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  1. Noted. Hope all is well.
  2. Dane


    Police High Command has been discussing about this, and we're still trying to find out what's best for Dispatch. For now, we're still quite unsure on how to make Dispatch more active.
  3. ACCEPTED Speak to High Command for information on your promotion.
  4. ACCEPTED Speak to High Command for information on your promotion.
  5. See you around my guy, best of luck in your future endeavors!
  6. PENDING Waiting for more community feedback.
  7. I didn't even download the new content and I joined into the server, and this was just a few hours ago.
  8. + Support Although you can use the !whitelist menu and sort it so that it will be in alphabetical order, I think this is a great addition to those who are having difficulties scrolling through specific whitelists, especially those who are Admin+.
  9. Dane

    Dane's LOA

    Name: Dane Rank: Deputy Chief Reason for LOA: Sick Length of LOA: 3/4/19 - 3/7/19 I forgot to make an LOA as I was sick and I was resting this whole time. My LOA length is currently unknown, it will either be pretty short or pretty long depending on when I will be healthy again.
  10. Snar looks like Gabe Newell but a younger version of him.
  11. I know what causes the issue. Simply download this in the workshop and it should fix it. If not, then I am not sure what causes the issue. I've had the same problem like yours last year and downloading this gamemode fixed it. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=248302805
  12. I am very sorry to hear that. Best regards from me to both of your parents and family!