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  1. I told him its ok to apply in a week.
  2. Hoovy

    Project 5646

    RESEARCH TERMINAL 5646-B - - PLAY TEXT LOG: YANKEE [ X ] [ ] Good news, and bad news. That seems to be my life story, as of late. We moved into Project 5646: Codename ERESTA today. That's just about the only good news. We moved into a complete mess of unfurnished, untouched, and basically incomplete metal. Now, I'm going to have to somehow convince the Grand Admiral to let me use the clones. Again. I'm sure that he won't really mind, but its the clones I worry about. They are starting to get very, very, suspecting of me. Hopefully, they won't argue too much about this. Just need to collect some materials, and ship ERESTA will be complete. Full Power, complete, they are one in the same. Once this ship gets full power, the republic will win their silly little war. But more importantly, I can finally complete the f- no. Not quite worth the risk of having it recorded, even in personal logs. The clones likely even are reading this right now! Damn it I need new encryption! PARCA SCRAMBLE ALL ENCRYPTION KEYS! - MATERIAL LIST: Cortosis Current Known Location: Mid/Outer Rim. Date of Requirement: 1/19/19 Reason of Use: Simple. Lightsabers have a hard time - Carbonite Current Known Location: Kamino... of course. Date of Requirement: 1/20/19 Reason of Use: [REDACTED] - Electrum Current Known Location: Likely Illum. Around there, at least. Date of Requirement: 1/21/19 Reason of Use: Personal. Very, personal. - END LOG
  3. Yes, but it's extremely unfun. Plus, with that logic, Every Fleet Member should have 50 hp.
  4. -Support Immature A Bit Mingy Not fit to Lead Go for BXO first, but mature up a bit.
  5. Hoovy

    Project 5646

    RESEARCH TERMINAL 5646-A - Play Voice Log X-Ray? Y [ X ] N [ ] - - Test's are going smoothly on Project 5646. It's all been leading up to now, and its time to finally take the last step. The Past 3 months, I've put myself into the clones lives. I've advanced into their ranks further then I would have ever believed. However, they seem to distrust me. I've tried to gain it back, but it never works. I've even put little side projects up, such as their little shields, and cloaking devices, but no. Why can't they just trust me? Doesn't really mean anything to me, however. This project, puts all research that ANYONE has ever made, to shame. Who could have thought, that I, could do this. Hmm. I can tell you exactly who wouldn't. Qlsm never believed in me, he never thought that I could get far in this field, hell he never thought I could get far in much of anything. Not like he did much better. Maybe his life is just a little bit backwards. Attached are the most recent test results for Project 5646. At this current rate we should be done within the next 24 hours. We can not tolerate any more failure. 1/18/19 - 1/22/19
  6. Everything has been paid for by me, excluding the player additions, which were paid for by the person being added.
  7. -Support I just don't see you as mature enough quite yet for this position. Good luck, though!
  8. +Support Amazing Role-player The 2 weeks on 2 weeks off thing is a bit of a problem- but besides that I'd love to see you
  9. What you want to see? - An update of the Administrations Officer's health to 150. Why should we add it? - It's incredibly unfun to be one shot by literally a pickle (long story) What are the advantages of having this? - Not having to watch my back 24/7 Who is it mainly for? - The AO CMDR's of Base 5646. Links to any content - n/a
  10. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1579376621&searchtext=star++wars SNAIL TANK https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=651390167&searchtext=trade+federation
  11. /me restrains /me takes to research lab for further questions
  12. Hi, it's me, Hoovy. I need these. thanks. +Support