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  1. Just a little something while reading this, your length is "Perma" which means for ever.....
  2. Mate, you probably want to include your original CC post and you playermodel link and your steamid
  3. -support Police"RP" (Role-play) having a skin what looks like a police car and says staff member or a staff rank takes the roleplay out of situations on the streets
  4. ACCEPTED Come and see me in TeamSpeak for your tags and information
  5. Now as much as this would be a cool feature to add, as some of the people have listen above it will have more issues then it brings, now it would be cool to see the WHOLE list of jail records and tickets that people get but you will have many issues with it like -Minges -Not a lot of people will use it -Not a SeriousRP Server -Trouble of it being on google or another web browser you will need to tab out (unless you have a second screen) but overall I think it would be nice to have but the negatives out weigh the positives +/- Support