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  1. +Support, Otherwise EMS just have to constantly look around in all directions to check for dead people. That's gotta be annoying lol.
  2. +support reasons above And less punishments for those who rp things out rather than just get into a shootout everytime.
  3. +support but I would like prisoner and doc job to be revamped to give people more things to do.
  4. Sounds like BSI COUGH COUGH -support
  5. INB4 steve comments "Denied. The SMT team for this server has decided against adding this suggestion for performance reasons, the benefit to the server, or another unstated reason" +support+support+support. This is super annoying to see a suggestion you liked not have a stated reason for being denied. There may be some circumstance where smt may not want to say but we should know why it was denied for the vast majority of suggestions so we can know what her something can be fixed on the suggestion or if it's a suggestion that cant/wont ever be added for blank reason. I was already thinking about suggesting this. If this doesnt get accepted I'm going to give myself a really big paper cut and you will be sad.
  6. +support. The suggestion is about giving more power to the president, making other class of guns legal was just an example he gave. If accepted SMT can decide what powers the president could decide. They would have to be atleast somewhat reasonable as to not be too confusing or corrupt
  7. I wouldnt believe you even if you didnt say jk, SMT promised after the last one that it wouldnt ever happen again.
  8. OG Rockford wasnt that small remember, it had inner city, outer city, and subs. The truenorth map only felt bigger because of mountains which tbh most people stopped using except for running from PD. Most bases and RP interactions happened in subs and city anyway.
  9. I agree with you, I am not against the current Rockford map we've been using (before the christmas map) my suggestion is just that we switch things up once in a while (not too often, atleast 6 months apart if not longer) between the OG Rockford map, highway map, and possibly a new map if they decided to make the investment to making a new custom one. That's my view and suggestion.
  10. To truenorth? Because I think the majority of us want a different map like highway or the good old Rockford map.
  11. This is literally my suggestion lol
  12. Just wanted to quickly notify everyone who wasn't on board already that i have made a quite large edit to the suggestion and i think it's important that you see it in case you change your mind, If not that's okay however i want to make sure the suggestion is added/denied for all the right reasons and i don't think it's right that i make the suggestion specifically one map. Thanks.
  13. So uhhh... Someones lying. Whoever is lying should be severely punished.
  14. Its Gaminglights custom map so I didnt think that would be necessary but I suppose I will try and find the content in the morning when I get up.