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  1. Hell of a ride is about right on that haha.
  2. Hey guys! How is everyone? For those of you who do know me, well. I did it. I made it 1 year on GL! Not consecutive but still 1 year :P For those who don't know me. Well, you will get to know me really soon I hope. I don't bite ;) Back on the "those who do know me" note, I will say that you guys are the absolute best. I've helped you guys, and you've helped me. You're all true friends and to be honest, I wouldn't want to have it any other way. Some of the best people I know are the ones that have stuck with me since the very beginning, and I say thank you for it. As for everyone else, I hope I get to see you guys more as the years go on. It's been an honor so far. Lets make it longer.
  3. +SUPPORT He might have gotten his permissions messed up but we all make mistakes sometimes. Honestly, I would just look past that tiny mistake and let it slide. Personally, I think you're an amazing staff member man. You were before and you still are today. You know your stuff, you're laid back and chill. Never lose your temper and never fly off the rails. I would personally like to see you as an admin because I think you deserve it. As I said, I look past the tiny mistake. I wish you the best of luck my guy.
  4. Sucks that you're leaving :\ We only talked a few times but I enjoyed those few times.
  5. -SUPPORT If you're the same Koala that I remember, then I wouldn't be surprised. I'll tell you like I've told people all the time, if something irritates you, shut your mouth, keep it shut and take what is given to you on a ground scale. It's not a fact of people shouldn't be on the internet btw, it's a fact that you blatantly dissed staff. RP or not, it's classified as staff disrespect. The attitude that you gave in the sit obviously wasn't the best, and the attitude you're giving here isn't the best either. If it were me, I would've banned you longer and I honestly believe it SHOULD be extended further due to what's happened on this post alone. If you're going to reply back with something smart or insanely out of line then save your time. If Spection or Bambob did something to upset you then make a report. Don't make a fool of yourself by saying "Thats straight bull"
  6. Voxis

    DB Cooper is back

    Can't find you lol
  7. +/- SUPPORT If I remember correctly, the "StrikeFirst" portion of Valks bans were because of the whole Crix incident some time ago. I could be wrong, but IF that is the case, then I'll go to -SUPPORT. I just want to be on the same page to be entirely sure about it.
  8. Was super goofy when he sent his second video to me on snap lmaoooooo. Oh well. It'll get better.
  9. +++++++SUPPORT -YES -YES -On a real note: He's a good staff member - Very good attitude - Deserves a chance at JMT.
  10. Voxis

    Hannah's loa

    I'm gonna miss my favorite person of all Please take care.
  11. +SUPPORT Evidence is as clear as day.