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  1. Technically, he can especially if it's for false reasons or reasons deemed to be false.
  2. -SUPPORT Ronin did nothing out of character. It was in IC chat and as he stated, it wasn't referring to you in general, so this report is useless. It has ALSO come to my attention that there was 2 other staff members involved, another Senior Admin and a Head admin who declined to give him a warning but you are pushing for a staff strike. This honestly just feels like you want a un-needed punishment for someone that did nothing past a warnable offence.
  3. Voxis

    Report on Tony

    What even is this? If you want this to be dealt with or talked about, you need to go to O5. -SUPPORT
  4. But why have his friend do it instead of making another account?
  5. I feel like this is an alt account to be entirely honest.
  6. +/- SUPPORT To be clear on the first end of things, I will be 100% (this has nothing to do from earlier btw) I do feel like you would be a good staff member on the front end of things. Meaning I feel that your maturity level can be great and over time, would be even better in the sense of how you handle situations. In staff, they don't look for people who can be overly provoked, more over they look for people who can be really good with other people and be willing to listen to everything that someone has to say, including multiple people. As for question 15, try to be a little more elaborate in terms of specifics. Try to explain why you'd want the position rather why you feel that you should have it. Also make it 150 words. Question 16 is a little different. It ranges in all forms of answers. At first glance, it seems like you wouldn't care (not saying you wouldn't care in general, it's just a first impression type thing), but afterwards you move in the right direction. I personally wouldn't mute someone, but each to their own. 10,000 second minges need to be handed out in the event of something like this, so keep that in mind. With you having short term memory loss, keep in mind that everything needs to be remembered up front and it stays for long term. So, IF accepted, you need to be trained thoroughly enough to remember everything. Hands on would be your best approach (you even said so yourself). Also, you forgot a poll. I would keep those in mind if this does get denied. If accepted, then make sure everything is followed as stated. GOOD LUCK!!!!
  7. -SUPPORT I dont believe you should be unbanned. There was a few times where I had some issues with you on staff. But going back to what th3 said This definitely puts the icing onto the cake. IF you were to be unbanned, then I would be happy with all whitelists removed with the exception of both D-Class and Researcher. That's the only thing I would agree to you being unbanned on.