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  1. +support ! Shadows of the Empire style maybe?
  2. MEGA +support The dude has been through a lot in DT but has stayed at it through thick and thin. Anomaly has a good head on him and has tons of experience within the battalion at this point. It’s really nice seeing his forward-thinking on this app by discussing things he actually wants to change within the regiment, which seems to be becoming a rarity nowadays. I think his time and dedication to DT shows he is trustable for this position and I have good faith he would fulfill his role as a VCMDR valiantly. Best of luck!!
  3. death troopers death troopers death troopers death troopers
  4. +support +supporting because I think the way Klondu went about this is wrong, no reason to instantly mute or be rude like this to other players. I also think enforcing a rule that’s not stated in the motd is not the wisest decision, to say the least…also curious as to what higher-up told Klondu this (if any), for context’s sake. In my opinion, demotion is in order. In Klondu’s slightest defense, I feel that having to speak English as an unspoken rule makes actual, rational sense. If someone comes on the server and starts saying awful things in a language no one can understand, how would the moderation team be able to enforce such a situation? Food for thought.
  5. I really like this concept! You should make more of them.
  6. This sounds pretty concerning, want @KLONDU’s side though.
  7. -support only six months ago you alted which is pretty much a guarantee to keep the ban, should've waited out the punishment plenty of fun people to hang around on GL who aren't getting banned for these reasons/ban evading
  8. No + or - support but if you have no evidence I think you will have a hard time getting unbanned. This ban is super short, is it really worth making an appeal for? There's a chance SMT might not even see this until your ban time is already expired. This section is mainly used for longer-term bans. To me at least, this seems more like something worth making a staff report over, rather than a ban appeal.
  9. Small +support (read below) I'm really mixed on this ban appeal. I knew the context before Crunch had posted this above, but if any random person was reading this ban appeal it would come off like you didn't really do anything that bad. You intentionally became a total nuisance to the entire server (forums included) and were posting a clip that you knew you would get in trouble for. You really shouldn't be shocked by this outcome if it ends up sticking. It has been a little while, although I think you should've waited longer before making an appeal. The only real reason I'm putting a small +support here is because I think a permanent ban is a bit much. You linked the clip in multiple places, but I do not believe your direct intention through posting the clips was to be racist. As said before, you still knew what you were doing which doesn't really help your case. If you end up getting your perma ban removed, I still think you should be banned for a while longer before being allowed to return.
  10. I agree with you in a certain sense, but this would be a lot of work for something so minuscule; and with the new map coming I think it would be better to hold off on this. -support for now
  11. The CC section on the general forums page at the bottom is used not just for making a CC but for bugs as well I believe, if you put a post there snar can prob help you out
  12. If you want the warn to be gone, argue your case following the format for false warning appeal in the report center section. I’ll say this: I agree with you, I have no clue why people think that others new to the server would know that trying to break out of cuffs is FailRP in any sense. I’m pretty sure it’s not specifically stated in the rules anywhere in the first place (someone can correct me if I’m wrong). It’s not “common sense” to know that you wouldn’t be able to break out of cuffs if the add-on literally allows it, which is a pretty persistent problem across a lot of gmod servers, not just GL. Of course, sometimes the best addon must be chosen as I’m sure creating one specifically for the server would be very time-consuming. As a result of that however, there should be a SPECIFIC rule stating whether you can break out of them or not. On Joker’s side, it seems you were being blatantly disrespectful, but it’s really hard to see how you two were actually interacting with each other without any video evidence.
  13. +support Gonna +support this, but it should be able to be disabled on clientside if need be. More than likely it would not look great with a few playermodels due to capes etc.
  14. MASSIVE +SUPPORT The electroweapons have never even been that powerful against Jedi in the first place. I can't think of a battalion more deserving of weapon buffs than Purge. The hit reg of electroweapons makes them difficult to use, definitely should deal massive damage for any strike they blow.
  15. +support good app, good person, hot
  16. +support BUT This has to be implemented carefully. It has to be noted that people can always find a way to get explicit content through on a media player, and given GL has some pretty young members, this could be cause for concern. I agree with @BloodyFork. Either a paywall or perhaps you can get this unlocked once you’re a certain rank in a battalion, or some sort of trusted system. This definitely should not be available to all players.
  17. 77… I’m all for second chances, but this is a ridiculous amount of warns. Some questions: What is a “very long time,” how many years? What is the content of the warns? What did you do that was unacceptable? How did it get so bad that Zeeptin himself had to ban you? This all just looks very bad, and without any further context I have to -support this.
  18. Ooooh I like the look of that already. Kinda gives me Fallen Order vibes.
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