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  1. Validate the files. Usually should work after that. Also, if that doesn't work, try joining but do not tab out of the game, stay in the game and see if you get the connection issue. Hope it works!
  2. Anatoli


    Not to mention war timer, which should already be in place by now...
  3. I already did a suggestion for CS_desert... Hasnt got accepted or denied yet
  4. The OBJ's should be comms, gs and vault or tunnel.
  5. Anatoli


    This new map causes lag to a lot of people due to the sheer size too, forgot to add it.
  6. same.... prefer normal mrp 100000 times more... and ive played both for a while...
  7. Anatoli


    What you want to see? - The re-addition of the cs_desert map. Why should we add it? - It is a lot better than the current one and the props were set up very well. The new one causes confusion as to where everything is and the base on cs_desert was a lot cooler for both RU and US. What are the advantages of having this? - Considering a few servers have this map, people who prefer CS_desert will tend to come on our server and a large majority of the player base are used to this map. Also, we can use the previous tryouts instead of making new ones to fit the forest map (EXAMPLE: climbing sz hill in less than 5 secs). Who is it mainly for? - The players. Links to any content - I believe the staff has the map with props on it, not sure.
  8. Oh nice, why did you leave RU?
  9. Aren't you Nevmis from military rp?
  10. Other MRP servers or are you referring to other GL servers? Like SCP, PoliceRP, etc?
  11. Hello, I used to play on the server in Mid 2018. I remember seeing 30-70 players on almost every day and now I see nothing but 1-3 on just to farm hours and money I guess. Can someone explain what happened to the server because coming back to my favorite MRP server, it seems like I won't be able to play on it considering I'm the only one on sometimes... EDIT: I was told by two 1LT's that when the war timer was removed, it all went downhill from there. Also, why was the desert map swapped? It was fun as hell fighting in GS and in Tunnel.
  12. You can only get recommendations from core officers, at least that's what Colt told me. When you get core recommendations I will +support.
  13. 1. What is your in-game name? RU GRU 1LT CDT Anatoli 2. What is your RU rank? (2LT+) 1LT 3. Who would like to see you as a "CPT" (Two officers Minimum 2LT+) Nevmis, LTRDM and Forcing 4. Why should you be trusted with a "promoter rank?" (Minimum 75 words) I should be trusted because I have been an officer on numerous different servers, I have had the experience and knowledge of when and why to promote someone. I have run factions on other servers and have taught officers when and why they should promote people. I also understand cooldowns and will never abuse my promotions to boost a players rank. I am not one that accepts bribes or anything of that sort and I have actually reported people on different servers for doing that and I had to leave because I got a shit ton of hate. (Hint: Server's acronym is "GG"). A promoter rank is not a gift nor something to mess around with, its a privilege and I will make sure that I can be as useful as ever to Russia and to the lower officers to set an example of what they should do if they want to achieve this rank. I acknowledge that lower ranks are the next generation of Generals and Commanders and I will make sure to point out and see the potential in an Enlisted or NCO, so they can strive for such positions. 5. How many strikes do you have? What for? 0 6. How many warns do you have? 5 (Most of them are for RDM which I can get a little messy when it comes to snipers and baiters in their spawn line and sandbags but, people know that I don't do these on purpose and that I am not a minge). 7. How would you deal with someone shooting in base? If no RUMP are present in the base, I would warn him verbally. The second time, I would hit him with my baton and explain why I hit him (shooting in the base) and tell him to stop it. If he does it a third time, I would arrest him and clearly tell him a third time, why I arrested him and that when he comes back from jail, he needs to stop. 8. Why should we pick you over other applicants? I believe I should be chosen because I have had the experience of being an officer and have monitored closely in debriefs as to why they promote people. I have run debriefs before and they have gone well unless for the usual Taliban Allahu Akbar. I believe Captain is a rank that only the privileged will reach and it would be an honor to recieve such rank. Core suffers from time to time minges and Mass RDMers and I strive to change that view of Core and make it much better. I am on Saturday and Sunday very early (6pm EST) and work my ass off to improve my game and try to find enlisted that grind every day so I can see who is working and who is slacking. Thank you for reading my Application.