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  1. ACCEPTED You are now a Vice Commander of Nova Corps, come and speak to me in TeamSpeak
  2. ACCEPTED You are now a Vice Commander of Nova Corps, come and speak to me in TeamSpeak
  3. ACCEPTED You are now the Commander of Nova Corps, come and speak to me in TeamSpeak
  4. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Main Server Changes // Addiction // Forum Changes ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [Fixed/Fixing] - Server Lag (Should be somewhat okay for now, but more changes will happen in the future) [Added] - EGM Animation [Cross Arms SWEP you all have been asking for] [Added] - New Lightsaber Hilts (Will be able to get in-game through a Item spawn which will be set up someone randomly on the Star Destroyer) [Added] - Luke Skywalker Lightsaber [Added] - Royal Guard Saber ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Battalion Changes ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [Added] - Cross Arms (Behind) to all Officer+ in ALL battalions [Added] - Cross Arms (Infront) to all Vice Commander+ in ALL battalions [Added] Nova Troopers Commander Vice Commander Officer Heavy Sergeant Trooper [Added] Imperial Commands (Darth+) Boss Sev Scorch Fixer Imperial Commando Sergeant Imperial Commando Trooper [Added] Royal Guard [Will be on Donation Store] Imperial Sovereign Protector Imperial Senior Guard Imperial Royal Guard Imperial Guard Cadet -=Imperial Pilots=- [Changed] - Paycheck Prices to $500 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Donation Changes ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [Added] Imperial Commandos to Darth+ [Added] Royal Guard to its own package (MIGHT NOT BE SET UP YET) We plan to add a lot more package to the store for lightsaber parts and crystals and other packages as well ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Other Information ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is only the first major update we have done, we do plan to add a lot more into the server but it will be done in time. Thank you for everyone who has helped and continues to play on the server, it means a lot -Hotshot and the SMT Team
  5. ACCEPTED Please wait for the next update for this to be implemented
  6. DENIED With the current player base that we are at I dont feel it is necessary to have an event server, this may change once we start to get more players
  7. ACCEPTED Will be given to Vice Commander+ and any future Special Operation units
  8. DENIED We will not be getting Pac3 at this current time
  9. ACCEPTED One of these will be brought into the next update
  10. ACCEPTED Come and speak to me in TeamSpeak for your tags and information that you need. -Hotshot
  11. ACCEPTED Let a Admin+ know on the server for them to change your spawns
  12. ACCEPTED The thing im going to do is up the amount of experience a donator rank gets like for example if you are patron you will get a so or so % increase