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  1. +Support And here is why Listen we all make mistakes and say things we regret ive done alot of you have done it, He seems truley sorry for his actions and i believe we should give him a second chance.
  2. In-Game Name: Otto SteamID: STEAM_0:1:118063142 Rank: Trial Moderator Length of LOA: 6-4-19 6-9-19 Reason for LOA (if private that is fine):  Moving
  3. +Support I didn't read it, I looked at it for 1 second and im just assuming he is right
  4. Ok here are the reasons WHY YOU DON'T DESERVE SUPERADMIN Woah there are none your fucking perfect in everyway possible HUGE +Support Hella active Knows the rules Well known
  5. +support Listen we all have rough patches and some hiccups here and there, Hell even SMT does it were human that happens I remember when you chased me out of DB when I was in 501st those were good times But in the end i think you deserve a second chance ?
  6. HUGE -Support Called a player a Fag today in game totally not staff behavior
  7. Thanks and have fun
  8. If you find me today i can tell you
  9. These are in no specific order Marlon Brando Katy . Any kind of rap or country Star Wars Rogue One,Solo Story,Last Jedi,Force Awakens Pugs Godfather part III The Ending for the Sopranos The Wire(TV Show) Black Ops 4 Tropico 6 Racing Games The Fact that Scheffer and i live about 1 Hour away and he wont let me visit him but that is whatever Whoever the fuck Jojo Siwa is DarkRP Xvideos advertisements. Ifunny Moderators The Facts Of Life (TV Show) New "Green Day" (Band- Anything after The Tres album) Adam Lambert Billie Eillish Whatever the fuck James Charles is Cardi B Bill Cosby China North Korea North Vietnam That Shitty M*A*S*H Spinoff called AFTER MASH TikTok The Entire Year Of 2018 Will Smith saying "Ah thats hot" Whenever Rhenic Resigned (This is the most hated) THE FUCKING DOG JOB FOR SS ON 1944Rp. Thanks for your time. -YaboiCrimzon
  10. Dude you made a choice to break the rules. You know what you did. Huge -Support
  11. Neutral For Right Now +Has past Experience. +App Is Detailed -I haven't seen you on -Not active on forums