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  1. Name: BadMan578/Ecott Server: PoliceRP Job Name: Metropolitan Police Add Car available to only custom job - $50 (car not already on server +$30 - can change based on file size of car) Cars Adding In: bmw_530d_touring_pol_lw & bmw_x5_48i_pol_lw STEAMID Paid For Everything: STEAM_0:1:45307866 P.S These Cars are already on the Server & Are In The ARU Car Dealer Would Like Access to & Use For My CC, Please let me know that's all correct etc, Much Appericated! ?
  2. can I get the tfa_csgo_flash & the tfa_csgo_smoke if possible for the $40 I have left over of them additional items?
  3. oh oof I genuine didn't know that Zeeptin Sorry ? i had just been doing through all custom donations to buy for everything and making a new cc through that ? ok im buying it now one second zeeptin ok done brought it, sorry for the inconvenience this caused ?
  4. you said the actual custom job purchase, are u meaning and referring to the Custom Job Bundle on the store one u pay for 80 credits for a custom job? only reason is because ive previously made Custom Class Jobs but not purchased that Job Bundle Purchase but just paid for my CC's by doing all the Custom Donations on the Buy Credits Page?
  5. oh do I need to purchase the Custom Job Bundle now aswell? I hadn't in the past from other CC ive made?
  6. Name: BadMan578/Ecott Server: PoliceRP Job Name: Metropolitan Police Job Colour: 157, 5, 245 RGB Job Description: The Metropolitan Police Have Been Sent From The UK To Help AID True North to Reduce All Crimes Across True North. They AID & Help PD/SWAT/FBI/SS & Other Tactical Teams! Model (Workshop Playermodel MUST be under 4mb, and the word Playermodel and Ragdoll must be in the title or description. PLEASE LOOK AT EXAMPLES OF ACCEPTABLE MODELS! YOUR MODEL MUST EXCEED THE HEIGHT OF THE 1X1 PLATE): Playermodel: Playermodel Path: models/doggo_master/policehighvisvest.mdl Government Job - $50 extra Job: Government Job Armour (100) - $20 Armour Additional weapons - $20 each (max 4 TOTAL in job) Weapons: tfa_m27416, tfa_csgo_nova, tfa_kac_pdw, tfa_csgo_fiveseven STEAMID Paid For Everything: STEAM_0:1:45307866 P.S Please let me know that's all the payements paid correctly and anything else, Much Appericated! ? ?
  7. Hi I recently added in the Pro Lockpick to my Custom Crim Class On Ex - Secret Agent Zoey & the Pro Lockpick doesn't work and I get a error and says in console: [ERROR] addons/[weapon]_pro_lockpick/lua/weapons/pro_lockpick/shared.lua:81: attempt to call method 'IsDoor' (a nil value) 1. PrimaryAttack - addons/[weapon]_pro_lockpick/lua/weapons/pro_lockpick/shared.lua:81 2. unknown - addons/[weapon]_pro_lockpick/lua/weapons/pro_lockpick/shared.lua:186 it doesn't seem to work for me don't suppose u know why maybe or...?? because the VIP Thief has it and it works fine for me when I use it on that job but not my Crim Custom Class???? Please help me if u can! Much Appericated! ? ?
  8. Name: Ecott Rank: Senior LT How Active Are You: Active Why Should I Remain In EMS?: I enjoy EMS because it’s a good and fun department and like to RP as a medic and get to know new people and keep EMS growing and active! ??
  9. Name: BadMan578/Ecott Server: Police RP Job Name: Ex - Secret Agent Zoey Change playermodel in the future - $30 Playermodel over 4MB - $50 Old Playermodel: New Playermodel: New Player Model Path: models/arachnit/cso2/characters/female/ct/carrie/ct_carrie01/ct_carrie01_player.mdl Future changes to weapons - $10 each Weapons Changing: keypad_cracker To weapon_keycrack_adv tfa_csgo_deagle To tfa_deagle tfa_csgo_awp To tfa_m27416 (HK 416) Additional weapons - $20 each (max 4 TOTAL in job) Weapons Adding: pro_lockpick & weapon_r_restrains Kidnapping SWEP - $50 SteamID Paid For Everything: STEAM_0:1:45307866 P.S Please let me know all the weapons and additional items above are correct and the payments is correct! Much Appreciated! ? ?
