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  1. Pay before doing this post. If im right 100 armour is 10euro Mvh Simon
  2. I would like to bring up a complaint I think it’s unacceptable that we that are part of a CC should have to pay for Mockingbirds terrible behaviour. It shouldn’t cost us anything to remove him this is just making me so frustrated. We shouldn’t have to pay to remove someone who has behaved in a bad way. If someone is to pay its mockingbird her self. Sorry for complaining but think this should be addressed Sincerely Simon
  3. Is there any replacement while they fix it ?
  4. I am not the Guy who added the car to the game i only paid to use it
  5. Its removed from there as well @unkn0wn_F1... and I’m not the owner of the car I’m only allowed to use it
  6. @Jeffe the car is not on any pd dealer in pd I made sure to check before I made this post. I have other people that saw the same thing @jojo for example he also saw it was gone
  7. Ingame Name:(SWE) Simon L steam I'd- STEAM_0:0:0 Job Name: Piketen Server: Policerp Custom car replacement=https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1383530887 as I can't find the ford raptor on the server anymore for the police I was wondering if there's any replacement. If the raptor still exists then ignore this message this message is if the car was removed!!!!
  8. Why did my post get deleted
  9. Well this is just messed up. get actual proof that isent photoshoped and I may beelive you then. But from my view anyone can say the N word even chief. People that are nice and kind can still when they are angry express themselfs with those words. -big support photoshoped can be seen on the pixels
  10. Steamid of the person I can’t get as I don’t know how
  11. Theres no staff online and it was total messed up s ton of rdm and prob block and shit. I had to contact a admin on the discord to get someone to short it out as there where only members and vip plus online and they did not really care about rules
  12. Questions Your In-game:(Swe) HeartAviation Players ingame name= John jack Evidence for warn) Information basically he was prob blocking his door so we couldent get to the Money silo and also used it as a killbox to shoot us. I would like this player warned and he earned his 300k removed.
  13. In-game name:(Swe)heartAviation SteamID:N/A for the moment Current Battalion:Pilot divison and 501st Current ULX rank on StarWarsRP:N/A Current RP rank on StarWarsRP:Lord Have you donated to the server?: Yes I have donated 15 dollars for lord How many warns do you have? If you have some explain what happened. (Don't tell us they were false): I got no warnnings. How would you rate your lore knowledge on a scale 1-10: 5-6 Have you seen the Star Wars: The Clone Wars tv show?: Yes I have seen the star wars the clone wars tv show all of them and all the star wars Movies. It was quite a time ago I watched clone wars but I do remember some stuff and can Always rewatch. What is your favorite episode in the show and why?: My favorite episode is season 1 Volym4 when the blue shadow virus infects Ashoka on the planet naboo and when Anakin and Obi wan kenobi tries to rescuce them. What do you think you could do to increase the roleplay and fun of the server if you did become gamemaster?: I want to become gamemaster of course to make it more fun for players to acually be in the server. I would host events regularlly so the people feel like the server is acually funny to play and enjoyble. Of course I would be helpfull and respectfull against others as well. I do have a lot of experience on star wars as I have been a very big fan since I was a Little kid in second grade. If I would become gamemaster that would mean a lot for me and I would make sure that I do my job correctly. I also want to bring new people in to the story that does not know a lot about the storyline itself. I really have it hard to explain why I shall become a gameaster oversoemone else but I tried my best to explain some reasons. Decided to get a quotes from captian rex that may fitt with this certain application. "NOTE this is not copied from other applications this is something I thought would be usfull to have" “We’re not programmed. You have to learn to make your own decisions.” – Captain Rex Greetings (SWE) HeartAviation
  14. Well there is when he comments on this post, and Its very clear, and where is the evidence suppose to come from? all I got is nolan words and previues admins sits! both the target and me was clear from persons when I killed him @th3
  15. (SWE)-HeartAviation


    Your In-game:(SWE)HeartAviation Your SteamID:N/A The admin's name in-game:Sassi The admin's steam name (If you know it):N/A What warning did you receive:Breaching of murder rules Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED):[AWarn] You have been warned by [GL] twitch.tv/whoisxsi: Breach of Murderer Rules - Murder in non secluded area Why do you think this warn was false:Firstly I would like to point out that this is not the first time I get in a sit for this. and the most recent was yesterday and we had Nolan to talk to us and he said I can snipe people from hospital as long as theres no cops around as that wont be secluded area of some sort. now today when I go on I do excatly that and I get pulled in to an admin sit for a thing I am allowed to do and then get warned for it. I am just pissed how your admins are dealing with these situations as I feel I got false warned for something that I shouldent be warned for. Any extra information: If theres a new rule that got added recently I am sorry for makeing this report but I havent read the MOTD recently so may be something they added @Sassi