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  1. I mean technically he can still warn you. Consensual rdm is still rdm. However I agree that he probably should have brought the other guy.
  2. Maybe something small but you have to be very careful to not undermine all the gov cc's they can be even more expensive so it wouldn't be fair to them if PD started getting some of the weapons that they get. So all I ask is people be careful with this
  3. Yeah, especially with all the options you have as SMT. It's not like it's either permanent ban or let it go like nothing ever happened. Theres no in between with them
  4. Yeah, often times I want to try and state an opinion or try and change something I disagree with but i know it could be misinterpreted so I dont post/say it. For instance I disagree with banning chicken. And it may sound like not a big deal because it's one person but it sets the groundwork for many bans to come. (Similar to how the supreme court works, the courts look back at old rulings to get their verdict.) EDIT: Also, the ban appeal just goes to show how much SMT care about +/- supports tbh
  5. I would love a Black Mesa RP server, It's really fun especially when you know all the lore.
  6. -support, as much as I respect you snar and I do. I think this was the wrong call.
  7. -support but add something else in its place that is also illegal.
  8. Unless someone can get more information/proof of him breaking rules I'm going to +support.
  9. I was going to go neutral to hear the other side until I heard you were already denied.
  10. +support. I agree he should have thought about it first, but dont sit there and act like humans dont do stupid stuff sometimes. This just looks like someone making a small mistake. A permanent ban doesnt fit the crime imo.