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  1. - Support Not on PD. Please improve a activity and show Command that you are dedicated to the department. -Colonel Eternity
  2. + Support Personally seen improvement and professionallism and shown me that he is ready Go for it - Colonel Eternity
  3. + Support Go for it, I think you're fit for Command -Colonel Eternity
  4. It's been a very long ride friend. Ever since deciding to join Command, you had my back and I had yours. You were most definitely the closest friend I've had in this community and I will always remember the memories we've made these years together. I remember when you were a Sargeant Major and I was a SNR. You taught me how to be an officer and took me under your wing and I am thankful for that. You served the Department well and were a true and honest friend. As I don't stay in contact with you as much anymore, I wish you best and I hope you are living life to your best pretential. You were the best man I needed and I will most definitely never forget you. Have a good day. See you on the other side Bob. ~Eternity
  5. + Support Good member of Police Command Been LT a while Active Good Application Ready for Captain
  6. You served well in the True North Police Department. You will be missed.
  7. Thanks for being part of ARU.
  8. + Support Evidence is clear Leaving SMT to decide on punishment