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  1. Chris Jenson's Trial Moderator Applciation What is your in-game name?: Chris Jenson What is your steam name?: FuzzyDoesMedia What is your steam ID?: STEAM_0:1:72160298 Do you have any other experience with staffing?: (If yes, explain) Yes, I often honour myself on that. During my long time with the GamingLight community, I have become a Donator Moderator. A role that many do not like due to the fact they can be inexperienced or uninformed, However, I made sure to reach through all documentation available, including the Staff Handbook. I have been staffing on the community for awhile now, and Im very thankful for that experience, It has allowed me to learn from other staff, at the expectations and requirements to be a member of the GamingLight staff team. I was, and still am very proud to have had that experience, and to have learnt from such good and experienced people. Other than my staffing experience on GamingLight, I have staffed on a number of TTT servers, Small DarkRP servers and small MillitaryRP Servers. None of these affiliated with GamingLight. From all these experiences I have learnt responsibility and maturity. Aswell as this, I currently work on the 'Bossman Central' Minecraft server, Supported by the Instagram account 'Negusflex' (300K Followers). On that server, I have worked closely with SMT, on web development, staffing and trailer development. All of these together have made me the person I am today. They transformed me into the person I am today, Personally, I believe I am mature and responsible as well as able to work well in a team. They have allowed me to make quick decisions and correct decisions. I believe these have given me the correct training to join the prestigious staff team that is GamingLight. What date did you start playing on the community? (roughly) Well, Im not too sure, but I believe it was about December 24th, 2017. I think this because my Forums account was made then, however, I took a break and came back to the community about 2 months ago. Ever since then I have been EXTREMELY active. What date did you make your forums account? December 24th, 2017 Current rank on the server (This is a ULX rank ONLY! Not an RP Rank)? Donator Mod & VIP+ How many warns do you have on the server? Unfortunately I have one warning for NLR. The warn was a complete mistake while I was tired, and I'm sorry for my actions that led up to that. Have you donated? Yes, $80 currently. I plan to buy some of the merch soon. What rank are you applying for? Trial-Moderator Have you read the staff guidelines at ? You will be tested on it: Yes, I have. Numerous times within my time as Donor Mod. Timezone: BST Permission (Admin+ need this): N/A Why do you believe you deserve the rank? (150 Words Minimum) I believe I deserve the rank of Trial-Moderator for a number of reasons, Throughout my months of being apart of the community, after my return, I have put hours, everyday, into the community. Specifically being Donor-Moderator and taking sits for hours on end. While doing this I take a different stance than most, I always try to make the offender see what they have done, and why they shouldnt do It to others. This has worked massively for me, as I rarely get 're-offenders'. I have made it my duty, not to just take sits and punish rule breakers, but to engage in the community, to make sure everyone is enjoying their time. I have helped people who have been crying and in a dark spot. Wether that takes minutes olr hours, I still do it. My only goal has been to make sure everyone has fun, and enjoys their time. This including making sure no one else ruins the experience for others. Other than my Donator Moderator, I have tried to help the community by going online as judge often. I would do this to try and increase RP, and add another level of play to the game. Other than judge, I started the Jenson Family. I took on loads of new players, bringing them into the community. Many of which are recurring members of the community now. Aswell as my dedication to the community, I have undoubtedly alot of experience. My experience, as D-Mod has allowed me to learn the staff team on GamingLight, aswell as learn to work as a team with them. I have learnt the rules in and out and have been enforcing them as such. Other than my time as Donor mod on GamingLight, I also, like stated above, Have worked on other servers aswell as currently working on a very large MC server. All of these, have given me vital experience and lessons to help me get where I am today. I love this community and hope I can continue to work with the great staff team on GamingLight. How would you handle someone that is Mass RDMing and when you bring him/her to an admin sit all they do is curse at you? I would most likely gag them, and talk to them first. with the aim of calming them down. I would explain to them that their actions are affecting other members of the community and how its ruining others experiences. I would warn then after this for the offence. If they have not stopped cursing, while most would minge them, I would return them with a warning, under very close supervision. I would follow them around, the second the offended again I would bring them away from RP and speak to an Admin+ who could minge them. The minge time would be 10,000 seconds.
  2. +/- SUPPORT - Seen you in game lots - Good app - Sometimes mingy - Lots of warns
  3. If you pose no threat to the officer, they should not tase you. Unless your running.
  4. I would expect you can't fix it, it seems like a GMOD issue.
  5. +SUPPORT - Gives more incentive to become a banker - Allows for more RolePlay - We can start seeing some people invest their money, instead of buying an obnoxious amount of guns
  6. After taking a week break, as I was away somewhere, I came back to the server hoping to help the community and moderate here and there. Not long after getting on duty, I come across a player who was quite sad. For about half an hour, maybe longer, I was with him helping him, Just talking. I realise that this is something that happens on the community, whether it be from toxic behaviour from others in the community, or something inevitable. This isnt exactly rare, however people often dont see it, and escalate the situation or just leave them. I think, as members of the community, we all have a duty to help someone in there time of need. Something that many people would never dream of doing. I think the GamingLight staff team does alot to help, especially the counsellors, however, I think sometimes the community must step up. Just stopping, bringing them to one side and asking whats wrong, "Can I help you? " I understand this isnt my normal post, but I believed it was important to make. In this day and age, Depression and other mental illnesses are not uncommon, nor is self-harm. Even if you don't think its a big deal, for someone else it may be. I hope the community agrees with me, and we can make a difference. - Chris Jenson, Donor Moderator
  7. You can still have fun with the water balloons, just without breaking the law. You have to realise that while you paid for this feature, it is not meant to ruin the experience of others around you. Through them at friends, or find others to mess around with them.