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  1. Yeah thats fine, looks pretty much alike with the bounty hunter
  2. After looking and talking with Adam into the issue with the model of that light saber being an error I found nothing about why it wouldn't work so ill change that one model for that light saber for you
  3. ACCEPTED Any signs of this being abused will mean it will get taken away
  4. DENIED I do not feel like this is needed at this time, may look into in the future as it would be kinda cool
  5. ACCEPTED Already in the Server!
  6. Hey everyone, just to let you guys know me and Adam will be holding an ImperialRP Community Meeting on Saturday the 4th at 5pm EST. At this meeting we will be disusing the future plans of the server and its recent growth, this would also be one of the best times for you guys to display and say your opinion and the views you have on the server currently. The meeting will be held in TeamSpeak ( in the "Community Meeting" channel in TeamSpeak under the tab of "Meeting Rooms" below the Staff Interview rooms. Hope to see you there! -Hotshot