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  1. What a fine addition to the server you were, glad to have joined milrp/navy at the same time you did too. I'll see you around hopefully -Syth
  2. SYTH

    Vice Ranger Application.

    Put some work into the app, then follow through. You've got a +support from me, just fix the app before anything.
  3. Aye, strange that I never got to see your tenure here until late. I would’ve loved to see you. Regardless, I saw the highest point, and that looks good on you friend. You’ve earned a banana from me. -Banana Man SYTH
  4. + Support Usually a regular when I get on Listens to commands well No altercations I have seen
  5. SYTH

    Hello again! Kind of

    Hello US Army, it's been a while but I figured I should reintroduce myself. My name is SYTH (or bananaman or whatever you like really), pronunciation is up to you. I thought it would be good to give a formal introduction as I'm coming back to help out around US army core and to hopefully help stimulate our playerbase (also cuz I love this server). A little background shall we? Former Army CMDR (navy too but rip navy ;_;), was here about 2 years ago, really like the server, am banana. Hope to see you all in game! -"I might be an old banana, but Im still ripe" SYTH
  6. Remove SteamID: STEAM_0:0:45351136 Ingame Name: SYTH Job Name: US Seal Team 6 Silent Warrior Server: MilitaryRP Players SteamID you want added to the job: STEAM_0:0:86221385 The person that Paid SteamID: STEAM_0:0:86221385 Proof of purchase: I've got North's approval but if his word is needed I can wait
  7. I've been finding myself coming back for a few days at a time recently, and I've been asked about my activity in the future. Though a small sample size would very much like me to come back I know I can't do a 100% commitment like I used to, so I want to leave the question up to you all. I've noticed that there can be some officer downtime so if anything I can be "placed" into a branch that could use some activity if people would like. Again that is up to y'all. Glad to see the server is having fun again ? -SYTH
  8. In-Game Name: SYTH SteamID: STEAM_0:0:86221385 Server: MilRP Custom Job Name: US Navy Seal Silent Warrior Can I ask who (besides North, I asked him about it) is on it? (steamIDs or anything)
  9. I might be a damn month late, but I don't give a damn. Thank you, my friend. Thank you for pushing the navy to have the best officers, because without you I would have never joined the navy. Thank you, for seeing that I had some ounce of potential and skyrocketed my promotions. Thank you, for making the decision that of all the officers, I was the best to lead the navy at the time under you. Thank you, for making me your second in command when navy saw its last days. Thank you. Seriously. There is no "SYTH" without you Andro. Retired looks good on you, dear friend. Yours truly, Former USN VCMDR "right under you" Syth
  10. SYTH

    How is everything?

    Doing quite well, damn shame for the server to sort of become quiet. I dunno, I guess I joined in a peak period but I do miss my navy/army memes. I’ve thought about coming back here and there but sadly I just couldn’t put the same time in as I used to. WW2 style RP? Hmm interesting. Still glad to see you around these parts dad ?
  11. Former Commander “Bananaman” SYTH here, its been a minute. How is the server? How’s everyone been? ?
  12. Welcome to the club mr. Tummy tumz ? ya did good bud -Banana boi SYTH
  13. Ayo I leave and you’re now LTG yo what’d I miss holy hell. Damn you’ve done made an old boy proud lad. Happily retired on a banana farm SYTH
  14. Welcome to the retired club old friend. I raise my glass to you. Banana man SYTH
  15. SYTH

    RIP Navy

    I miss you too bb