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  1. In-Game Name: SYTH SteamID: STEAM_0:0:86221385 Server: MilRP Custom Job Name: US Navy Seal Silent Warrior Can I ask who (besides North, I asked him about it) is on it? (steamIDs or anything)
  2. I might be a damn month late, but I don't give a damn. Thank you, my friend. Thank you for pushing the navy to have the best officers, because without you I would have never joined the navy. Thank you, for seeing that I had some ounce of potential and skyrocketed my promotions. Thank you, for making the decision that of all the officers, I was the best to lead the navy at the time under you. Thank you, for making me your second in command when navy saw its last days. Thank you. Seriously. There is no "SYTH" without you Andro. Retired looks good on you, dear friend. Yours truly, Former USN VCMDR "right under you" Syth
  3. SYTH

    How is everything?

    Doing quite well, damn shame for the server to sort of become quiet. I dunno, I guess I joined in a peak period but I do miss my navy/army memes. I’ve thought about coming back here and there but sadly I just couldn’t put the same time in as I used to. WW2 style RP? Hmm interesting. Still glad to see you around these parts dad
  4. Former Commander “Bananaman” SYTH here, its been a minute. How is the server? How’s everyone been?
  5. Welcome to the club mr. Tummy tumz ? ya did good bud -Banana boi SYTH
  6. Ayo I leave and you’re now LTG yo what’d I miss holy hell. Damn you’ve done made an old boy proud lad. Happily retired on a banana farm SYTH
  7. Welcome to the retired club old friend. I raise my glass to you. Banana man SYTH
  8. SYTH

    RIP Navy

    I miss you too bb
  9. SYTH

    Minor changes

    Senior- “army machine ?️roke”
  10. There were two people I saw with the most potential to revive the army core with me, and it was you and injoker (hes a still an egg <3). More than anything, there were two people I had the most fun with when it came to MilRP. Before I knew when my time would end on the server, I knew that you were ready to deal with the promotion responses, meetings, and general bs of everything to keep the core worthwhile. I don’t think i could count the times I would be told to promote you and give you higher and higher ranks due to how damn good you held everything together. And for that, Im thankful that you logged on and decided to stick around, because I wouldn’t have the derpiest and best moments without you being there. Former Naval and Army Commander Banana man “Kunal” SYTH
  11. NAME AND RANK: Mr. Skeleton MEETING(S) YOU CAN’T ATTEND: Uhhh spookto?️er canceled sorry
  12. Now that I have taken some time to reflect, I want to say my good words I have to injoker because there are only a few people that really know his effect on the server as a whole. So here is what I remember. My most vivid memory is that he was a ssgt in the army, and the amount of people that continuously praised him was ridiculous. I watched him go from enlisted to officers in about a week’s time tbh. Getting cpt was easy as all hell too, and this kid I swear WOULD BE ON HALF OF THE PROMOTIONS IN THE LIST (you really gave me some work to do damn son). Then he gets to COL and the amount of times I had to talk to a gen or someone high up to say promote this kid to vcmdr already damn I need some help. LIKE HE ALREADY DID THE NEW INFORMATIONAL AND ALL THESE THINGS ITS INSANE! And then he hit vcmdr and the army was on the rise ever since. We had the least officers, but had so many people because of how often he would manage the core. This guy helped save the army from its near extinction of officers and really just helped populate the server with people who wanted to come back. There’s a lot more to be said, but more than anything, I think the server owes him a thank you for all that he’s done to keep it what it is. Thanks for the memories friend, Kunal “SYTH”
  13. Welcome to the retired core, good friend. AND I STILL HAVE YET TO HEAR YOUR VOICE DAMMIT!
  14. Too late, my time has come Sends shivers down my spine, body's aching all the time Goodbye, everybody, I've got to go Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth (Yes that was bohemian rhapsody) So I know I just came back, but over that month long period I realized that I'm gonna be starting a new part of my life soon and I figured I might want to focus on my life. I've been thinking about this since January but I guess since the time has come, I have to make a decision. I can't give as much time as I used to in the coming months and that's obvious, so I'm doing what I need to be doing. A lot of people from the Navy Era left and I think I was supposed to leave with them. The mass wave of people leaving who I grew with should've meant that maybe I should too but I'm glad I didn't as I met new friends along the way. So let me start by saying thank you. As a community, you pulled me from a really dark place and gave me a place to relax and chill out with people who didn't care who I was other than that I was another player in their community of buddies who shoot virtual guns at each other. It gave me an escape from my day to day and gave me something new. I can't thank you guys enough for that. But I can't leave without saying thank you to a certain few. Senior and Injoker: How else can I say thank you to you guys. When I started my commandeering of the army, you both flew through the ranks and helped me shape the army all the way through. You guys have made the last half year awesome, and I'm happy that you guys took the mantle. Don't let me down, and don't try to burn anything. (oh and injoker: Syth wuz here banana man strikes again ? | Bad Syth - Injoker | No u - Syth | Bad - Injoker | Ur big gey - Syth | No u - Injoker | BIG GEY BAMBOOZLED - Syth | "SYTH IS BACK" - Injoker | "Damn straight homes" -Syth we are continuing this) Androntel: Dad when will you bring the milk from the gas station? But real talk, you're awesome for giving me a shot at this whole commander thing and being high rank and stuff. Tbh you were the one to promote me through and through. Also, you are not very good at being a mingey private, may need to work at that for upcoming VCMDRs :3 John: JUHN JUHN I'm incredibly happy you finally have management. You deserved it 110% and you really gotta tell me when the new map will come out cuz I wanna see it. Tumz: TIMMEH TIM TIM! Thanks my friend. Make sure things don't break eh? Also when are you gonna glue timbs to the base, we've kinda been waiting for that ? Perry, Calland, Gustard: ABSOLUTE LEGENDS LOVE YOU ALL ? All army officers served now and then: Thanks for putting up with my antics and my silliness. You guys helped build army with me and kept it up and running even when we only had like 4 officers. It wouldn't be possible without you. Sandman: Man I wish ya stayed in the army. Thanks for making me good at running a regiment and how to deal with certain issues (you know ? ) Sam: Thanks for helping me ease into the army along with john during the removal of the Navy. I had no idea what I was doing and you basically helped clear it up for me. Brandon: I knew you would always become a commander. Thanks my friend for the memories now and for the memories during the navy. To me, you'll always be the head LTCMDR. Naval friends: Well, guess I'm joining you guys finally. It's been a long time coming and I guess I should take some time off from everything really. I'm still gonna come back here and there, so if there is any way I can still have connection to the server, I'd appreciate it. If not, I understand, but I'm not ready to say goodbye forever yet. Still love y'all. So I guess the time has come, and I can't say thank you enough. Yours truly, SYTH, Banana Man, Kunal Oh and Kopa if you're still there, I'm still trying to find the derivative of where I need to point the gun