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  1. You've really outdone yourself Matthew. Keep up the work that we appreciate!
  2. Should of seen yesterday - About 25 tac inside back
  3. @BreenSMT can change your display name if you ask them nice enough. Thanks.
  4. + Support Active Mature Decent app Overall I think you have potential and can learn how to be a good staff member
  5. As Lucky said please someone send proof before I make a decision.
  6. I chose not to, I decided to stay in ARU HC.
  7. It is semi roleplay after all, so something like this is quite over the top
  8. - Support Will cause so many issues Unfair Fine as it is
  9. Hello City of Rockford, I have officially just passed my one year anniversary as a Colonel last week, and been in PD Command for almost 2 years. Obviously there has been many other Command that have been and gone in the time and a lot of changes in PD. I've seen constant developing over my time and I hope to see us keep working as the main department. Thank you to all the past and current Command who have strived for a better place within the department and helping to ensure our new officers are always learning in our footsteps. Tags of members who got me to where I am: @noot @Unkn0wn_F1R3 @Kitty. Thanks guys, only the old people will understand and always respect you for what you did for Police and our server.