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  1. @Robby Peppers it is at 7:30.
  2. SGT+ don't forget to come to the supervisor meeting this Friday at 8 pm.
  3. SRT TRYOUTS (SGT+) SRT will be holding tryouts Saturday, the 20th at 7:30pm EST. All are welcomed to attend and try out for the department, only requirement is to be SGT+ in pd. This tryout session will be held by SRT Command along with the help of FTO team. Sincerely Sergeant Major, Chase Gustavsen
  4. Hi SRT Team I want to See everyone in SRT at the meeting this Friday @8: 30 pm. If you can not make the meeting please let me know. After The meeting, there will be training for Sniper and Breacher. Also for SGT+, There will be a meeting just for you guys @8:00 in the supervisor room. If any SGT's can't make it I understand just let me know. This meeting will happen every week in October as a trial. Sincerely, TL Chase Gustavsen
  5.  Chase Gustavsen


    I wish you good luck on your exams. You have been put on LOA. IF you do decided you need a brake and come on you will not be taken off LOA unless you are on two or more times in one week. If you have any questions you can ask me in a PM or ask any SRT Command.
  6. Name: Chase Gustavsen Warns (On the main server you play. Limit is 10 warns): 0 Do you have FiveM installed?: no buy I am getting it Do you have a legal copy of GTA V?:Yes Criminal/Civillian, Police, or EMS?: I want to be Police & EMS