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  1. +Support For reducing time for the following: Sirens: 3 Minutes Lights: 5 Minutes
  2. + Support Simple Helpful in some situations
  3. EternityAgar

    Ryan's LOA

    Noted. Have fun.
  4. Sad to see you go. How fun in wherever you decide to go.
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    apis report

    + Support Even though, Jesus kept trespassing and percisting to get a reaction, I'm going to explain why this should be leading towards a strike. Firstly, there was no staff. Looking at the videos, for around 30 minutes at least, possibly longer. And in the video to where you were "Rping" all I saw was you prop blocking the tac base, allowing other PD officers and criminals inside for no reason, seemed to be nothing in RP and then abused your physgun multiple times. So instead of getting on staff where there were probably a lot of calls, you were sat in your base, doing nothing but allowing Criminals inside the KOS area, abusing your physgun on everyone including the SM, who didn't need moving at all. And prop blocking the base, where some Officers spawn. You also threatened to kick him from the server, which you can not. So you're giving false threats, only SMT can kick people without permission. Secondly, you have had a problem with either going AFK on staff lately and saying you was on the forums, but the repetitive act only seems to contradict what you are saying. You have been spoken too in regards of staffing, either abusing or not doing your job correctly on staff. As you have been warned verbally by JMT and other staff members to make sure you keep up with the staff handbook and still abusing your physgun shows that you still haven't understood the handbook or do not care about it.
  8. + Support If this works, then it would be useful.
  9. + Support But the only issue I have is that people will get mad as they're literally will go to jail based off a lucky number generator. It's not really fair to say "You're drunk" when they aren't. Unless they rp that out.