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  1. What is your in-game name: CERT PFC JAY 1CT88 What rank are you in CERT (CERT not State): PFC Are you active? Yes/No why: YES Why should you stay in CERT: I should stay in CERT because I'm active and i'm a great sharp shooter (still a little rusty tbh) What Specialties do you currently hold? (Breacher | Medic | Rifleman): Medic Should we add a training date separate to state? Yes/No why: yes the state training doesn't help Cert that much
  2. Name and rank: trooper jay Active,Semi active,Not active: active Suggestions for state: trading the M4A4 for a scoped AR like the AUG Signed by: Jay
  3. I want to swim in shark infested water more than that
  4. + support You show your leadership skills ingame good APP is a great NCO
  5. +SUPPORT When I just start playing GMOD I play a American Revolution RP and their promotion cooldown was this Enlisted- 1 Day NCO- 3 days CO (2LT-MAJ)- 1 week HC(LTC-GOA) 1 Month
  6. The british and germans have them why can't we?
  7. Furno has asked me to write and LOA for him because he is in the hospital for a broken skull from a axe
  8. Thank you guys so much I will do my best as a new CPT of the US ARMY