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  1. Yea that's a whole map development you would have to go into and Hotshot doesn't have access to that.
  2. This probably shouldn't be a thread right now.
  3. In-Game Name: - Shock CPL Venom 2205 Steam Name: - Venom SteamID: - STEAM_0:0:59632925 Are you a Staff Member Within Gaminglight? - No I am not a staff member within Gaminglight, I don't have the time to dedicate on to the Gmod server. How often are you on TeamSpeak? - I'm on Teamspeak whenever I'm on the server, also starting when I go back to College I'll be on Teamspeak during all my freetime. Why would you want to join our Support team (Word Count 150+)? - There are many reasons I would like to join the Support team for Gaminglight. First starting off with that I love being a Teamspeak Administrator or just part of a support team in general. I've been using Teamspeak for many many years now starting back all the in 2012 for management purposes in other games and communities. I'm really familiar with Teamspeak and will continue to learn more about Teamspeak as time goes on. Not many people have been using Teamspeak that often or frequent anymore so not many people know how to work and fix teamspeak related problems. This is where I believe I can step in and really help out via teamspeak with the community members. I was a Senior Teamspeak Support Personnel for Icefuse and had to deal with many many people that would join the Teamspeak each day and would have problems with tags, perms, and other technical problems. I really just feel as if I'm fit for this role personally. How do you think you could affect support staff in a positive way? - How I think I could affect support staff in a positive way is just always being there and being available for people. Whenever I have free time I can easily hop on Teamspeak and moderate over it making sure everyone is all safe and doing everything correctly. Any errors that would pop up or any problems that would occur I would simply report in if I couldn't deal with it cause of perm restrictions. Even though I'd probably be at a trial phase if accepted I would always be available if another support staff member needed help with anything or had any questions. How would you greet someone that has a problem in one of our support channels? - First I would simply state my name and ask what the problem is. From there I would try and work out their problem hopefully coming to a solution that would fix the problem they're having. If I'm not able to help because I don't know what to do or there are restrictions with the problem I would please tell them to stand-by as I try to contact another support member. Have you read our rules and do you promise to uphold all those rules to the best of your ability? - Yes I have read over the rules and I will uphold them the best I can.
  4. Yea you said buttons tho not the keycard scanners which would work. Buttons won't stay connected if perma propped.
  5. Only problem with that is that vading doors won't really work with a button once the person DCs you can't perma prop a fading door and button that'll work together.
  6. Understandable on your view of the abuse, but I would hope that the Shock High Command would remove the people that are reported to be abusing it. There are also uses for it, someone is stuck can hit them and get them to be unstuck, crowd control / riot control, etc. It's all about how you look at it and everyone just seems to notice the abuse that could come with it and not the overall productive use that it does have.
  7. Need them to restore order, people don't listen to us and we can use it as a warning mechanism instead of yelling through our mics. It'll get their attention and they'll know not to screw up again. They won't be abused cause Shock is getting more strict and they'd obviously get removed.
  8. That's already happening. Hotshot said it's going to be increased 20 slots either tomorrow or Monday
  9. Adding on to what John Afro said already, you can materalize the doors and then perma prop the doors. Doesn't hurt to try that method, if it doesn't work then trying some other way of making it so Shock can see who is in which cell.
  10. Here's the thing, it won't be stun stick abuse if Shock doesn't abuse it which I completely think that we're capable of not abusing it or the person doing the abusing can face demotion.
  11. What do you want to see? - I would like the stun stick weapon to be added to the Shock Classes. Why should we add it? - It would be very useful for shock to get these stun sticks because of crowd control and overall security use. Being able to knock someone out of the way if blocking a doorway or to use as a warning system is very useful considering most people don't listen to us if in a large group unless we really get their attention. The stun stick overall has been circulating around the Shock chat and I just really believe it would be very beneficial. Considering Shock is already a strict battalion that deters minges from joining said battalion would decrease the abuse that you think would come with the addition of this tool. What are the advantages of having this? - The advantages of having the stun stick is very useful to have as a security class because it's a huge crowd control tool and not to mention that it would just be great to have to make sure people understand their warning that they're recieving. It's more of an authority tool to let people know "hey this is your only warning that you'll be recieving, don't screw up again or you'll be arrested." Who is it mainly for? - Shock Links to any content - Q Menu --> Weapons Tab --> DarkRP (Utility) --> Stun Stick (blue stun stick) Looks something like this Check it out in the q menu links above.
  12. +1 This would be very helpful!