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    Secondary Survey

    i agree with spency because in my opinion Stamina would kill the server so prob not a good idea
  2. - support asking for people to look for it in gen chat.....
  3. Ima miss you buddy Heelies buddys for life
  4. XTatic

    XTatic Civil App

    What is your Hex ID(Vacbanned.com): 110000102588ff3 What is your RP Name: XTatic Downie How old are you: 18 Do you have a Legal Copy Of Grand Theft Auto V: Yes Do you have Five M: Yes Do you have the LAMBDA Menu: Yes Tell me about your self ( can be any length): I'm a Hispanic born person who loves GTA because it reminds me of what it was like at home Why do you wish to be apart of the Civilian Department( minimum of 210 words:): I would love to be apart of the civilian life and live how it was back in Mexico with all the crime and police conduct, and I want to show that I can change all of the abuse and police misconduct and such. I want to change the peoples living in the Civilian Department, I want to make it better for people who can live and the department, I want the police to understand that we live in poverty and we need to do what we need to do. But we go to church every day, and pray to the lord and sit down and pray to my homies to the gang violence and pour one for them, Rip Paco. I want to be sure that we can all stop this violence and keep the streets safe from any kind of crime even if we need to steal we will do it for the right cause. Can I get an amen for that, Otherwise we are the hustlers of the street and we need to represent our selves. The 5-0 don't understand our struggles and they need to be educated, they don't understand we got 12 kids at home who needs feeding and they ain't getting their ass to steal cuz I ain't going to lose one of them because of the family. What qualities can you bring to the civilian department (minimum of 150 words): I Can bring the comedic and seriousness into the civilian RP and be sure that no ones RP Experience will be broken. I am a respectful person and don't want to make enemies with other people and to give everyone a good time on the server. I'm Fast reliable and keen at getting people out of trouble, I have many skills that can be useful to our community, Aswell as a great looking face but besides the point, I can help anyone in any situation that comes with violence, sweet talking, ETC. I know how to drive fast without crashing (Wheelman) I'm a great wingman for getting the bro's get some hotties, And I can keep up alcohol in my system to get everyone to their homes safely so don't worry about that, I'm also a keen shot I can shoot a bunny 500Y away. I can also take amazing photos of anything (ANYTHING). Do you promise to remain serious in the department and never break character: Yes Do you promise to abide by what each Civ Rank can do: Yes Do you promise to uphold all server rules: Yes Sir Have you read our sop: Yes I have read it fully Do you have a working mic (MUST HAVE ONE): Yes