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  1. Hello my name is Jeremy I go by reaper ICE in Game I'm wondering what you guys think about the ICE family! I am with everyone When it comes to being as less mingy as possible 0 minge Is accepted but we get minges sometimes. And also we will be Giving slots to a new custom class coming out for the ICE family but please give me your feedback and if you see any of our members being a minge tell me personally! I love this community and I love everyone in it! your gameplay and your enjoyment Is not over looked by me or my friends. sincerely Jeremy/Reaper Ice Not a staff member in anyway just a member of the community like you :)!
  2. Its well worth it in my opinion
  3. Steam ID that paid: STEAM_0:1:151548913 Amount 20$ I want to add tfa_kac_pdw CC:John F Kennedy Server PRP
  4. jeremY

    Old warn appeal

    Your In-game: ReaperXSGX Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:151548913 The admin's name in-game:On the image The admin's steam name (If you know it): What warning did you receive:The image Friendly Steve told me to get rid of some warns Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): And if I could get some more removed thated be great I have allot of warns and back then I wasn't as dedicatd as I was now. and I do not want to be perma banned I spent 150$ I don't want to be aminge I want to RP a server I love. 
  5. okay I changed it to JFK and made sure It was all good let me know
  6. :)!!! that there made my day this is why i love this community ^
  7. Okay so I noticed warns are easy to get and sometimes get by mistake I read the motd dozens of time and make simple mistakes allot. The appeal old warn system needs a update say a person been playing with well over 40 warns and loves the community and spent money into the community does he or she deserve to be banned even when they are pushing for better rp but fined themself in a stick situation. I am a victim or may be at fault on my own. I love this community and most of the admins in it I dont wish to be sent to oblivion I wish to stick around and I've been trying but end up getting false warns and more warns I cant seem to appeal even if i could i have enough for a perma and i dont want to go I love this community and this is the only garrys mod server I'd call a home server. I dont want a pending goodbye.....
  8. SteamID: STEAM_0:1:151548913 Ingame name:ReaperXSGX Server: PoliceRP Custom Job Name: John F kennedy Player modeL Color of Job: R: 65 G: 60 B: 57 Job Description: When I was a boy I seen greatness in every American now I am grown and I will spread greatness and freedom!!! Primary: tfa_csgo_negev secondary: tfa_glock JOB TYPE: CRIM Proof of purchase: check my account