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  1. I shot at valk's car (didn't know at time), got jailed for 30 years
  2. Rank You are Applying For: Major In-Game Name: Josh SteamID: STEAM_0:1:181545127 Current Rank: Captain How long have you been in your current rank?: 59 days (1 Month and 3 Weeks) What timezone are you in?: GMT/BST How many Warns do you have?: 0 Permission: Dep Comm Bob Bob 1K51 Why should you be promoted (200 words Minimum): I believe I should be promoted because I have shown my maturity and leadership skills in PD. During my time as Captain I have promoted people that have been doing a good job. I have also being punishing those fairly for breaking rules or being unprofessional, stopping poor officers giving the PD a bad reputation. I have had to deal with difficult situations but remained calm and took control of situations that needed input. I allowed each side to give their story and factored evidence etc. I ensured not to be bias against or for the PD and took each incident seperately. I am active on the server during early hours of UK timezone, meaning some people might not see me online. However this allows me to interact more with our UK players and promote those that deserve it. However, I try my best to get on also during US times to keep visibility high and ensure everything remains running smoothly. Something I am doing currently and intending to continue is to keep PD disciplined and professional at all times, including praising PD when they do a good job. Due to my experience as now retired SWAT Commander as well as the new experience I have gained while being a CPT I know how to handle situations and professionally command PD, something different when in a tactical department. This includes dealing with newer players, that lack the experience of tactical unit members. I also try to RP out situations as much as I can, improving the reputation of PD. I ensure that the standards are met when new officers are trained, often watching trainings being conducted. This allows me to see who is doing a good job training but also give advice and help to officers. I have also learn what a PD member should and shouldn't do, being able to identify if a person is the wrong and give fair/justified punishments. During my time at an CPT, I have had to deal with a number of issues involving PD and resolved them without further issues. Also giving orders to PD to ensure they are organised and doing their job. You agree that disobeying any rules set by High Command will result in an immediate demotion (Yes/No): Yes
  3. + Support Vector is pretty bad compared to other SMG's
  4. Josh H-Y.

    Ryan Staff Report

    +/- Support Situation 1 Video 1) Yes there is sufficent proof Ryan did spawn the prop BUT he deleted it straight away and did not cause any RP problems. Video 2) Yes there is sufficent proof Ryan did spawn the prop BUT he deleted it straight away and did not cause any RP problems. Especially due to the fact a player was asking to be killed for a reset and therefore out of RP. Situation 2 Screenshots) Ryan spoken to other staff members that he perfers using this dome prop to trap players that are breaking rules or trying to run away form a sit, hence what the pictures show. This is an administration perference as he doesn't want to bind the jail command. Although this may not be the most efficent way, it does not break the staff handbook. Situation 3 Video and Screenshot) The video is very small time frame, only 6 seconds. It does not show what happened before or after, it can be taken out of context. Although Ryan shouldn't be in the vehicle, he may of had a valid reason to do so. Such as possibly getting the truck unstuck etc. I agree this could of been dealt with better, in my opinion it seems to be out of context and editited without getting the entire story. Situation 4 Ryan at the time was being questioned whether "So you are 100% positive that you haven't been staff abusing in anyway, shape or form? Just clarification." He answered no because he might of thought everything that took place was not abuse. I personally do not see what he did as being ABUSIVE. Did he do things he shouldn't of done? Yes, that is why I am also + supporting this report. However, I feel that many people are overlooking all evidence against Ryan. He truly thought he did not break any rules. If you thought you didn't break a rule and you were sure that you were innocent, of course you would answer no. I find using this as a way to frame Ryan as a liar in bad taste. Conclusion Overall I would say that Ryan did not interrupt any RP except the video with the firetruck which had very little evidence or context of what was happening. I think Ryan did make mistakes and should of maybe dealt with the situations better. However, suggesting a REMOVAL of a staff member for set evidence provided is completely excessive. I would say the evidence shown warrants a punishment of a strike/talking to. Bear in mind we have not heard Ryan's side so far, making the situation hard to call.
  5. Very happy to be accepted and be apart of this department. I will try my best to be active, life must come first though!
  6. Can you explain what else was wrong?
  7. Why do you think I put a strike is reasonable punishment?
  8. +/- Support Video 1) No full evidence it was Alton Video 2) Whilst understandable this can be classed as 'disrepect' I think it's clear from the video the guy was cop baiting to get attention. Do I think it was the right way to do it? No but do I think it warrants a full report on a player? No, this seems more petty than anything. Video 3) I'm complex to why this video has been submitted, I have seen MANY staff members do this. Including very high staff members past and present, especially with other people around. Is it abuse of his powers? Yes but I am not sure why this was submitted on someone's behalf that may not of been bothered by such actions. If Nicoolas asked for this to be posted then I can understand, I see no evidence to suggest this. I have been killed this way many times and took it as a joke. If Nicoolas wanted to take it further than I would of expected a staff report made by himself, if he asked for this to go ahead then please do let me know. Screenshot 1) The 3d textscreen could of been made by placed by someonelse and cars stacked by other staff. Alton may of seen the funny side of the image and stood next to it, there isn't sufficent proof to say he stacked the cars. Alton is a long time staff member at GL, someone that has worked hard and earnt respect. I cannot defend all his actions, I can say that he is a valuable staff member in the community. He is one of the very few remaining UK staff and active on the server. A strike in my opinion would be sufficent punishment for everything together, anything further would be unessacary.
  9. + Support Perma ban is harsh punishment, I think lesson's have been learnt.
  10. + Support Obvious reasons
  11. I'm not, the post wasn't specifically aimed at one incident but a multitude.
  12. Not to try and start arguments. But that is not true, people HAVE been punished for stating their opinion. Even when such opinion was not disrespectful but only critical of SMT actions. This has been going on for a long time, you simply have to look back at past SMT posts for proof. In order to have a successful and happy playerbase, you need to be able to take criticism and make amendments. There is a line between being disrespectful and giving honest criticism, I think SMT specifically the PoliceRP section has been going over set line for a while. Don't take this as an attack on SMT, it's simply what many in the community feel. We all want this community to thrive and grow. However, refusing to accept criticism and labelling such as being ‘disrespectful’ not only alienates your players. It ruins any chances of actual changes that would benefit us all going into the future. We appreciate what SMT do but past and recent actions has caused the reputation of SMT to drop over the months. I sincerely hope you take this as a warning sign and change, I know you all can make a difference.
  13. ARU Command material easily! Good luck my man