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  1. -Support T-baging a body was done in a joking way and and Ronin said they where joking around You also re spawned when EMS is right over you, that a warn and also mocking him about it in OOC is not helping. Yes Nucleus should not have sworn like that but I get his frustration, do you have any idea how it is when you are on EMS, go to a call and as soon as you are over the body about to revive the player re spawns? As for the removal of Nucleus, High Command decided to bring him back in the department Nucleus is an amazing chief and friend who works hard for everyone here. Please, dont take my chief away. -Seb
  2. Most people say it with 2 chugga's but the correct way is with 3 chugga's
  3. -Support - In-active in game, TS3 and Forums (may be time zones) - Put more effort in app - More work on #16 would be great Good luck Chimp! ~Seb
  4. + Support This could really add to some RolePlay on the server
  5. +Support Not a minge what so ever Old warns and no new ones Very mature Good luck Charlit!
  6. What is your ingame name: Seb What rank are you in DOC: SNR Officee are you active? Yes/No why: Yes, I am on a few times a week for about an hour. Why should you stay in DOC: I should stay in DOC because I am active and am friendly. What do you think command should improve on: Nothing!
  7. Thank you for your service on EMS, I was nice having you around ;c
  8. Name: Seb Rank: Head Deputy Why you want to stay in ems: I would like to stay in EMS because it is a awesome department and have meet a lot of people here! Are you in the discord: Yes I am!
  9. Noted, have a good time!
  10. Seb

    The Diamond family

    Hello people of Rockford, You may have seen the diamond family around recently and I am here to tell you that we are now accepting applications! With our forum and roster now complete we are ready to accept new members into the family! Sincerely, Seb the Diamond family leader. Roster: Application:
  11. Thank you for creating this vigil Tom, it was very nice.