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  1. - Support After I put up my report against Nimo, it was then and only then he started to watch what he did. Once the report got accepted and he got demoted to senior mod, he left, to me, that shows he really wanted to be here for the rank, so that he could no-clip when not on duty and all that other stuff. Listen Nimo, you don't H A V E to be staff to play on the server. From what I saw after you got demoted you were not active on the server at all. Just play on the server and have fun, you don't have to be staff.
  2. I gotchu, just that Eman already responded but yeah. Sorry for typing on my own post.
  3. So did this just get forgotten about orrr? Its been like almost 2 months now
  4. [GL] Jinx

    To SMT

    I'm still here! Lol. I was the Emperor before I got oofed out.
  5. [GL] Jinx


    Okay, good luck on that!
  6. Big Boy - Support - Super Admin on another server (See Q4) - Little effort into application - Clearly didn't read handbook based on last questions answer.
  7. @China Any picture in particular? It would be easier if I knew what kinda stuff you liked lol.
  8. What about fortnut clips HERE:
  9. + Support Should have just gotten on staff, and not speak to a Senior Moderator the way he did.