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    Log 1 Of SCP-912

    Log begins-1 Name: Kelfosh Rank: Jr Clearance: 2 SCP:912 Hypothesis: After informing the SCP/SCP-912 that the class d in the cell is a convicted felon I then told him he had full authority to kill the D-Class I think he will kill the class-d. Observation: Class D was insulted by 912 and flip off after such things happened Class-D Michel was released from his restraints SCP-912 executed the class d For the reason of him being convicted of Murder, Rape, Attempted murder, kidnapping, And other charges. Errors/safety hazards: Door was opened over and over for the test. Questioning: I ask scp-912 if he felt any emotion he responded yes it was anger, I asked him if he had any past he responded With a hmm, I asked him if he at all regretted the test and or complying to it he responded NO!, Afterwords I saw him shake I think he did regret murdering the class-d maybe he had emotions for Michel but after rage with what the class-d did he killed him, after that he felt emotion/sadness.
  2. Wemic8


    Lore Name: Kelfosh Rank: Jr Researcher Clearance Level: 2 List of personnel involved in testing: Just me Level D Personnel involved: total amount 2 SCP:174 Object/SCP Class: Euclid Hypothesis: 173 will snap the neck of the first class D and well as the 2 Observation: 173 didn't harm the first class-D, not even the 2 when I ask him to moan if he had feelings for the class-D, he moaned about 2 seconds later Visuels: None Errors: None Conclusion: 173 has feelings this might be useful in experiments
  3. Wemic8


    Lore Name: Kelfosh Parshin Rank: Junior Clearance Level: 2 List of Personnel Involved In Testing: 1 Fellow Researcher and Dr.Bright SCP:049 Hypothesis: Hopefully He won't start the testing on the class-D and we can talk to 049 first and if we do he'll with threats will comply and tell us details on the cure and hopefully he finally made that cure for the 049-2 Observations: D class Obeyd Orders very well, They even seemed really calm next to 049 he must have told the Class-D something Because for other times I've watched 049 cure and talk to the patients, They where a bit frantic and jumpy We'll they are new after the **** Visuel Stimuli (Photos/Videos): N/A Errors And/or safety hazards: No besides for 106 breathing and guards asking us to go use the ***** ***** So the test was postponed for a little and the doors kept being opened Conclusion:049 Found a cure for the 049-2's Death and that he knows more then what is telling us and if you mention a certain person named ****** ***** Then he isn't so well responsive, and old DR. but it was the main one he talked to so I get that he is sensitive.
  4. Wemic8

    SCP 173 3/12/2019

    Lore name: Kelfosh Rank: jr Researcher Clearance Level: 1 List Of personnel Involved in testing: Cool Steve level D Personnel Involved: 1 SCP: 173 Hypothesis: █████ █████ ██████████ Observation: Non besides for some moaning and screaming signals Errors and /or safety hazards: 173 breach Conclusions: When 173 makes a moaning sound it probably means that the class d given to it is █████.