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  1. Taco.

    tcoops' Resignation

    Sad To See you leave, You were a great person in the community and help lead a great department, Best Of Luck.
  2. Taco.

    Ya boy phil

    ? still talk on snapchat and come on ts and talk sometimes.
  3. +Support I believe he highly overreacted and was a long time ago.
  4. +Support Very Active Good Past Donor Mod Knows The Rules Very Mature Respectful
  5. +Support Chad is a great guy. He is very respectful and does his job. He is Active and gets on if needed. He has been a admin for awhile and I believe he should get Senior Admin.
  6. Agreed, Deserves A Second Chance.
  7. Taco.

    Robby Pepper- Report

    yeah and if you zoom in, you can see his hand on steering wheel and he did drive in video, Still I said you cant help fbi and he didnt take damage from me hitting the car
  8. Your in game name:Tacoss Your Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:128331261 The player's in game name:Robby Peppers The player's steam ID (required):STEAM_0:0:143018883 What did the player do: He failrp and helped fbi In prisoner transport, when I was trying to help my family member, also drove fbi vehicle as you can see in the video, At 2:45 in first video you can hear him admitted to assist and help fbi, Your not allowed to help any government as criminal. Evidence (required): What do you believe should happen to the player: I think He should get a warn Any extra information: idk why he called fame out of the staff that were online such as Jimmy, I think Fame had poor judgement on the sit and didnt really know what was going on but should of let aaron do the sit since he was the staff who saw the video