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  1. +1 Best application I've read yet, very well done. I almost wanted to lowkey -1 so you could stay as HOS but I know you will still lead and you will do what's best for our department aswell as others. Btw did you guys read the whole thing lol?
  2. +support, only thing i have to say to critique this is be more confident in yourself. In the application you said alot of i think i am... i believe i am... etc, Say that you ARE, If they see that you believe it then they will too. PS: We'll miss you, SuperSpace.
  3. +1 I think this it a great application and you are very good leader and RP'er, the only issue i see is that you put down that you can feel overly stressed as your current rank and i want you to make sure you can handle it.
  4. Nice to meet you. I'm not sure how you got into a department if you used to be mingy because i never could. anyway, I hope i see you in game, You seem like a cool guy.
  5. I hope you have a good time Jet, I'm actually going to DC in May.
  6. This week on "Today In History", This date 1778: In paris the treaty of Alliance and the Treaty of Amity and Commerce were signed by the united states and France signaling the official recognition of the new republic. Today's date in 1788 Massachusetts became the sixth state to ratify the United States Constitution. In 1918 today, British women over the age of 30 got the right to vote. 1942: The united kingdom declared war on Thailand. 1952: Queen Elizabeth became queen. 1988: Today, Michael Jordan made his signature slam dunk from the free throw line inspiring Air jordan and then jumpman logo I hope you enjoyed "today In History" Where i daily upload Historical dates that happened Many years ago on todays date. Thanks for reading, Aaron Faustin.
  7. I'll be on soon up until the superbowl, I'm proud of you scheffer!!! Much love
  8. Just a quick idea i thought of in regards to this post, What if there was a D-class that spawned with some neat things but could only be whitelisted to so it cant be abused. Benefits would be: Providing more RP for D-Class and would help them escape, Would only be given to trusted individuals so no minging/rulebreaking, and would ensure the RP stays balanced.
  9. ^^^^ Lol, You remind me of the guy who entered 10 puns into a contest. Unfortunately No Pun In Ten Did. STEAM_0:0:11936125
  10. This is the screenshot, Also the staff named @Rose (idk if that's his forum name or not) seen in the screenshot can verify that i had printers that didn't work and i couldn't collect money because the money disappeared.
  11. My printers don't work except for the blue one. Can i get a refund please?
  12. If you don't accept him you're an idiot, The End. (+1)
  13. omg, I know i'm alot less sensitive then alot of people but not going to lie this hit me as a surprise seeing a ban for this. IF he only spawned it in for a split second and didn't say anything racist then honestly it should be a warn and a very hard slap on the wrist but honestly, Workshop is a great guy and i hope people don't judge him based on only this event because i know he would never purposefully doing something to offend others. (This again everything i just said is bias because i love him sooooooo.... ) I hope you come back soon Workshop, You're really fun to be around.