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  1. Your in game name: DD ToxicWolf Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:174597840 The player's in game name: SX VP Spectre The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:1:442276436 What did the player do: We were in a sit with Smaug for something that happened before I started recording and SX shows up to our front door about to raid us. Keep in mind that Smaug put a textscreen out front saying "admin sit please do not raid". He says it multiple times to the 5 guys that were out infront of our house and yet they did not leave. So we ignore them and go in the backyard so we can finish the staff sit and after like a minute or so I see a guy on our roof and I tell all my guys. We then build up to the roof to see how they got up. We eventually get up and see that they used a car to jump on the roof. Not sure if it is allowed because I have talked to multiple admins about it over the year that I have been on GamingLight and I have had mixed reviews. Some say yes its fine they can do it, others say that you cant and will get warned. (If they can be warned for it I will make a seperate topic for it) Then when we start talking, out comes Spectre dissing us saying "Your clan sucks. We will fuck you guys up". He also says later in the video that we are turning into Maddog. That is another count of player diss towards maddog. All in all I don't like how this guy was treating us from the beginning so I just let it slide but this needed to be brought to someones attention. Evidence (required): It is towards the end of the video. What do you believe should happen to the player: Warn for family diss Any extra information: If there is also a warn for interrupting a staff sit they should all get one (names in the beginning of video). They were asked multiple times by Smaug to leave because it was a staff sit.
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    Don’t know why we didn’t have it enabled in the first place
  3. + support I paid for VIP+ and now i have to have a normal lockpick if i want to break one of my buddies out.
  4. Staff has been taking care of this with no problems at all.