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  1. In-Game Name- Seb Rank- Chief Call sign- CX1 Why You like EMS- I like EMS because it gives me something to do when I don't feel like being a cop or crim. What Could Make EMS Better- N/A
  2. Thank you for everything you have done for this department, You will be missed! See you on the server!
  3. Thank you for you're service, Rein. See you around!
  4. EMS and SWAT. Totally not because those are the departments I am in
  5. Seems fine to me. I dont know about yall but I got no problem going 100 down that hill.
  6. Seb

    The Virus

    I take back what I said about how its not effecting me too much. Everything is now closed, people are beating each other up over toilet paper, food is gone and people are losing jobs. Stuff went from 0-100 REAL quick. I also have a feeling that I wont be returning to school this year.
  7. Seb

    The Virus

    Its not effecting me greatly but I am noticing changes. Stuff are starting to shut down and yesterday I seen 2 guys in hazmat suits coming from a wall-mart with toilet paper....
  8. +Support Video shows it all
  9. EMS Applications 3/8/20 -- Accepted // Denied ~ Accepted Applicants ~ Carrots ~ Denied Applicants ~ Congratulations on those who were accepted into Rockford EMS! THOSE WHO WERE ACCEPTED: Please be sure to contact a FTO for medical training by ONE WEEK or you will be removed. THOSE WHO WERE DENIED: Make sure to wait exactly ONE WEEK from today before reapplying for EMS. * TO FIND FTOs TO TRAIN YOU, PLEASE REFER TO THE FTO ROSTER INSIDE OF THE EMS ROSTER