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  1. +/-Support Dont Get Me wrong its nice that we can have more guns but on the server there is already loads of guns that are unused Its also pretty big and the sever didnt long cut down on the file size to make it faster at loading in If Certain guns are not balance just make a suggestion to get them balanced if the pistols need re balanced they can be all you would need to do is do a suggestion since it can be changed
  2. I have only seen you once and dont exactly know who you are
  3. Accepted Welcome to inscom Speak to ICC+ for Training.
  4. Probably too big for one addon
  5. +/- Support The Fog can be unfair for both sides but the issue is its not like some separate addon it is the map meaning they would need to change the map to a custom version that could be expensive so for now we will probably have to make due with what we have for the time being.
  6. Congratulations you have been Accepted as a Captain for the United States Air force I hope you serve them well. Remember don't be mingy or they will find someone else to take your spot. Speak to a USAF Colonel plus for training.
  7. On hold For Further Notice.
  8. On hold For Further Notice.
  9. +Support Active Good Overall Player -Jones
  10. I Might Be attending Depends Could be playing A Game with my Dad Due to Fathers Day If i cannot attend i will forward Some Notes to Theman What i Was going to say
  11. +Support Active Good Person Already Been Rangers Before Speaks For itself