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  1. Hey there, I have gotten to be sick and I have no idea when this flu will pass. I have no other way but to make a LOA. I will try to make the meeting on saturday.
  2. I dont understand what is going on so I will just press a random button. O this is cool!
  3. +Support This would make RDM sits a lot easier.
  4. +Support When you are on gov in the morning with 1 or 2 other people and see that red dot in the sky you know that you will die and the crims will just get the money.
  5. Seb

    Unban Appeal

    -Support All though I would like you to be back on the server you said not to nice things about me in chat and yelled at me. As Jeff said, you should apply in 1-2 months.
  6. +SuPPort If YOu WanT SomE ICe CrEeam cOme tO MY vAN I have puppies too >:)
  7. That last picture is very lovely xD
  8. +Support If you feel the warn is false and he is bias you could have made a staff report on him. You dont need to pm him constantly about his decisions.
  9. +/- Support He said that you where not afk at the time. (Video evidence would be nice) I was on at the time and I have seen the rebels doing all of these. I also seen when Steve brought all the members. This would be a -support but I need more evidence. Until I can see logs, pictures ex it will be a +/- Support.
  10. Seb


    Special indeed.
  11. Thank you Rezonix for your time in EMS. You have been a great chief and I wish you the best!