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  1. +Support I absolutely agree and wish to See this map being used !!! But the draw distance needs to be changed in my opinon since its too dark of a map and that you cant see far at all so this wouldnt really be good for snipers
  2. I’m sure we can balance it making the helis spawn with less rockets so it makes it more of a 2 seater and use the gunner seat to actually kill and missiles against tanks and a tank can take out aircraft easily now 1 shot and we could make it either on non donator classes so it makes it much more challenging to get to and actually requires skill to get +support
  3. What you want to see? - I would like to see this added and replaced for the LFS Osprey since it doesn't have a working model and is useless unless its fixed and this LFS helicopter is just better overall Why should we add it? - The LFS Osprey doesn't even work and the Purchasable one isn't that realistic and this could be much more beneficial to the server as it is more realistic and would suit the new colour schemes What are the advantages of having this? -It replaces the Osprey since the model doesn't work and is pretty much useless and possibly the LFS rebel Who is it mainly for? -USAF And RUAF Links to any content -
  4. +support Would be nice to see a change in some shotguns especially the Corpsman On USAF since it Does Little to no damage for a shotgun
  5. +Support +Active +Good Leader +Dedicated +Nice Good Luck USAF AFSOC MAJ Jones
  6. -Jones -MAJ -Today -Possible not guaranteed -i have school and its like 12:30 at night for me when it happens but i could use my phone for TS but again still really late for me but ill do my best to try attend!
  7. Name (in game):USAF AFSOC CPT Jones. Branch Applying for:USAF VCMR. Time on Server:1Week/ 5Days/ 7hours <--- Got Reset once or twice. Time in Community:November 18, 2017 is My Join date. Improvements You Will Make To Branch:I can improve the amount of people in our branch because most people are inactive due to the low amount of officers our branch has and most people wand to be trained for something i cant train for as a CPT and I would like to help Lawrence my CMDR to put a little less stress off him Since he has work and would like to make our branch more active. Past Command Experience: I Used to be a Halo Airforce CO and Worked my way to that. Why Do You Want to Be in a Command Position? Because i see the low amount of players on the server and thats just decreasing even more and more because people are finding it to long to get promoted i mean it doesnt need to be quick but the lack of officers that are able to do it and at the moment Lawrence is one of the only people who can train for the high up classes and he has work again i said this to put less stress on him and i attend most my meetings so i could also improve the branch as a whole and would like to make players want to play and have the urge to play the server and make them and since Lawrence cant always be on when i can it can put our branch at a disadvantage i hardly see Theman because hes on weekends and most of USAF is Weekends or not able to get on when i can and i see USAF on When i get on Sometimes and would like to help them if they need help since there is only a certain amount i can do as a CPT and i would like to give players the experience i had! How Active Can You Be? Im Usually Pretty Active among the server and spend most my time on there Except thursdays I Do Army Cadets Time Zone: GMT. Warns (across all servers) 1 Warning On Police RP For Not Adverting Murder.
  8. Going on loa for Christmas to spend time with my Family for the Christmas time I’ll possibly come on doubt it tho 24-27
  9. +Support I think the more higher the rank the higher the money and the T3 Heavy Gunner Gets More than a Officer and General just up most of the Salaries it would also increase player base for the server
  10. What Day is it Because If its Monday To friday I cant attend Due to School and Timezones Same with USDI
  11. What Day is it Because If its Monday To friday I cant attend
  12. +support Active Nice Responsible
  13. I haven’t got a clue myself just didn’t know there real name and they were a War dog