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  1. this is why we should all join the King's and I love it
  2. 911dog1

    The King Family

    well I got a 3 week time so im good
  3. Police RP all day (even though I think it Zeeptin's second server ever made but still somehow 10x popular than military rp don't know how)
  4. for me I went on and became a police cad
  5. well this feels werd been apart of the community for over a year and only have 1175 hours on gmod
  6. so hrt is a cc I though cc cant be tac units cause of the cange of command with every department
  7. why does the pd know about this
  8. 911dog1

    The King Family

    so does the 3 days mean 3 days of play time or 3 days of being apart of the community
  9. - support can apply 2 old warns
  10. +/- Support + can have people raid pd - there is really no location for it since we have a cad room, offices, and interrogation room, and a garage
  11. + Support - it would be hard to believe that someone with that high rank would abuse this plus we don't even have a lot of head admin + in the community
  12. - Support first I am not trying to ruin others rp cause I am mostly a cop on the server second you only need to advert mug, kidnap, bank robbery, gen store robbery, jail break eta. there's no rule that claims that a person need to advert raid third if a person pulls a gun and starts to shoot people for no reason call an admin forth admins don't take sides like if they say they mugged you they wouldn't count fast bc ive been on the server for so long and almost everyone I know lets you type if they kill you while you type call an admin - John Kill
  13. + Support -the Judge broke FearRP -also idk if anyone saw this but I think the judge I think also broke NLR
  14. I think I know why it’s never been put in it may cause lag but idk + support