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  1. Name: Workshop Rank: PO Why do you think you deserve to stay in the Department: I believe I should stay in the department because I enjoy a challenge protecting the president from harm and playing with my friends Any changes you want in the Secret Service: NO
  2. Mater

    Workshop Ban Appeal

    Wtf I deleted it and he still got a screenshot mid deletion yikes, and ofc its bobby that got me banned why wouldn't it be I spawned it in ONCE it was in spawn to show to mikey I was showing him all my dupes. and you said you were "provided A screenshot" which is 1 screenshot not many just 1. It was 1:00 at night why would I try to avoid you when I had to go to bed that's honestly pretty stupid tbh.
  3. Mater

    Workshop Ban Appeal

    Steam Name: Workshop Ingame Name: Workshop SteamID: STEAM_0:1:200264496 Ban Length: 6 days Admin that Banned you: Chad Reason for Ban: Mass Racism | Nazi flag in spawn Dispute: I was banned while I wasn't even on the server, I have no mic I can't really say anything racist and I didn't type anything racist either. I was on with Mikey UMC you can even ask him I didn't do anything wrong nor racist. The Nazi flag didn't even stay in spawn either, I was showing it to a friend then I deleted it after. And honestly it should be a warn not a ban.
  4. Im adding the AWP to the Morgan Meeman Custom Class on Police RP Thanks! STEAM_0:1:200264496
  5. I donated to change the AWS to the Negev on the Morgan Meeman Class. STEAM_0:1:200264496
  6. I was supposed to be added to my friends class called Morgan Meeman, Zeeptin said in this forum post he have had added me to it. Once I joined the server I tried to become Morgan Meeman it said I didn't have access to the Job. Could you please add me I have already donated everything. Thank you!
  7. Theres smaller props then that, they can be used to crash the server too.
  8. What you want to see? - I want to see if you guys could kindly please, unblacklist the models/hunter/blocks/cube025x025x025.mdl. models/hunter/plates/plate1x2.mdl and models/props_phx/construct/glass/glass_dome360.mdl from the server, so the players on the server can have access to this and use it for building. PLEASE Why should we add it? - N/A What are the advantages of having this? - Being able to BUILD Who is it mainly for? - Everyone Links to any content - N/A
  9. There should be no reason for the cube025x025x025 and the plate 1x2 to be black listed. I need these props for building my base please unblacklist them