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  1. After hearing Sanchez and knowing how he handles situation. -Support
  2. I mean A ban is well needed for the problems but i think more evidence is required to push a perm ban. like a ip or steam id or something to compare to because knowing the rules is not a crime. I also knew a person who sounded just like Valkyrie voices sound the same a voice alone does not convict you of being the person needs IP and matching before we go accusing someone of being the person. 1. note that voices sound the same in some cases like with valk. 2. He bluntly broke the rules and the ban is necessary 3. Its as almost blunt as unsupported facts sounds can be the same voices can be the same. let alone PROOF is the key. if you can get proof that its him 100% besides his voice. His view: Being banned because you sound like someone knowing your not. no clear evidence was brought to point besides sounding like a person. and knowing the rules witch could mean he was here before our just read the rules. our view: he sounds like them knows rules but still decides to not listen to them clear evidence of being a Minge. Outside view: no IP VPN or trace to pin point no digital footprint to prove his wrong doing in secondary accounts. besides the voice sounding the same. when we know voices sound the same there are to many people in the world for not to be the same. Needs a bigger investigation -/+ :key note if you cant match it dont fact it. I do not wish to support someone who is bad just my view is be 100% certain with the evidence to back it up voice let alone is not good enough. these are people apart of the community weather we like it or not and wrongfully giving them a name that could or cant be them is not good. i honestly have a strong opinion because if you get convicted of a fracture of the rules i would want the evidence stacked or the facts there. he did break rules so he is on vault for the perm but the smoke thing is questionable.
  3. I can see were the mistake was made, next time try to figure out who they are before just a warn.
  4. +/- I cant i think it should be looked into.
  5. Oh man ronin lol Yeah -Support from me
  6. ReaperLite

    I’m back

    Miss you bud should play with me tomorrow I'll be on for the week
  7. When this guy that sounded like valkyrie was in the police station being a minge it was funny
  8. I Disagree I think you have what it takes to be LT personally i think you would be a great addition and allot of players look up to you already. Your responsibility lvl is high your activity is good. +Support
  9. Nah Chad dont join the dark side police rp is were it at +Support
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    Already really good bright future you have indeed keep up the good work
  11. Yes my bad was using phone