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  1. + Support From what I hear, you're an active member and follows SOP well with no problems. I believe you should be given a chance at Command. Goodluck.
  2. + Support Good guy Will make a good staff member Dedicated Good luck
  3. - Support Nagotiator should always be able to call off the whole thing if necessary, adding this rule only gets rid of that.
  4. + Support Good guy Good application Ready for Major
  5. Name: Eternity Rank: Colonel Date of submission: 01/12/2019 Last Meeting you attended: 2 Weeks ago Reason for joining command: Ensure PD as a whole is working as it should, looking after all the officers.
  6. - Support Senior Admin is takes a lot to get into. A lot of dedication and time and needs to show that you're ready for it. I believe you should be admin for longer.
  7. ARU ACCEPTED MEMBERS Yobo Mr Medic Joe Cole B Cody (Please note if you can't attend today then you may attend next week.) Training Date: 01/05/20 3:00 PM EST Trainers: Eternity and Hunt
  8. + Support Active enough Good leadership skills/knowledge Would lead the server well Great person
  9. Old map old memories. Needs to be back
  10. - Support I see nothing wrong here and since there was no staff here, this should be in the player report section.
  11. EternityAgar


    Awwwe what a sweetie
  12. Alright thats fine then, I thought you applied for both of them