  10. Name: BadMan578/Ecott Server: PoliceRP Job: Delta Squad Team Leader Job Description: This Is The Team Leader Division Of Delta Squad, they are 2nd in command after the Commando Division. These men are the 2nd best of the line for Delta Squad. They Aid PD/SWAT/FBI/SS & Other Tactical Teams. Colour Of Job: Same Colour as Delta Squad Commando CC Playermodel over 4MB - $50 Player model: Player model Path: models/player/price_phoenix.mdl Additional weapons - $20 each (max 4 TOTAL in job) Weapons: tfa_m27416 (HK 416), tfa_kac_pdw, tfa_csgo_nova, tfa_csgo_negev Armour (100) - $20 Armour Government Job - $50 extra Government/Criminal Job: Government SteamID Paid For Everything: STEAM_0:1:45307866 P.S Please let me know that's all the purchases made correctly and for the player model Link u don't need the other required items in it says in the description for the player model etc much appreciated! ? ?
  11. Name: BadMan578/Ecott Server: PoliceRP Job Name: Ash Weapons To Be Added: tfa_csgo_negev & tfa_kac_pdw SteamID Paid For Everything: STEAM_0:1:45307866 P.S theres 2 payments one from yesterday I donated and now today, please tell me that yesterdays Payment Donation is still Valid & Much Appericated! ? ?
  12. ok fair enough zeeptin but at I didn't know it was required more at the time when I made the purchase being $50 for the CC and then made the $30 USD for not being on the server/file size of the MB car etc hence why n thought it was fine when it got accepted/approved by you and then added in by SMT
  13. +Support - Sorry but even if you're helping the president around despite being no SS On you shouldn't used that vehicle to transport him around in & you shouldnt use the Custom Class Dealer and use CARS that you didn't pay for. With all due respect @????? ?? u shouldn't be using any Custom Car Vehicles unless u want to pay to use it urself, the fact that u used my Bank Truck I use and have for Bank Security CC Of Mine and its not allowed and u shouldn't of even used it to escort the Pres either, even all of SS know and say u cant transport the Pres in it but they can use it as a blockade vehicle which is allowed but they rarely use it them selfs & also that the fact u think its okay to use it how ever many times and seeing what's it like and wat not etc doesn't really to be honest make up your wrong doing by then making a post format to then get the vehicle added into YOUR CC to fix and solve this problem the matter of fact but yeah just saying...
  14. ok fair enough zeeptin, but only reason I say that is that, is because Myan & Fame gave me a benefit of a doubt when I have the Ford 700 Armoured to My Custom Class When U added it in and confirmed it because its legit Invincible it cant crash and blow up and go on fire like any of the other cars in game but the driver can be shot out and killed but yeah, because the Truck can potienally be used to abuse it since it cant be stopped and crashed etc but I don't abuse it when I use it but of course use it for RP for my Bank Security Custom Class etc, id rather not if anyone could have it aswell, because I believe remember Myan saying dont that allow like anyone else as such to use it if they can spawn it in, and he locked it on the Custom Car Dealer just for my Custom Class to use it but if he can have it zeeptin like u said then fair enough but just of course don't want people as such using it to like abuse it and ramm anything they see or use it as a criminal get away vechile but yeah aha, to be honest I got lucky when u added it in the first place zeeptin wasn't too sure that it was even allowed to be added in game though but only reason I say this in case the fact if other people have it and buy it and then could potienally abuse it and maybe get the Ford 700 removed from the server because personally to be honest I don't want that to happen as such as I got the Ford 700 Armored to use for RP For my Bank Security (Gruppe 6) skin on the van to use it for RP etc, lol aha sorry im going on and on aha my apoligises but I cant do much or anything to this matter of fact but its of course up to u zeeptin and I totally respect you