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  1. Steam Name: Nickly Ingame Name: Nickly SteamID: STEAM_0:1:158351254 Ban Length: Perma Admin that Banned you: unknown Reason for Ban: GrowUp/Minge Dispute: I know that I minged But I think everyone deserves a second chance yes I realize that Its my fault I got banned and you guys don't have to unban because it was my choice to go and minge but I love gaminglight and I want to play on all gaminglight servers and I will take Police Rp seriously so please consider unbanning me because everyone does deserve a second chance in my opinion.
  2. Name-Nickly Rank-SSGT Activity-active
  3. Nickly

    Dogz's MTF E11 48 Hour

    Dogz you better stay before I grab you by your pickle chin and yeet you back into E11
  4. Nickly


    Are there Low command applications
  5. In-game Name: Nickly What rank were you when blacklisted?: None SteamID: STEAM_0:1:158351254 Reason for Blacklist: Annoying Spartan Why do you Wish to Appeal?: Because I feel like just annoying him is not a grounds for a perma blacklist yes he was running CI at the time and so it was his choice but I want to play as CI.
  6. The model took me to some model website for real models. Can u also give workshop link
  7. +SUPPORT Because if we can’t traq D class or CI then we need another way to capture them also makes it so instead of always lethal we can have a non-lethal choice.
  8. Nickly

    Scp-999 Experiment

    Lore Name: Jr Nickly Rank: Junior Researcher Clearance: Level 2 Clearance Personnel Involved: Jr Nickly (Tester) , 1 Class D Personnel Class D Involved: 1 SCP: SCP-999 Objective: Wanted to find out if after being healed by Scp-999 the D class had any side affects Setup: One Class D is brought to Gensec and damaged to 28 hp. Then Class D is brought to Scp-999 and unhand cuffed then hand the D class some chocolate. Then Have the D class hand Scp-999 the chocolate and wait for Scp-999 to heal the D class, once Scp-999 has healed the D class have 999 hug the D class. Proceed to take the D class at least 1/2 way across the facility away from Scp-999. Then start to question. Observations/Results: D class had short term memory lost and had a heart attack, after about 5 minutes D class woke up and could no longer speak straight I think this is a result of the heart attack. The d class started saying that him and Scp-989 need to "spit more time together'. Another Thing that started happening was that the D class said he started feeling like a goo substance. If I am being honest I do not know what this means but I am going to keep experimenting with 999 to see if different types of Candie has different effects. Conclusion: (no conclusion yet) this is going to be an ongoing with. Errors or Mistakes: Not having a medic on standby for when the D class had a heart attack I could have lost my research but I got lucky END LOG
  9. + Support He knows the rules Is professional Can adapt to difficult situations
  10. Lore:NTF brought pocket dimension escapee to me for questioning Rank:Junior Researcher Clearance level:1 List of Personnel:(me)Jr researcher Nickly Med staff MR.pills SCP:106 Questions asked with answer: Nickly: what's your name. Mr. pills: Mr. Pills Nickly: how did you get to Pocket dimension. Mr. Pills : He saw a black man grab him. (Was he really referring to 106?) Nickly: what did you smell. Mr. Pills: A decaying smell Nickly: Did you see anything leading you out. Mr. Pills: A red glow Nickly: anything else I should know Mr. Pills: its a Maze