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  1. +SUPPORT Although I hate when my name gets brought up in anything (even if it is a gesture of good faith) I did provide at least SOME form of evidence proving that she is who she says she is and not bambob. Further more, as far as the screenshot goes, it was a random message as I never talk to bambob (forgot he was still on my discord friend list if im being entirely honest here) and me being me, I tried to do as I said and help. I do believe it was a ban of mis-judgment as I talked to Mikey and Calamity in TS. Hopefully this can be resolved.
  2. No he told you that before you admitted to being an alt. Meaning if it was a wrongful ban, it would be taken care of. But you admitted it, and an appeal would be meaningless. He did however say you could try to speak to SMT.
  3. -SUPPORT You do realize I was the one who told Calamity you were Snow right? Regardless that doesn't matter. What does matter is the fact that instead of attempting to appeal your original blacklist (which wouldn't do any good because they're unappealable now) you instead get on an alt account? You know what you were doing. Save the semantics.
  4. Edit: +SUPPORT Experienced, should be good to go.
  5. -SUPPORT Being mingey isn't the best way to start anything off, and judging by how the comments are going. Well, it wasn't pretty. Anyone else would've banned you, I know I would have if I were still staff because judging by everything, this is a very common thing for you. Trust me when I tell you, that owning up to things you done will KEEP you from getting into more trouble. Instead, playing the innocent game and constantly playing defense will 9 times out of 10, cause someone to just do a bigger punishment because their patience has already ran super thin with you. The warns seem valid, just take it at that and go on about your day. That is my two cents about it.
  6. -SUPPORT When are you going to learn that banned means banned Smoke? You're turning into Vibez at this point and to be frank, it isn't funny.
  7. -SUPPORT You disrespected SMT and raided TS. IF my memory serves me well, you got hostile because you were being told about the rules (DO NOT quote me on that) and you didn't want to follow them. I think after what you done, you should stay banned. Disrespecting SMT is one bad apple already but raiding the TS? Should've been blacklisted on the spot.
  8. I thought it was in the MOTD that you must advert before jailbreaking in the first place or am I just dumb? As far as the cars went, I specifically wouldn't really call it a "jail break" if you weren't in the jail like... the car isn't the jail? As a staff member I would never interfere with a car being blown up to release a prisoner because in that sense it wasn't "jail breaking" but rather being a nuisance to PD because some other member of the same family was making it harder for them to do their job. Of course this is something I personally done but that was just me and me alone. Either way, for what it's worth, you're not REALLY in jail until you're behind bars so that's how I have always looked at it and never looked at it any other way. I think the rule is fine the way that it is.
  9. Not trying to argue, or cause a bigger fight but: This should be a player report and not a staff report as the person you are reporting is not on duty at the given time of this video. Further more, Myan shouldn't have been brought into this....? Like, anything he does is irrelevant to THIS situation as a whole. Regardless of what it's worth: +/-SUPPORT
  10. Voxis

    Who is cuter?

    Neither of you are cute. I had the best wedding here at GL, and you can fight me. Case closed, bottom line, I win, boo hoo, game over. Good day. Edit: Almost forgot, @Hannah King would be willing to vouch for all of the above statements I made as well
  11. Because they legitimately think that people will forget about their wrong doings and on top of that, they go after the same thing as if it never happened in the first place? Sounds about right to me.
  12. Heat of the moment? That's not heat of the moment, and that's not being salty. That's you coming into the server with the intention of doing this. -SUPPORT
  13. This looks like a pretty promising update. I might have to reinstall g-mod to give it a look and a try.