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  1. Your in game name: Seb Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:64183914 The player's in game name: Darien Terpenes The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:1:155900844 What did the player do: Player diss and Ltap Evidence (required): What do you believe should happen to the player: Warns for Player Diss x3 and LTAP Any extra information: N/A
  2. Pretty sure they were perm banned already
  3. Seb


    Good job!
  4. Thank you Freeze for your service. I had so much fun playing on SWAT with you, making good memories. You will be missed Freeze
  5. Thank you for you're interest in EMS Low Command but unfortunately you're application has been denied.
  6. I sometimes do that in jail
  7. I will miss you Ender. I enjoyed playing with you! I look forward to playing with you on other games! (I don't know how im not the biggest furry you know but yee lmao ) It's been fun Ender!
  8. Ender, when I first found out about this I couldn't believe it, you where one of the last people I thought I would see leave but here it is. I am proud to have served in multiple departments with you and see you climb the ranks. You always took on tasks no matter what it be and where just overall helpful to the Gaminglight community. I am glad that I consider you to be my friend even though there have been a couple rough spots in our friendship (like most friendships). Thank you for being my friend over your time at Gaminglight. You will be missed master simp, thank you for your service to S.W.A.T, Staff, all former departments and most of all, the community. Your LT brother and friend, Seb.