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    Take away ingame staff rank tags. Why? Rust is not a game that wants to see playing staff, It is highly frowned upon in the rust community and if you look at some other popular servers one of the big claims to fame is "active non playing staff" The rust community wants to be able to get into contact with helpful responsive staff via discord, help tickets in game, forums, etc, but they do not want to see playing staff at all really, Usually you can get away with chat mods and such that have no real power in game but anyone with real power is usually not really wanted to be playing the game, Being as it's not all that popular yet telling your staff they can't play may not be the best idea as they help populate it, but it certainly couldn't hurt having multiple ways to contact staff and just removing the visible rank tags as to not deter players as this may be usual for gmod but for rust it's highly unusual and not favorable at all, and if or when the server is fairly popular it will be expected that the staff with actual powered (Spawn in items, Spectate, Noclip, etc) do not play on an account with said powers, this will also eliminate any possibility of both intentional abuse and non intentional abuse.
  2. Dinysaur

    RU has been revived

    Seems to me like the milrp server as a whole has seen better days what the hell happened?
  3. Dinysaur

    Another Survey

    Depends on your idea of serious role play, if we are talking serious role play as in represent real life as much as possible, As in possibly gathering Intel or something for an hour straight with no combat, Or something like that, then no, But if you mean serious role play like no jugs running around with a magpul gunning everyone down, Or no guys running around with an automatic shotgun spraying everyone down, then yes, I think the fights should be more realistic, And there should be more role play around base to make downtime more fun, But if we are talking about replacing the current wars with some super serious real life type missions that may not involve combat for long periods of time, Or where your re spawn may take 5-10 minutes to maintain role play then no. And as for some other things that come with serious RP, like never speaking out of character for example, I may just be speaking for myself, But at the end of the day, It's a game, And It may just be me, but If I wanted to have a super realistic super strict experience, I would enlist into the military in real life, I want to play a game to disconnect from my real life, But I don't want to disconnect so much that it's nothing like real life, I want something in the middle like it is now, Take movies for example, If you had super realistic war movies, They would be super boring, it would be mostly just standing around for 30 second fights, And where as some realistic type movies are good, If we have only realistic movies, It will just get boring, And it is often more entertaining to see super fast paced war movies, Where we get to put our self in the shoes of the characters in the bad ass situations they are in. (just something to think about)
  4. Your In-game: RUAF AMN Dinysaur Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:69865038 The admin's name in-game: FIREBREATHER101 The admin's steam name (If you know it): What warning did you receive: RDM, And Attempted RDM (2 Separate warns) Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1520112119 Why do you think this warn was false: The 2 initial warns, although I do not remember them as they were in 2016, Were likely justified, I am not saying they were false, However the 2 initial warns are exactly identical to 2 other warns each, Making 6 warns, 2 Are exactly identical to one of the initial warns, and the other 2 are exactly identical to the other initial warn, Indicating they were duped, Or I just Attempt RDMed 3 people at the same time and got 3 individual warns, then Rdmed 3 people at one time and got 3 individual warns, Unlikely. ? Any extra information:
  5. I'm sure he already knew that, That is pretty much the whole point of a giveaway tho, No one hosting a giveaway can possibly believe that people are not responding just to enter.
  6. Humans shed 40 pounds of skin in their lifetime, Humans completely replace their outer skin every month. A starfish can regenerate it's entire body, With a single arm left, Which leads me to the question, How do you kill a starfish, If some only need 1 arm to regenerate then what do you do, Crush it? Well, On one hand you are getting a hand job, On the other hand, You are giving a hand job, but at the end of the day, 5 bucks is 5 bucks so just find someone else to do it to.
  7. Dinysaur


    I know you have that, I even responded to it, But I am going for a more direct question of just the roleplay, I have seen in that topic people say they want more roleplay but don't really expand on that, This is just that single question, What do they want the roleplay to be like, You're questions were more directed as how do you like the roleplay, What do you dislike about the roleplay, And such, My question is what does everyone want the roleplay to be like, Would you like it to be like some seriousRP servers where it takes an application and a month to rank up once? Would you like it so that anyone can be any rank they would like? Would you like the combat to be just do whatever you want, Would you like it to be highly organized squads? etc, Basically I am not asking for opinions on any one thing with the roleplay, I am asking for a vision as to what you would like to see the server be like.
  8. Dinysaur


    I constantly hear people complain about a lack of roleplay, What do you feel is lacking in the roleplay, What should the server be like in terms of roleplay, Personally I think the gameplay should come first over roleplay, But I am curious to hear about what everyone else feels it should be like, Are we talking about more roleplay when it comes to training, Promotions, Etc? Or are we talking about more roleplay when it comes to the PVP during wars? I would like to hear your ideas. (For anyone who is not sure, I am not in a position to make any changes as most of you know, This is just curiosity and it may help the management team get a better idea as to what people want but personally I cannot make any changes with the ideas provided)
  9. Dinysaur

    Medic Exp

    I've looked around as an officer, And I seemed to be noticed pretty well as enlisted, But again I am not trying to fill this thread up so this is my last comment.
  10. Dinysaur

    Medic Exp

    Recommendations are pretty random from what I've noticed, A few actually send real recommendations, On US anyone who wants a promo just randomly selects someone, On RU people hardly even recommend, And usually the random recommendations are just people with high kills or people they see in game a couple times, And even then it's not guaranteed, A much easier way to get promoted is be noticed by officers doing good, Either way that is just my opinion, I am not trying to fill this suggestion with a debate about it.
  11. Dinysaur

    Medic Exp

    I doubt it, A lot of new players don't even know what the levels do until a fair bit into the game, And I don't think many people would really care about active xp farming, And instead would go for promotions and passive xp gains.
  12. Dinysaur

    Medic Exp

    Dumb plays shouldn't be the reasoning behind positive or negative support on a suggestion in my opinion, And honestly I believe it would reward smart play more than dumb play, Because if you die for 15 seconds every time you get a revive, And seeing as a pfc especially ones playing dumb most likely don't have a tac, We will say it takes 15 seconds to spawn, And 20 seconds to run back to the battlefield, we are at 35 seconds per revive, Where as a medic playing it smart could have gotten 2, 5, 10 revives in that time depending on how many people are dying, And could have some kills or team heals on top of that.
  13. You are not suppose to have seen that, Please report to Russian debrief to be MIB brain washed, That is not for your eyes.
  14. Well, I got bored pretty quick this time around, Usually don't make it past 2nd lt anyway tho. Thanks man, I'm actually in a technical high school taking welding, It's a pretty fun time.
  15. I fear it's that time, Where I am resigning from the RUAF as a 2nd lt, As some of you may know, I only really play for periods at a time, Until it gets to a point where my life takes over and what little time I have, I have not got the desire to spend on militaryRP, I play until the game gets stale, And I feel now is about that time, Between school, work, and rust, I just don't find the desire to play, I met some new people, Reconnected with some old people, And it was fun while it lasted but once again I am resigning, I may return in the future once more, But until then. Good luck GamingLight. Also, For anyone curious, I am not quitting because I can't find time to play, I could if I chose to, So even though it is possible I come back next summer or sometime after or in between, Do not expect it just because my schedule will be free of school, Although I am sure no one will be waiting up for me, I just want to clear that up.