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  1. +support, It could be fun to try and utilize this during events aswell.
  2. Or just buy Platinum. jk, +support
  3. Ingame Name: Aaron Faustin UMC Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:11936125 Job Name: Auron New Player: STEAM_0:0:11936125 ($20) - Paid by STEAM_0:0:11936125
  4. I mean usually i would agree that cc should be very unique in that way but i mean... 50 F-ing dollars should get you some better guns. Plus, negev isnt even CLOSE to the only thing that makes custom classes unique. Lets give diamond members some better weaponry without having to spend hundreds more dollars.
  5. +support reasons above. Also though, let's give more for the banker to do. Maybe have a reason for customers to come in bank and rp with banker
  6. + support. Thing is, Alot of ems don't act neutral. They help the police all the time. If we cant do anything against them why can they help gov out. They act like they're part of the gov team but they're not.
  7. nevermind, This suggestion will never get accepted just delete it. I give up.
  8. I agree with most of what you said, And this suggestion isn't for staff to customize messages for the same response. It's to have different types of responses. So yes they can continue to have default messages for reasons like lag and coding issues. In my thinking, The best outcome in my opinion is they have several default messages for different very common denied reasons, Like Lag, Coding problems, costs too much money, etc. What i mainly want is it to be narrowed down to A. a specific reason and B. Is it possible to find another solution that could potentially get the suggestion added in the future or if it's a suggestion that can't or won't ever be added. Those are really the two things i want to get out of this whole thing.
  9. Yeah, The seconds accumulate to a max of 15-20 minutes, Not a day but a week. 15-20 minutes a week and thats me being generous, It could be easily less time. my point is that it's not a long time by any means for one person to do something that would be beneficial to the server. Were not debating how long it takes to simply give a short reason of why the suggestions are being denied, We can estimate that it really won't be an issue. The suggestion really just comes down to a cost and benefit analysis. Basically weighing the good and the bad. The cost= A single member of the management team spends probably 15 minutes out of their week on communicating with their fellow community members who have decided to take time, thought and effort into their suggestion. This person may not be you, and that's fine. However coming from someone who has made many suggestions in the past, Some Accepted, Some Denied. It WILL benefit those community members who take time making suggestions on how to improve the server and community as a whole. This suggestion isn't for players who post repeat suggestions without following the format, Or anything like that because you can simply reply with a default message. Now lets look at the benefits of implementing this suggestion, When you think about a suggestion and it just sounds really great and you take your time to formulate the suggestion into words and explain your concept and how it would work and research different addons and then your suggestion gets denied with the same old message it can be VERY disheartening. When you get denied a suggestion you're likely going to be less motivated to continue working on ways to make everyone's experience here better. And i understand it's easy to take the easy side of just saying that it's more work for SMT, But i disagree and ultimately it will come down to their decision. But, This suggestion is FOR the loyal members of this community who genuinely want it to grow and prosper. I guarantee you their are members in this community who are not a part of the staff team who work just as hard if not harder than some staff because this community means something to them. Gaminglight truly means something to me. Sorry if that got a little off topic, I just want what's best for this community and i know this suggestion will work, and i know it will benefit the community members who also work really hard on making it better.
  10. This suggestion has nothing to do with the process of considering suggestions, It's a suggestion for how you effectively communicate your response to the suggestion. How long it takes to review the suggestion is irrelevant, It will stay the same regardless of whether this is implemented or not. We just want 15-45 seconds to be put into putting your thoughts into words in a way that will allow us to revise our suggestion or have an understanding of why it wasn't or can't be implemented. Nobody said it had to be some long paragraph, And nobody said it had to be every single suggestion. In fact we've said the contrary, Certain types of suggestions can be denied with a default message like those that are duplicate suggestions that were recently denied already or something like that. However the VAST majority of suggestions can EASILY be given a short custom message. Guys, Let's try and form reasonable arguments/Evidence to why you disagree with this, It's not even possible that time can be an issue for this suggestion. That's just ridiculous. Again, I'm not saying that management aren't busy or that they don't do important work, I'm saying that if you can't find a way to implement a system to better communicate with the members of this community that decide to input their ideas than their is a serious issue at hand.
  11. I dont really agree that this would take a long time to make a custom response to every suggestion. It doesnt have to be some huge paragraph, it could be as short as a sentence or two explaining why this is denied and whether or not anything like this has any chance of being accepted in the future. I dont disagree that you guys might be busy however it would only take maybe 10-20 minutes of your time MAX once a week to do this. I want to rant about this a little more but I dont want to say something that can be misconstrued, I appreciate all the work smt does but I truly cant see how this couldnt be accepted based off of what you've said. Thanks.
  12. +Support, Otherwise EMS just have to constantly look around in all directions to check for dead people. That's gotta be annoying lol.
  13. +support reasons above And less punishments for those who rp things out rather than just get into a shootout everytime.
  14. +support but I would like prisoner and doc job to be revamped to give people more things to do.