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  1. Eman

    Map Change Back

    Accepted We have switched maps to a new venator
  2. 501st is really an attack legion and I would like to keep it that way so no to the ARF, but for the pilots I would like to them exclusive to only some battalions and not all of them, such as 104th has them and it makes lore sense for them and practical sense for 5th Fleet, however, I do understand attack pilots and get it, but having any more people in the sky really would start to cause crashing into each other and more lag than necessary, and that would not include the ships from CIS in events. I do believe you should get something new so what other ideas would you have?
  3. Accepted The skins will be added to the job of Sergeant and above
  4. Can you link the exact content as these links bring us to a page full of add-ons and are confusing of which ones you would like added
  5. Accepted The first model path will be added to the job of Medical Officer and Chief Medical Officer
  6. Denied Could be very easily abused and would be used for purposes outside of RP
  7. Denied From what I am getting from this situation is that Yoda hit him three times and the stories line up, as for the player diss I will leave that to admin discretion but as for the baton abusing and what not, I do not think that this was abuse for he did not hit you an excessive amount of times
  8. Eman

    Nimo's Accidental Warn

    Accepted Go to the ban panel and find the warn and link this appeal in order to have this warning removed
  9. Credits to Igneous for creation of this
  10. Eman

    Two Life Rule

    Each Player may have 2 different characters that hold 2 different ranks. The Max is 2 characters no exceptions. (Donator Regiments do not count) (Jedi Master+/Jedi Lore Characters counts as a life) Rules You may not hold more than 1 BXO+ Rank. (Including Donator Regiments) Fleet Commander+ may not hold a BXO, BCO, or General Rank. You may not hold 2 ranks in the same regiment.