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  2. +Support -This Person Right Here is one of the most dedicated people to militaryRp and Will always say and do whats best for the server and community no one deserves this more than shadow -He is active mainly weekends now due to school which is understandable but he will still try get players on the server -He would be an amazing pick for JMT and hopefully one day he can be SMT As he is that dedicated to the server! -Overall an amazing staff member as he is one of the best people I know from playing since he would always try keep professional when it is needed and do jokes or whatever when its the right time he can probably handle every single situation better than most other staff can since he has had experience and from my time on playing on this community ive seen few staff members like him as he is massively dedicated and would do some good to this server and community as a whole! Good Luck Shadow! -Jones Oi Its Chuesday innit
  3. Just letting everyone know my activity during the weekdays such as Tuesday to Thursday my activity will be low due to college I will always try get on if I have time or am able to or even afk on the server for that extra person when needed! sorry for my activity tho it has been poor I know that I’ll try be as active as possible!
  4. Damn Tigersden you better keep playin dont leave me like this
  5. So My Activity Might Drop on certain days when i have college but ill always try be as active as i can on the server from what i know it could be Wednesdays and Thursdays and possible Fridays but this wont effect officer meetings unless really needed just wanted to let everyone know i am also looking for a job but i will only get a part time job and dont know how that will be but i havent gotten one yet so that could be a little far ahead but ill let you all know!
  6. Highlands was just worse for sniping due to two giant hills And we only ever used like 10% of the map and the player count died on that
  7. Got my Approval to transfer
  8. What you want to see? - 2 New Tanks 1 For each side Why should we add it? - Actual Tanks for each side that Make sense so US dont have a German Tank and Also To Change it Up What are the advantages of having this? -More Realistic and Better model Tanks for Realism Who is it mainly for? -Everyone Links to any content -, You do need this but its small
  9. What you want to see? - Just a Suggestion For a map that we could change to Why should we add it? - Change in Scenery and gameplay What are the advantages of having this? - Could Attract more players and Different styles of Gameplay that isnt in the open and has a high skybox and a lot of areas Who is it mainly for? - All Players/Community Links to any content -
  10. Its a big map but its good like seriously good a lot of cover difficult for snipers and a small town and high skybox
  11. This Would be a cool map to switch two and it has two bases