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  1. They used to ALL be in the game files but I think some were either removed or bugged.
  2. EternityAgar


    +Support Would be pretty cool
  3. -Support In the video there is no evidence of him being alone. I see officers with him the entire time? Also this report is not necessary at all. You could just say "Hey, that's not right here is the correct rule" not file a whole report for something as little as this.
  4. ARU ACCEPTED MEMBERS Ender Phenix Jack Hi Training Date: 08/17/19 3:00 PM EST Trainers: Snar, Fame and Eternity
  5. + Support Active Mature Helpful I think he's ready for Command
  6. You were a fun member to be around, goodluck in the future.
  7. Thanks for being part of ARU, if you have any problems please do speak with me.
  8. + Support Clear sign of not caring, NITRP.
  9. - Support You uploaded a 2 hour video for a 2 minute part. You had a fail base so he had right to delete your base.
  10. - Support Sorry but there's just not enough evidence to back up your claim and you were being quite rude towards him.
  11. - Support Trial mods can't make an application for promotions, especially for Senior Mod.
  12. - Support You admitted to breaking multiple rules in this report.