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  1. Sorry i completely forgot and Im fine with that 3rd time the charm
  2. Sorry i wasnt on i had a surgery done so i couldnt play and i tried to relax and forgot about this
  3. Reason: Im Going on holiday for a week i will be back on after
  4. i was ages ago but I got removed I still have usmc whitelisted I think tum i haven’t tried but last I checked it was
  5. Once I get on my pc I will get the image
  6. Reason: I wasn’t able to play due to my pc hard drive corruption which made it abit difficult to be able to use my pc it had 2 hard drives and my main one with my games and my other with my windows stuff on it and it took me a while and I’m good I listen I don’t abuse my rank for USAF I can get an image of the proof of my rank