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  1. Snar blacklisted me from gaminglight for my attitude about their server specs
  2. Research Name: Lilfrog Research Rank: Researcher III Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:95366079 Number of Strikes:0 When did you join Research:not sure but it think a month from when this was written Have you had any thoughts on leaving Research if so say why: I was staff on the server and wasn't active but now I'm done with staff and now will be doing research full time Are you in any other branches? Are you in a command role in any of them:Nope. only research Reason you want to join low command: I'm great at guiding people and my moto is not to yell at people who flux up but to ask. "why,how. how do you think you messed up, why did you mess up?" it's better because they need to know what they did bad instead of you just yelling at them for doing bad. encouragement is way better than anger. What can you bring to Research that others can’t or don’t share your idea with: Activeness and good vibes How can you help Research (why?): I like keeping moods up and happy. I also love to guide and help people. How can you make research grow i.e increasing activity and I get a bigger player base for Research:Make it more appealing for players. How flexible are you in terms of timezones like UK and US: Pretty flexible untill school starts for me IN US. but in UK. I just can't. i'm sorry 
  3. I don't have bronze rank STEAM_0:0:95366079
  4. @th3I've downloaded all versions of 066 and I've had no luck with 066
  5. Lilfrog

    Staff Report

    I agree with trae and this should be a warn appeal.
  6. please. bring him back. may i get an F
  7. +SUPPORT Koda is a great member of the community and I would love to have him on the staff team
  8. You're great as a player but you've broken too many rules to be trusted as staff. i'm sorry but must be honest and give to a -SUPPORT
  9. I'M BACK BABY my camp isn't dorm room based so yeah
  10. Name (In-Game/Discord):Lilfrog Rank (In-Game):Researcher II SteamID:STEAM_0:0:95366079
  11. I will be gone 3/7/19 to 9/7/19 as family is in town and I will be doing stuff. UPDATE: it will now be from 6/7/19 to 18/7/19 as my family will be sending me to a camp in film making
  12. Name:LIlfrog Rank:Researcher II SteamID: STEAM_0:0:95366079 How Active are you on Research?: everyday i'll play for about 20 to 30 minutes When did you join Research?:6/24/19 The position being applied for: development Supervisor Why do you want this position?:I'm great at making gadgets and i'm quite informed about SCP's so I can supervise solution's and deny solution's that might cause mass loss of life. What skills do you have in leadership?:Yes. my moto is not to yell at people who flux up but to ask. "why,how. how do you think you messed up, why did you mess up?" it's better because they need to know what they did bad instead of you just yelling at them for doing bad. encouragement is way better than anger. What are some tests you have completed in the past?:(Lore Name:JR Frog Rank:junior Researcher Clearance Level:1 List of personnel involved in testing:two security guards. Level D personnel involved:One Name:5498 SCP:SCP 999 and SCP 1048 Errors and/or safety hazards:D class hurts staff. SCP 1048 scream affects staff outside of containment Question:Will SCP 1048 scream affect SCP 999 Background Research:SCP 999 is a Jelly like creature that has antidepressant properties, It is is kinda every SCPs friend and mostly 682s. SCP 1048 can cause a high pitched scream that hurts your ears and makes ears appear in your throat. Hypothesis:SCP 999 will not be affected because SCP has no visible ears or throat. Observation:Class D, SCP 999, SCP 1048 was put into 173 containment. class D was told to punch 1048 to activate it. 1048 was heard screaming, after the screams stopped containment was opened and D class attempted to attack researchers. he was restrained and terminated. Analysis and Conclusion:SCP 999 did not report any pain. Do Results Align with Hypothesis:Yes indeed) if you need to see more. please refer to the JR discord channel What can you bring to Research Command/Research High Command that others cannot?:A better mood in the workplace What is something you would change if you were a member of Research Command/Research High Command?: A lab for sample testing so we don't have to ship it to site 18 everytime If anyone, who would recommend you to be in Research Command?:Trevdec. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you for reading ~Love Lilfrog
  13. I did not hear you at all. i'm sorry but I need sleep and was was REALLY tired. I've been staying awake from 9 in the morning to 2 in the morning all day. I'm prob going to put in a LOA so I can get some human sleep. again I thank you for putting in this report so I can learn what being a staff member is and how to act as a staff member. It wasn't really a abuse of powers it was using powers off duty and giving myself XP (500 XP) when I got to the surface. The only reason I even thought about doing this is because the staff online were busy and I didn't want to bother him. can I get a link to the XP guideline or is it in staff announcements?