to help and assist in every way humanly possible. I'm willing to take other punishments within the community if people feel that it needs to be done that way. I miss my second family, I miss my second home. From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely apologize and I really do hope you guys consider my return to this community. -Thank you, Voxis
  7. Voxis

    Voxis' Ban Appeal

    Steam Name: Voxis Ingame Name: Voxis King SteamID: STEAM_0:0:53787030 Ban Length: Perm Admin that Banned you: Fame Reason for Ban: Blacklisted /player poaching/ started own community Dispute: So, to start things off, I'm going to be upfront and as honest as humanly possible. I decided to start another community with another member (who was blacklisted as well) for reasons that to be quite frank, not entirely sure. The best answer I could give on that is that I wanted to see what it was like. Player poaching, yeah. I admit, I asked a few people to come over and help me and the other member out with starting the community up as a whole. I ended up leaving shortly after to run solo for a while. Been running solo pretty much since. In the couple of weeks that I have been banned, I have learned a lot of things and I tell myself that "This wasn't worth it. Not in the slightest." It was a mistake that was made by me because I got arrogant. As many of you who know me know, I get that way sometimes. I owe everybody within the community an apology because not only did I hurt myself, but I ended up hurting people along the way, I lost trust I had earned from people I respected outright and had no issues with whatsoever. I have undoubtedly learned my lesson from this and to be fair, don't want to run into an issue like this again. It's sad, it's petty, it's childish. I could keep on but I choose not to. In light of all of this however, I would like to come back to the community and hopefully regain most of the trust I had lost. I want to start fresh and come back to a place I called home for the time I was here. I understand entirely that it was again, the dumbest choice I had ever made here. I just hope you guys are willing to accept me back to be a part of this community and I also hope I can be forgiven. -Voxis
  8. I loveee youuuu ❤



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  9. You made a fourms account on my birthday!