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  2. Containment Specialists cannot call out CI under any circumstances.
  3. +/- Support For balance sake, I personally would go with either making the shipment an equivalent cost, or more expensive than individually buying guns. The biggest advantage I see is lag reduction during these kinds of riots and I'll explain why: On multiple occasions I've been given 100/200k by other players to spawn as many glocks as possible for rioting. Every time, I've been able to fill the entire casino, and the floor outside the casino, with glocks. 200k is enough to buy me 100 glocks. Assuming that each shipment gives 10 guns, I can either purchase and spawn 100 individual weapons scattered all over the floor, or I can purchase and spawn 10 items. Especially at peak hours, something like this will be incredibly helpful for performance during riots. Touching on what Mike said, the only difference, balance-wise for GenSec and MTF will be riot prep time. From my experience in doing this multiple times, the slower prep-time doesn't do anything to help GenSec. They don't notice what we are doing until after we start rioting. During a riot, by myself I can generally keep up with supplying the dying d-class. Give me a second supplier and we vastly outproduce our loses. The first thing to go for a riot like this isn't guns in-stock to immediately grab, its money.
  4. To add on to it, killing non-combatant foundation personnel who are not actively obstructing your ability to riot and escape, will only hinder you. Non-combatants can only attack in self defense. Unless you hurt them, they cannot hurt you. The significantly better option would be to: grab your buddy and Fear-RP the foundation member. The higher the rank, the better. Once you have a personnel under Fear-RP, use the foundation member to open the doors for you.
  5. On Behalf of Pyro Name : pyro Rank : professional SteamID : STEAM_0:1:553932840 Activity on a scale of 1-10 : 8 Anything which you'd like to note? : pls close doors behind you ok.
  6. -Support Here are my thoughts on each of the listed items. Keep in mind that I don't have experience every weapon on this list here. Fubar - While I personally have no experience using this weapon myself, 125 base damage is in itself, huge even considering the server's damage modifier. When buffing weapons of any sort, 50 damage is huge. There isn't anything that I'm aware of to justify such as huge buff. BCD - I am unaware of what weapon this is so I have no thoughts on it. Wrench - The wrench is a tool I have a lot of experience with. It so happens that the wrench is one of the many tools that Maintenance gets access to. The damage output of the wrench is fine. It actually has more base damage than the Sledgehammer tool that we get, making it the strongest melee tool Maintenance has access to. The only people that use these (that im aware of) are Maintenance and D-class. Its a very fast attacking melee weapon with a quick to use charged attack. The wrench is probably the strongest melee weapon that any d-class can get. Cz75 - This is a buff I'm fine with. For a little bit, Technical had access to this weapon so I had personal experience with this gun. The three extra bullets will give the users a little bit more combat time before they need to reload. Deagle - Assuming this is the Deagle you can buy in the armory, have experience with using this gun. The increase in RPM felt rather small so I did some math. The Deagle goes from 4.45 shots per second to 4.583333. The only actually situation where this change would have any actual difference would be if you are spam firing for 10 seconds straight. In which case, you would be able to fire out 1 more bullet compared to the current Deagle. This change will have no actual effect so I don't see a need to change it other than for value aesthetics. Glock - I have a lot of experience using this gun on d-class. Something to keep in mind that this is one of the two guns you can buy while on D-class Supplier so any adjustments should consider how it compared with the other supplier gun. The Glock is incredibly accurate, like extremely accurate. Along with that you get access to I believe 20 shots a magazine. Its a longer lasting, better handling gun in comparison to the other Supplier gun. The other gun has 7 bullets in the magazine and is a close firing, burst damage pistol. While I do agree that the Glock could take a small damage buff, something like 12 --> 15/16 would be reasonable. Re45 - I have completely no experience using this weapon however do keep in mind that buffing this will increase its fire rate from 11.6 bullets per second to 12.5. Tec9 - I have no experience using the Tec9 so I have no thoughts on this weapon. Uzi - I have experience with the Uzi, it used to be a weapon for the Containment Engineer class. With its fast rate of fire, adjusting damage will have a larger effect on the DPS. While its current DPS output is balanced, I wouldn't be opposed to a small damage buff. I would be fine with buffing the Uzi from 20 ---> 22 damage but buffing the damage from 20 ---> 27 is too much. Mp7 - I have a decent amount of experience using this weapon. Assuming this is the scoped Mp# weapon, the damage output is perfectly fine. Scoped, its designed to be a semi-auto ranged weapon while still serving as a decent close-range tool. Winchester73 - I've had experience with this weapon and I find the Winchester to be balanced as is. It doesn't have a fast firing rate however, the Winchester has great accuracy, making it excel at a distance. This gun's purpose is to reliably support at a distance, not fight up front. These are my thoughts on the suggested changes. If I got anything wrong let me know.
  7. Name : Damien Rank : Maintenance Manager SteamID (REQUIRED-Invalid if not given) : STEAM_0:0:80073764 Activity on a scale of 1-10 : 7 Anything which you'd like to note? : We should do more Mega Worksites!
  8. +Support This is incredibly helpful to newcomers
  9. As an Engineer I can say without a doubt getting from LCZ to power room in 2 minutes is almost impossible even with nothing getting in my way. When there is a power outage I have to run through the entire facility while avoiding the breached SCP(s) along with the CI that just entered the facility. 9 out of 10 times I die at least once while making my way up there. Assuming I don't die on the way up it still takes a while to get there safely. I'd say put it at 3 or 4 minutes (I personally prefer 4 minutes but 3 is acceptable) All other self-breaching SCPS have ways to prevent/delay self-breaches. In this case it would be the race to get to power room. I do think it should be a challenge to rush over to fix it quickly. It puts pressure on MTF to go out and actively help technical get to the power room. Two questions I have in mind are: 1. Is there a CC location you already have in mind? 2. Would them breaching from lights out cause the CC to break and need repairs? +Support Id love to see this as an added SCP
  10. Name : Damien Branch(es) : Technical Rank(s) : Lead Engineer How would you rate your activity? (1-10) 9 Why you should keep your position (Command Only) I've been on Technical branch since early February and its been a perfect fit for me. Technical's style of RP is themed but very open-ended which gives me direction while still having endless amounts of creative freedom to put into my roleplay. Technical, (and Utility in general,) gives me a job to do while still being RP-centric which is the kind of roleplay I look for when finding a roleplay server. Its the sense of accomplishment while still having that creative satisfaction that makes Technical such a fun branch to be in for me. I'm excited about the new incident events that have been introduced to utility. I have a whole new aisle of fun to work with and I forward to what mischief and mayhem will strike the facility in the coming future. Any changes you would like to see: None Any notes or questions: The last time I successfully fixed 049's CC was in mid April. Please stop rigging my rolls
  11. Name : Damien Rank : Engineer How would you rate your activity? (1-10) - 7 Any notes or questions? - None