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  1. I have 5549
  2. Correct the BXO needs a job but it doesn't need a whole new model pack for it, just use the yellow one with the Commander
  3. Your name: Hotshot Your character's full name? (if a clone, put designating numbers): Kor Baldor Rank: Advisor Where does your character come from?: Coruscant Describe the personality of your character.: Advisor Kor has a more of a harsh type of character, he expects results from the venator's that he visits and he only expects good result, Kor demands the best in all the troopers he meets. Kor reports directly to the High Command on Coruscant so you better impress him! Does your character have any injuries/illnesses/scars? (if so, specify what/where.): N/A What does your character like?: Good results from the troopers/command he visits to give the mission, good listening command/troopers, What does your character dislike?: Bad results - failure to give Kor the results he needs could end bad for that venator!, Kor doesnt like people who think that they can run from every battle they come across. Would your character be considered “good karma” or “bad karma”?: Good Karma What are some things your character does well?: Lead Troopers, Deliver Missions correctly. What are some things your character does NOT do well?: Save troopers lives, sending the weak battalions first, talks a bit too much. What are some things your character has strong opinions for/against?: For - -The Republic!!, -Kor at some points wants peace in the galaxy. Against - -Kor doesn't like Jedi he thinks they are weak and will someday betray the Republic -Doesn't like the way the CIS run but he admirers the leadership THIS WILL GET UPDATED AS THE TIME GOES AND AS YOU MEET KOR YOU WILL FIND OUT MORE INFORMATION ABOUT HIM
  4. +/- Support Mr. Darby, the reason I have put +/- Support is the reasons below __+Support__ +Active +Mature +Wiling to put effort into the battalion. __-Support__ Now the reason for the minus support side of things is because I personally don't think you are ready to lead the battalion just off the bat like that, leading a battalion with a lot of members in and is the security of the WHOLE ship and also protecting VC is a lot of responsibility now if I was the accepting Officer here I would Accept you as a VCMDR as a Trial and then if you pass that trial I would make you Commander but thats just what I think and would do.
  5. Going to need to find new model for it as we use CGI and not HD
  6. In-game name: Jedi General Plo Koon // Hotshot SteamID: STEAM_0:1:150431138 Current RP rank on StarWarsRP: Admin Have you donated to the server?: Knight Have you been banned on any GL server before?: No Have you received any warnings (please give reasons if applicable)?: Only 1 warning from PoliceRP which was a long time ago - How much time do you have on the server?: 1 Week How well do you know the LORE? Explain: I know the main lore of the Clone Wars and Star Wars pretty well, I have watched all the movies multiple of times and re watched every Clone Wars episode at least once. I have also done a lot of research in the back side of the lore with the different battalions and Lore Characters and Star Wars overall. Why do you WANT to become a Gamemaster?: I would like to become a Gamemaster/Admin (Since im Admin already) because I would like the opportunity to give people good quality planned events that they deserve for playing the server and supporting it. Another reason I want to become a Gamemaster/Admin is because I would like to assist other Gamemasters in planning and executing events. Last of all another reason I want to become a Gamemaster is because I would like the opportunity to host simulations of all for Clones, Jedi, etc. Why should you be trusted to be a Game Master?: I believe you can trust me to become a Gamemaster because of my past Experience as a SMT member here at Gaminglight and being a current Administrator on the server. Are you familiar/experiences with ULX?: Yes Are you experienced with being a Game Master and how they function?: Yes, I was a Gamemaster before I originally transferred over to PoliceRP Give a brief example of an on-ship event, as well as an example of an off-ship event: -ON SHIP- Republic High Command has ordered us to escort Senator Padme Amidala back to Naboo, from Coruscant as she was in a very important case what didn't go so so well and has asked the Chancellor for an escort back to Naboo as there has been many threats to her life because of this case. We have got information that the CIS will be trying to assassinate the Senator as she is causing problems for them. -OFF SHIP- A Republic Spy has reported in a mass amount of explosive weapons being stored in a Facility on the Separatist Controlled world of Nar Shaddaa. We are to head there and stop the production of these explosive weapons before they are unleashed on hundreds of thousands of civilian lives across the galaxy. We also have reports of General Grievous being there to inspect the facility. If we can manage to surprise him and destroy this facility, it will strike a serious blow to the CIS, and having a better chance at ending this war even sooner. Do you know how to give a weapon/SWEP to yourself/someone? (Give an example): There is multiple ways to give weapons/SWEPS to myself and other people some of the ways are below -Use a tool gun and right click the weapon and click "Spawn using Toolgun" then mouse 1 the ground below the person your giving the weapon to. - (How to give a whole battalion something) !give 104th cross_arms_swep - (How to give a singe person something) !give Jimmy tfa_dc15a_expanded - (How to give a singe person something) !give @ tfa_dc15a_expanded -(How to give my self a weapon) !give ^ tfa_swch_dc15sa Do you know how to model yourself/someone? (Give an example): - (How to model a whole battalion something) !model 104th models/reizer_cgi_p2/104_snow_trp/104_snow_trp.mdl - (How to model a singe battalion something) !model Jimmy models/reizer_cgi_p2/212_jet/212_jet.mdl - (How to model a singe battalion something) !model @ models/reizer_cgi_p2/212_jet/212_jet.mdl - (How to model myself) !model ^ models/player/imagundi/plokoonsnow.mdl Have you read the Gamemaster Guidelines?: Yes
  7. RIP Duv You will be missed
  8. -Support -You do know the Lore Characters are there to assist in leading on the battlefield it also adds difference to the server instead of it being just clones. -You say that "CWRP" and not "JVS" but the Clone Wars series was based on the Jedi Adventures.... "TV series from Lucasfilm Animation chronicles the adventures of Anakin Skywalker, Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi and other popular characters from the `Star Wars' universe" -It's the single Jedi's fault if they complain in a event if they can't do anything they have been told to SUPPORT the clones and not run in like a mad man. -The only reason Jedi ask for more space is because they are getting bigger which means more space is required, which we asked for a Jumping course in Left Training Bay and it was approved by one of the Head Administrators, which isnt in the way as it Pads what are floating in the air...
  9. There has been a Arrest Warrant made on the criminal known as "Raymond Redington" the details for Warrant will be in the Google Document below. HE IS HIGHLY WANTED BY THE POLICE DEPARTMENT AND THE FBI If this criminal has been arrested please comment below. -Detective/Captain Hotshot
  10. There has been a Arrest Warrant made on the criminal known as "DeathStriker Umbrella Corp" the details for Warrant will be in the Google Document below. If this criminal has been arrested please comment below. -Detective/Captain Hotshot
  11. As I really said in the bank robbery when you was brought back its staff discretion if they want to bring you or not as Eternity said always Staff before RP so there for I don't think that this report should of been made.
  12. I mean this is Garry's mod not Arma 3 Life. This might be possible but could be hard.
  13. Hey, Just to let you for some reason I do not have access to the police radio or access to see 911 calls. Server - PoliceRP Custom job is - Police Detective
  14. (ADDING PLAYER) Ingame Name: Hotshot Job Name: SWAT Command Sergeant Major Server: PoliceRP Players SteamID you want added to the job: STEAM_0:1:150431138 The person that Paid SteamID: STEAM_0:1:150431138 (Transfer of Ownership proof - - Changes - Job Name - SWAT Command Sergeant Major to Police Detective Player-model - models/player/police_agent/male_09_agent.mdl (Pack is already in the server) Weapons that need added (POLICE WISE) - weapon_ticketbook, pass_fbi (As im pretty sure that the Detective one doesnt work) and access to the Police Radio