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  1. -support mikey should know that in a staff meeting they said if a car/player is stuck you may use your powers. I think that the UMC act wrongly in this and should be talked too. JAY
  2. Jayyy

    Lancer family

    Leader jay co leader jack lancer to join ask one of us
  3. What is your in-game name: CERT PFC JAY 1CT88 What rank are you in CERT (CERT not State): PFC Are you active? Yes/No why: YES Why should you stay in CERT: I should stay in CERT because I'm active and i'm a great sharp shooter (still a little rusty tbh) What Specialties do you currently hold? (Breacher | Medic | Rifleman): Medic Should we add a training date separate to state? Yes/No why: yes the state training doesn't help Cert that much
  4. Name and rank: trooper jay Active,Semi active,Not active: active Suggestions for state: trading the M4A4 for a scoped AR like the AUG Signed by: Jay
  5. I want to swim in shark infested water more than that
  6. + support You show your leadership skills ingame good APP is a great NCO
  7. +SUPPORT When I just start playing GMOD I play a American Revolution RP and their promotion cooldown was this Enlisted- 1 Day NCO- 3 days CO (2LT-MAJ)- 1 week HC(LTC-GOA) 1 Month
  8. The british and germans have them why can't we?