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  2. Honestly man. I think if it doesnt get better there will be no MilRP
  3. The time has come once again but it is time for me to go... Im sorry for leaving and sam i know i promised to stay a long time but i just cant. I have bigger things going on in my life and im finding it hard to get on and i just cant keep going. I love this community but i have to go Tumz-Oof you big gay but i love you no homo Scheffer-We have your hand soon well have your face Sam- You are a great gen. Keep doing what your doing. Im sorry again but my life is getting to hectic right now Ace- You are a True USAF great. I was one day wishing to be in your spot but you are just more fit. Keep pushin solider Brandon- Just keep being cheung and youll be a Great gen in Tumz spot. Danny- UwU you are good. Love you no homo I have others but its to long of a list. GL keep doing what your doing. Ill be on here and there. But my life is getting out of hand. I LOVE YOU ALL!!! ILL MISS YOU!!
  5. I tried my best but it jsut couldn’t happen and I’m terribly sorry... once I feel comfortable I can tell you the reason but I’m sorry once agaib
  6. VCMDR Star

    Dear 2LT +

    R&U Sam if you read the comment on the officer meeting post I explained why I wasn’t there and why I couldn’t make a post
  7. Just wanna say i am terribly sorry about missing the meeting.... I didnt plan on being out of town and i couldnt make a post about not being able to attend.... It was a last minute thing and i just had to go for private reasons.... Im sorry once again i was trying to make it in time but i just didnt have acces to internet... The reason i left are private but once again im sorry... -star...
  8. thank you so much for everything tumz... Im so proud to be able to call you my General... Im so upset to see you go... You helped me climb the ranks and even gave me the oppurtunity to be a VCMDR(Shocking right..) this hurts me so much to see you leave... you were like a father to me on this server. Hell i even rember when you had no mic back in ghanzi!!! Back with moon and spades and perry and just this is hurting me to see you go... Idk where id be without you.. You stuck by me when i got in trouble and i just truly love you man... you were like a brother and im so sad.... Thank you for everything and have a good life... Maybe we can play some CSGO or something on the side... please comeback and visit sometimes man... Thank you... So much - Your former VCMDR Star..
  9. THE TIME HAS COME AND I FINALLY HIT A YEAR!!!! I joined this server not planning to Fall in love with it! Me and my friend were just going to join to just mess around maybe get Banned, Instead i decided to play it out and now look where i am! I got VCMDR twice, Met lots of people who I think i have become pretty good friends with like Tumz Brandon Danny Ace and so many more!! i have had some bad times that happened and forced me to go away for a bit but i believe i came back stronger than before! I have had an amazing time Being in the Chair force (Sorry love ya ace) And now im a Marine!! I really didnt think id make it this far but look at me now!! i love you all and thank you for making the Past year on MilRP an Amazing one!! I plan on staying for a long long time and hopefully it keeps getting better!! my two year will be on December 23 2019!! (Yes i know this is really late dont judge me xD) -Star
  10. Y’all are like my second family and I can’t be happier to be apart of a community like this that still accepts me after everytbjng! I love you all like family and hope y’all had a great night! Be safe and happy New Years!! -Star
  11. I mean like what sam said. Because Nobody does missions. Theres never any to think when there is such a low population logging on. Like have Dom constantly going on or something like that. Plus i think they should advertise MilRP on the Forums again
  12. If i can find the post i made of how to make a poll ill show it to you but i cant find it anywheres
  13. In my opinion i think we should just have a constant war type thing where there is just always a war going on and people can participate in it or something like that. It gets just so boring sitting and waiting when you have nothing to do because nobody wants to start a mission or nobody knows what mission to do. I feel if we added a constant war system going on people can always be active in the server and there can be little missions that people can set up on the side. I feel with this we can get more people to stay if we have something to always do and also have the choice to skip out on wars and do side missions or stuff with the generals or higher ups. This sounds more confusing but i can explain it better in person if i have to. It also sounds kind of stupid but i think its a pretty good idea
  14. Name and Rank: COL Star I promise to speak with an officer to get the details of the meeting (put understood): Understood  Reason (if private state private): Going to See some Christmas Lights with the Girlfriend, If i make it back ill be at the meeting crossing my fingers i will be back in time, If times change or anything ill let sam know and i will be there if i can
  15. someone pin my how to make a poll i made a while back