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  1. I take sits with my friends all the time even warning ender, I dont see any point in this report. Just because he is his friend doesn't meant anything unless there is proof about him being biased. -Support
  2. Couldn't of said it better. I do believe you should get a shot though.
  3. Cheetos first time I had takis it made my stomach cry and my toilet scream.
  4. Adv weight training: so I dont look like a twig and more of a Arnold~quote that next time someone ask you why yeah lift.
  5. Reaperlite is a pretty cool one Friendly steve for sure though wouldnt be here If it wasnt for him he unbanned me and look were I'm at today no were near the banned fourms. And Joe mama
  6. +Support Why? Hes been very good on pd and hes not really immature maybe awhile ago before he came back. Or when 4 army ticked him off overall he is a good guy. Not just good but nice hard working and if he sees something he truly likes he works very hard towards it. I hope he gets lt just to see him prove himself which I think he should have the chance. He never given up not once at what he wants or believes in. And he is active just because not on pd but aru I guarantee give him the spot and the chance. he definitely is leader material. I'm not just saying that as a friend but as what I see in him.
  7. ReaperLite

    How am I

    Your pretty cool hard working that's for sure.
  8. +support I mean off duty I wouldnt mind a skin that shows I'm a staff member while off duty players may not like to call staff and see me drive to ask a question. I think it's a better idea for more as a trophy for staff members off duty not on.
  9. ReaperLite

    Thank You!

    Congratulations man welcome to the team!
  10. MASSIVE+ support i agree the old aru outfits were very nice!!
  11. Awesome person really outstanding job he has done for the community. Seen as a role model and should be promoted he is a great example of admin material ! +Support Goodluck!
  12. Maybe a mistake was made? I dont see why someone would warn someone for discord activity beside the discord admins.