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  1. Name: Toxic Rank: Captain How Active do you consider yourself to be? (1-10) 4 How active do you believe others view you to be? (1-10) 4 If you answered below 6 to either of the above questions, is there a reason for this? Do you still want your position in state? There is a reason. With school and work I have little time to hop on the server but with all the time I can get I do try to hop on.
  2. So when is round 3? JK. or am i?? Nah but for real jack thanks for coming back dude. It was a fun couple months and I hope to see you in TS buddy. -Toxic
  3. This is brilliant. Nice job Jake
  4. Why is everyone leaving. But seriously you have done great things for the department and have been there for the longest time. Hope to see you around man.
  5. It was fun having you on the team. Hope you can come back and visit - SPRT TL HM Toxic 1RL05
  6. + support ^^^^ Good luck my friend
  7. We are gonna miss you Bailey. Thanks for all you taught me!
  8. Coming from a guy that has a bad community reputation. I’d suggest you keep you mouth shut.
  9. Defitely gonna miss you man. Thanks for the pointers and the good times. Good thing you are not leaving State.
  10. CERT obviously is the superior TAC team
  11. + support Weed is pretty much useless grow but with an increase in price it will be grown more