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    I have a question for all of you... If you have a taser on a guy with a knife and he switches it to a pistol/gun are you as the cop aloud to switch to a actual lethal weapon at that point are do you have to give in under fear rp? Seems like lots of people need a clarification on this one so i was personally wondering. Thanks all for taking the time to read/respond!
  2. I will be back the 17th. Thank you north
  3. My brother is very sick and I’ve been tending to him and I’m going on vacation soon to Tennessee. I will be on a little before Tennessee but when I disappear for awhile it’s because I’m on vacation. Thank you guys!
  4. @Yobo well I mean nobody made the final call
  5. Also, Kanny I do not have pictures of the printers. If you look in the logs the way you were saying you will see I had only 2 money printers. Who will be the final say on this report?
  6. @thebigr So @Jesse said they heard "gunshots" ? Not an "EXPLOSION" As the warrant was for a explosion. Not gunshots. ?? Also, I came out for a weapon check and they found that I had no weapons so how would these "gunshots" have came from me?
  7. Thanks [GL] Kanny for taking the time to write all of that. You have the story straight. I do not think @Ryanis guilty of anything as hunt was the one influencing him to help him raid. On the other note, im not usually the one to come out with reports and I don't like being this guy. But this situation with @Jesse at 8am my time while im just trying to make some money and RP really made me upset. It was non stop harassment from @Jesse. As you can see from one of the screenshots he even admitted he was harassing me. I called staff for this and even the staff told him to leave me alone. But as soon as that staff leaves he goes right back to harassing me. I love this server to death as im addicted to it, I just hate seeing stuff like this happen. That's why I came on the forums for justice. Thanks everyone, who is taking the time to review this. - Trooper/SM/paramedic Bren
  8. I made sure to take pictures of everything and ANYTHING. thanks for the support. Kinda sad a Senior Mod doesn't know the rules? Scares me a little.
  9. Same base cooldown says in MOTD is 45 mins I would like to see punishment posted by the people who review this posted here.
  10. Screenshots showing he broke the same base raid cooldown also. Thanks to Senior Moderator| Nucleus Kong for checking the logs for me. He waited 22 minutes according to Senior Moderator| Nucleus Kong not 45! To add on to my REPORT there was no explosion. Hunt made that all up. Atleast not from my house.
  11. Your in game name: Brennn Your Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:68798390 The player's in game name: ARU SM HUNT ( senior mod) The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:0:431015836 What did the player do: Hunt before I even made my base was a admin on duty. He was helping and he even approved my base and said everything is legal like building wise. I always double check because I don’t want to break server rules. Ok great my base is ready to RP in. I buy printers, bitcoin, and weed. Hunt was admin on duty and saw me buy these things. He switches to ARU and starts just camping at my house. Him and a FBI agent perform a wellness check on me. “ Someone called 911 saying you haven’t came out of your house in a long time.” I RP this situation and even laugh about it. 10 minutes later he comes back with the whole police force saying I heard a explosion. I come out of the house they search me for weapons. I have no guns. They detain me and search my house for reason “ explosion” there was no explosion that came from my house as I was in it the whole time. He then raids my house and finds my illegal printers and weed. He sees he’s in the wrong so he doesn’t even blow up anything. He then takes me to jail for printers and weed for 300 seconds. They could of heard a explosion from anywhere but he’s just been harassing me all day. Right after that situation he comes to my house as a thief and starts raiding me. I kill him. This moderator is just a minge and I’m sick of tired of being harassed on a server that I’m just trying to RP on. The other admin even told me he thought the reason was wack. He just seemed to scared to call out his higher up admin. Thank you for reading this. Please let me know what happens. Evidence (required):pictures What do you believe should happen to the player: Demotion/ warning”s” Any extra information: He just said hes gonna raid us again. He is building a army to raid my house now. He just raided my base again and killed me. HE BROKE RAID COOLDOWN TIME PROOF BELOW.
  12. Questions Your In-game: Brennn Your SteamID:STEAM_0:1:68798390 The admin's name in-game: Vinny The admin's steam name (If you know it): Not sure What warning did you receive: Fake hostage Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): I’ll insert a picture Why do you think this warn was false: I’m just appealing because it’s super old. no other information to give, thanks!
  13. Thanks! I’m just seeing this now as I was super busy. Is there another time I can be trained?