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  1. Hey everyone, I am resigning from PD/Staff and ARU. I don't have the time anymore to continue with this amazing community. Remaining active for 48hrs
  2. Hello, Most of you know me as PD/ARU Major Ruben. And how much it pains me to say but with my recent accomplishments in my career, it is time for me to announce my retirement from the force. Many great people resigned recently, and it is my time to follow in their footsteps. I want to thank everyone in this community for giving me the most amazing RP Experience ever. 2 years ago I joined this community and never thought I'd make it so far. Within PD and Law enforcement I wish to thank a group of people. To everyone I tutored and trained: Good luck and I hope you make your dreams come true. Steve: Thanks for your patience and a tremendous amount of help you provided Myan: Thanks for motivating me to reach higher and higher. Ret. Deputy Commissioner Bob Bob: From the start, you have been a great friend with many great ideas I will miss you Eternity: An amazing friend and helpful person. I wish to thank you for giving me the opportunity to join ARU. Zage: Amazing Guy to have a chat with Alton: You have been among a small number of other people a great inspiration for me. Thanks Jeff: you are a fun guy to hang around with. never lose your Scandinavian charm. Cashtag: You stroopwafel. Cammy: You are great to joke around with. John: It has been a great ride with you, being able to help you reach your goals was a great experience. Hunt (part of Elite K-9 unit ARU): It was very fun with you inside ARU. Voxis: I have never seen such passion coming from a person like you, it was amazing to see. Ender: you funny... very funny guy. Not everyone is in this list but that doesn't mean I am grateful to have had the honor to work alongside you. I will remain active for the 48hrs. Note: I am also quitting/resigning the staff team
  3. + support Friendly Active Helpful Funny Leader
  4. It does not work. we have so many Supervisors and do simply not have enough cadets in order for every SGT+ to be able to train and maintain a quota. + We have Timezone's it is obvious that the chance to train a cadet as an SGT+ is lower when you are in the EU when almost 70% of the player base is American
  5. + Support A very kind and helpful person active
  6. Sad to see you go dredgen. it was an unforgettable experience. hope to see you on the server
  7. + Support He got requested to apply by the Chief (big +) Leader helpfull
  8. + Support Great friend Great Leader
  9. + Support A good colleague A good friend Understands and can resolve complex morale issues
  10. Right now Command needs Strong leaders and you definitely are. Even tho you have low time on your current rank + Support