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  2. I remember the good old days of MilitaryRP, still miss those days.
  3. The first thing I did when i got Garry;s Mod around 5-6 Years ago was play TTT, that's where I player for a little bit then I found the Old Original MethRP what was a blast at the time then that's where I first got Manager.
  4. Star Wars Battlefront 2 (Newer one) Star Wars the Old Republic Tom Clancy's The Division (Great game although i need to find someone to play it with) Rainbow Six Siege (For some Reason ((Im Shit at it)) I think that's all i play these days.
  5. Hello, im sorry to say that ill be resigning from my First Admiral rank on SWRP, there is a reason for this, i don't have to time to be active on SWRP and PRP at the same time as i can only be on PRP on a certain amount of days of the week because of collage, which means i am only limited to a certain amount of days and ive decided to focus on PoliceRP more then SWRP. Thank you Igneous and Eman for allowing me to be First Admiral. Thank you -First Admiral Hotshot
  6. Snar, where do you live im coming to steal your dogs, there so cute
  7. Cause ARU is pretty much PD but with better guns and can do tactical stuff. For example i am a SM im still an Active Supervisor for PD even tho i am on ARU
  8. Name: ARU SM Hotshot 1A15 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:150431138 Current rank:Sergeant Major How long you have been in your rank (The rank you currently are) :5-6 Months Rank Wanted:LT How many warns do you have? 1 Do you have a Working mic? Yes Permission(Not required If applying for Lt-Cpt):N/A Why should you be promoted? : I should get promoted because I have the experience and time to have that rank, I follow most of the rules that in place (Apart from an incident yesterday, but that has been taken care off), another reason I should be promoted to Low Command is because my activity, I am on the server either as a PD/ARU or Staff for around 5-6 hours a day and I think that PD High Command need more active LT's that can stay on for a large amount of time (as i am from the UK I can be on in the morning and making sure that all Officers are behaving and doing their job) , If I was given Low Command I would make sure that everyone is following the rules of the PD and if not they will get a punishment for breaking that rule. Also, if i was given Low Command I would make sure that everyone is or has a partner where ever they go as it will stop kill crime and Hostage Taking of police officers across the city. Another reason I should be low command is experience as I used to be the old Deputy Commissioner, SWAT Commander, ARU Bronze Command, FBI Director and State Trooper Colonel so I know and can deal with 99% of the problems that happen. Ever since i made my other Application on the 12th of November i have learned from the makes that i made and in my opinion i am ready for Low Command You agree that complaining or breaking any rules put down by High Command will result in your complete removal from PD Command(Yes/No): Yes Thanks for reading Hotshot (Since ARU is PD ranks im pretty sure my activity counts as ARU as well)
  9. I say OBS, ive used it for along time now and havnt had any problems with it
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    Yeah but they are able to respond to it if it gets out of hand like you said
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    ARU is the British Armed Police (Since our normal cops don't have firearms), they deal with pretty much any situation that is needed Knife crime, Gun crime, suspected Murder, Attempted Murder (any crime that is in need for a Armed Police Officer for) They can also do Traffic stops if they please as well. But for the server the way it was Last Time that they were able to do everything (Witch is great) like Bank/Store Robbery, Speeding, Pres Assassinations, reckless driving (i think you know what i mean)
  12. What rank are you in the support team division, and what is your staff rank? Support, Admin What is your name? Hotshot SteamID: STEAM_0:1:150431138  Why do you wish to continue to be apart of support (Minimum Of 50 Words) I want to stay as Support because it allows me to assist and help players who have any problems, questions, etc, as well because of my time zone it allows me to do a lot of cases in the morning before i go to college. Its good to see Support bigger then it was a while ago, and i would like to remain and be part it being bigger. Do you promise to uphold all the support team rules? (Saying no will result in an immediate removal) Sure
  13. I think if you rob a general store is a bank you should get a fine and a prison sentence
  14. If they are reporting you and you know you did nothing wrong then you have nothing to worry about. I think your a cool guy. I'm here if you need me.
  15. Name: First Admiral Hotshot Rank: First Admiral Date Joined (Roughly): IDK In-Game Name: First Admiral