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  1. +1. This suggestion NEEDS to happen.
  2. No. I am important too. "-"
  3. You're the guy in the first row to the right sitting awkwardly
  4. I agree John was a great guy I just think these are some of the things that drove people away. And I think completely changing something that already worked well was a mistake . I really enjoyed csdesert and I think the map was fine we just didn't use the majority of it.
  5. I do love the idea but it's very risky and difficult in my opinion. I kind of disagree in a way with what you said in the beginning. I don't think our solution should be a huge revamp like this, In fact i think our downfall begun when we started all of these map changes and huge updates that drove players away. I think we need to go back to csdesert and start from there. Anyways everyone already knows i have my strong opinions but yea, Just what i think but john never actually responded to my suggestions from like almost 2 months ago. There goes my rant for the day.
  6. I like Octobers idea aswell, One larger meeting as a whole and then move to smaller meetings within our individual branch. This would also allow for people not having to worry about remembering like 3-4 different meetings they have to attend if they are in other things aswell like research, ci, etc
  7. This is the sorta rp I like to see. Good shit dude.
  8. -1 Doesn't meet requirements. This must be a joke resignation. Someone deny this please.
  9. I wish i or someone else knew how to make playermodels lol, I feel like there is tons of potential but basically none out there.
  10. I agree in a sense but There really aren't much other options which sucks because all our models look basically the same other than some having a bit of yellow on them.
  11. Hello again, I was asked to find some viable security models. It was quite difficult because there isn't a'lot to choose from but please tell me what you think. What you want to see? - more and better looking models for Security. Why should we add it? - These options look better in my opinion and can be changed up a bit depending on the rank so people are more distinguised rather than a command member looking like an enlisted like they do now. What are the advantages of having this? - More of a variety of models and ours dont look the best imo. Who is it mainly for? - Security Links to any content -
  12. My first memory was of REDACTED so i kinda had a bad experience at first and started minging a ton and got myself LOADS of warns like an idiot. I'm alot better now, Still could use some work because i'm very VERY stubborn. But i have a'lot of fun in this community and wish it nothing but the best!
  13. I got a map idea. How about CSdesert. One of the only reasons it wasn't that great before is nobody used litterally half of the map. But overall that's the most popular map MRP has ever had.